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190 Confession

 "Misae," Mike called the girl, but Misae already ran upstairs. He ran towards the direction of the girl and nearly pulled Tara's hand off with his strength. If not because of Tara's quick reaction speed, his hand would be hurt badly.

"That tank is truly ferocious," Tara sighed as he massaged his arm. Comparing Mike with a tank was not an exaggeration in his opinion. His arm still hurt slightly because of Mike's sudden movement even though he managed to move it in time.

Neo rolled his eyes. "That's retribution for trying to make her jealous."

"Well, considering how these two have been trying to conceal their feelings for each other, I doubt they're going to say anything if I leave them alone. Escalating their feelings is very interesting."

Towards this man's peculiar hobby, Neo chose not to comment on anything. He knew that Tara loved to see lovers' quarrels. Most of the time, they would reunite back, but in some cases, Tara's action just made them drift apart further.

"If they get hurt because of this, I won't save you," Neo said with a sigh.

Tara's face turned pale. If Mike truly got angry, he would be dead for sure. Even if his family placed quite an importance on him, he was still not the future successor of his family. They wouldn't help him if he got in trouble with the biggest clan in this city.

Not to mention, the charge would be on him because he was trying to drive a wedge between the couple.

"Hey Neo, you're not going to leave me alone, right?"

"As you said, I don't want to get into trouble with that tank."

"Come on, do you want to watch me die?"

While these two were quarreling, Kanae sighed. She looked towards Kevin. "Can I tell Misae that Tara is a guy later?"

"You can."

"Thank you, President!"

Kevin nodded his head slightly as he saw the bright smile on Kanae's face. "Let's go back. You still have to write the report."

"I understand."

While the four of them were busy with their own discussion, Misae ran up the stairs. She was not used to running so quickly, so her feet stumbled when she was about to reach the third floor. Behind her, Mike quickly went forward and supported her by holding her waist and pulling her into his embrace.

"It's dangerous to run on the stairs," he said with a soothing tone.

Misae was stunned as she froze in place. Her ears could hear his heartbeat as her head was placed directly on his chest. Considering Mike's height, even someone who was quite tall like her still fell short compared to him.

It took her several seconds to comprehend the position she was in and her face turned red like a tomato. This was extremely embarrassing. She turned her head to the other side and struggled to free herself.

"I can walk by myself. It's fine."

"Are you sure? That was quite a bad fall," Mike asked.

Misae tried to stand firm when she noticed that her right ankle was hurt. Her face paled considerably. She was so stupid! Why did she have to twist her ankle in this place?

Mike noticed her expression and moved his hand towards the back of her knee. He pulled her up and carried her away, princess-style. His action was done slowly and gently as if she were a piece of glass that could break at the slightest touch. With this new position, Misae's face turned even redder and she struggled.

"Let me down. I can walk by myself."

"With that foot, you won't be able to walk. I'll just bring you to your room."


"After I treat it, I won't bother you," Mike promised.

Misae went silent and nodded her head. She gave her keys to Mike, and he walked into her room. In her heart, she was grateful that they had cleared up their belongings. It would be embarrassing if this room were messy when Mike came inside.

There was a first aid box that Kanae placed under the table. Mike placed Misae on her bed before taking the box to search for some bandages and medicine.

Misae bent down to take off her shoes but found it hard to move without hurting her feet. Every single movement caused searing pain in her ankle. If not because Mike was near her, she would have whimpered here and there.

"Let me do it," Mike placed the medicine on the bed and crouched down before removing Misae's shoes. Her ankle has swollen. Although it was not that much, there was no way this girl could walk for the rest of the day.

Misae looked at Mike's hair that was right in front of her and her hand stretched forward unconsciously. It was black and messy. Usually, it would be wet because of his training activities, but today it was very clean. She touched it lightly, but her movement made Mike looked up with a confused expression.

"Sorry, your hair looks beautiful," Misae tried to reason out. On second thought, she felt that her words seemed inappropriate. As she thought about it longer, it felt rather embarrassing, so she lowered her head slightly.

"Oh," Mike smiled gently and Misae no longer thought about her reasoning when she saw his smile. It was truly a huge sin to have a smile that gentle and warm. The same smile that the other members feared was the smile that attracted her. She could not say anything to retort back.

"It's going to hurt. Be strong, okay?"

Misae felt the pain coming from her ankle that Mike smeared with medicine and bandaged. She gritted her teeth as she whimpered lightly. Even though she didn't want to whimper in front of Mike, she couldn't help it. It was so painful!

On the other hand, Mike tried his best to ignore her sweet sounds as he focused his attention on her swollen ankle. As a man, it was tempting to hear the soft voice of the woman he liked. He could practically hear his own heartbeat thump faster. Yet he forced it to calm down as he continued to treat her foot.

He didn't want to scare this girl.

It didn't take him a long time to finish bandaging the girl's ankle. However, it felt like an extremely long time had passed as he was trying to force his heart to calm down. If not because of his training with Kevin to keep a poker face, he would have changed his expression and showed his real feelings to her.

"Done, you should just rest. I'll ask them to deliver your dinner later to the room," Mike said tenderly. He secretly heaved a sigh of relief as he averted his eyes from the girl and moved away.

Misae looked towards Mike and thought about the earlier scene. "Uhm... Do you like a mature girl?"

Facing the sudden question, Mike was stunned, but he smiled wryly. "No, I prefer a childish and a shameless girl like you."

He raised his hand and caressed the girl's head softly. Misae was stunned when she heard his direct answer. She enjoyed his light touch to her head. Her hand lifted up to hold his hand.

"I... like you too," she said in a low voice.

With his martial arts, Mike could hear what the girl said. His smile turned brighter in happiness. He wanted to reply to her, but he felt like teasing her a bit. With a big smile on his face, he asked, "What did you say?"

"I'm not repeating it!" Misae's face blushed as she turned her body and pressed her head to the pillow she was holding. She didn't dare to see his face as she was feeling extremely embarrassed.

Mike laughed lightly. "I'm just kidding. I heard it clearly."

Misae turned around with the pillow in her embrace. She looked towards Mike with a hopeful gaze. He found it cute, so he smiled back.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"Yes!" Misae answered almost immediately, raising her head as she did so. In the next second, she felt heat coming to her cheeks as she burrowed her face again. What did she just do? Shouldn't she be more conservative? But when he asked that question, she just couldn't help herself.

Mike's smile turned wider as he caressed the girl's head. "Just rest. You will feel better if you sleep and forget about your feet."

Misae nodded her head obediently. She tried to pull her body up, but Mike already lifted her slightly and moved her to a more comfortable position.

"Thank you," Misae said with a smile.

Mike nodded her head. "Have a rest."


After that, Mike walked out from the room while Misae still lay on her bed. Her mind thought about what just happened as she felt that everything was a dream. However, if it were a dream, she would never want to wake up forever. It was simply too good to wake up from.

With that in thought, she quietly fell into slumber.