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188 Talking

 Neo wiped his mouth and looked towards Kanae. "What are you talking about? She's a woman, so she dressed up as one."

"Tara is a guy, right?"

Neo paused for a moment. He looked towards Kevin, but the latter didn't seem to be surprised at Kanae's question. It seemed as if he already guessed that Kanae would be able to guess Tara's real gender very quickly.

"How do you know about that?" Neo asked Kanae.

Kanae touched her neck. "Girls don't have this thing on our neck, so it's pretty obvious."

Oh right. He had forgotten about the basic differences between boys and girls. If it was kids, they wouldn't have their puberty yet, so the differences were not clear. On the other hand, adult men and women were different, and their differences were quite apparent for those with sharp eyes.

"He has a background that doesn't allow him to walk around freely, so he spends his time dressing up as a girl when he doesn't want them to find out," Neo answered vaguely.

Kanae nodded her head. "It's because the four big families don't allow their young generation to walk around without supervision, right?"

Neo's mouth opened wide. How did this girl find out about that? He looked towards Kevin with pleading eyes. Please don't tell me that you already knew that she would know about this too.

Kevin looked up from his phone. "They have some strict rules. As a member of the four big families, you should already know about them. Don't talk about this in front of Tara. He doesn't like it when someone mentions to him about his position in the family."

"I understand."

Kanae knew about it because of Jason and not entirely her own experience. She knew that Sakura always had some protection when going out. Jason was the same and he even mentioned how they tried to supervise him. Because of that, he tried his best to learn how to hack and made them unaware that he was away from the house.

Not long after that, Misae and Mike returned. From Misae's eyes, it seemed that she was pretty happy with what she had seen in the kitchen. When they returned to the hotel, this girl immediately asked to borrow the kitchen to cook.

"We're going to stay on the second floor balcony. It's a good place to watch the beach," Neo informed the excited girl.

"Okay. I'll bring the food to you when I have finished."

The other four gathered at the balcony. There were several tables there, and they casually took a seat. At this time, Kevin already took out his laptop, and Kanae too readied the laptop that Mike gave to her for work. It didn't take more than several minutes for Tara to appear again with a wide smile on his face.

"You all eat so quickly. I can't believe that you already arrived back so fast," he laughed.

Kevin gazed at him coldly. "I didn't come here to chitchat. Let's go straight to business."

"You're truly no fun, Kevin," Tara sighed and sat down calmly. "You received accurate information. One of our branch families wants to build a restaurant. He asks us to help him connect with the best supplier for kitchen tools and construction equipment."

"You came to the right place," Neo laughed.

"You're not the only company that is on their list. There are several others and my friend in that family asks me to choose the most suitable one," Tara smiled. He leaned forward with a wide smile. "So, what can you offer me?"

Kevin glanced towards Kanae and Kanae understood his gesture. She sighed internally as she explained the benefit of using Kevin's company compared with the others.

"It's quite tempting," Tara nodded his head. "But I can't make the decision right away."

"We're not in a hurry too," Kevin answered lightly.

Tara glanced towards Kanae. "I believe this is the first time we meet. I never knew that Kevin has such a talented secretary."

"Thank you, Sir," Kanae answered calmly.

Tara's face twitched when he heard how Kanae called him. He looked towards Kevin with his eyebrows raised.

"Did you tell her?"

"You're the one who gave yourself away," Mike explained. "She's quite smart and managed to see through your guise in mere minutes."

"That's very interesting," Tara's voice turned lower as he no longer manipulated it. Compared to the slightly high pitched voice, this voice suited him more even though it was low because it was pleasant to the ear.

"What's your name, girl?"

"It's Kanae, Sir."

"Do you have any interest in working with me? I can pay you much more than this cheapskate."

Kevin frowned slightly when he heard what Tara said about him. "Don't listen to this womanizer."

"I don't have any intention of working for another company. I like working with President," Kanae smiled.

"Why are you calling him President? Most people call him 'Boss' or just call him directly with his name," Tara asked curiously.

Kanae didn't think much about this. She just knew that she enjoyed calling this man 'President' more than anything.

"It suits him very much."

The topic soon returned back to their business and it lasted for hours before they finished. Although Tara couldn't give his final answer yet, it was clear that it wouldn't take a long time before he did.

"I need to return back. My stomach already calls for a meal," Tara sighed.

"You can join us here. Misae will return soon enough with the food for our dinner," Neo smirked.

"Misae? You mean the other girl? Wow, Kevin, how many girls work in your office now? I thought that you prefer to work with the guys because they're more capable."

"Misae is not my employee," Kevin answered calmly.

Tara's eyes widened in surprise. Did it mean that this man brought someone completely unrelated to work here? It was quite a surprise as he knew that this man didn't have that kind of a heart.

"Is she your girlfriend?"


"Then why did you bring her here?" Tara asked confusedly.

Misae walked towards them with a few servants behind her. She looked towards the group in surprise. "Has the meeting ended? I brought our dinner."

"It ended," Mike answered with a smile. "Let's eat here."

The tables there could only fit four people, so they had to split up into two tables. In the end, Kevin, Kanae, and Neo sat at one table, and Mike, Misae, and Tara sat at the other table.

"Are you going to join us too, Miss?" Misae asked.

Tara's eyebrows lifted slightly. "Sure."

In mere seconds, his voice already returned to the girly voice. It made one wonder what he did in his free time to make him able to change his voice so fast like that.

They started to eat, and Tara watched Mike and Misae's movements curiously. Seeing how Mike gazed at Misae, his lips curled up mischievously. Now he understood why they brought a completely unrelated girl on this trip.