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187 ‘Beautiful’ Business Partner

 The two girls didn't take a long time to return back to the first floor. Misae sighed when she looked back at the stairs. It was simply too much for someone who didn't like exercise.

"My feet are going to hurt when we return."

"It's good to have some exercise occasionally."

Misae sighed. "That's what my parents tell me when I said that I'm going on a trip with my friends."

Her parents were never strict with her scores in school. This made the girl rather lazy and only manage to reach the minimum score. As long as she passed, they allowed her to do the things that she wanted. In other words, they were pampering the girl quite a bit.

It might be also due to the fact that they couldn't spend a lot of time with her that they allowed her so much freedom. Misae's parents rarely stayed at home because of their work, so they only met with the girl during the morning or night.

"You two sure take your time," Neo waved his hand.

Kanae smiled. "That's why we're girls."

"Let's go. The meeting is in the restaurant not far from here."

The five of them walked to reach the restaurant. Several girls around them stopped to watch them when they saw this group passing by. After all, Kevin and Mike's countenances were pretty outstanding. It was rare for them to see good looking men walking around without a partner.

Neo shook his head lightly. He was already used to this treatment. In the school, it was far worse as many of the girls tried to get close with them. Outside, women had more reserve because they didn't know who the other party was.

They reached the restaurant and took their seats. They chose the big table that could hold up to six people. The servants gave them the menus.

"What do you want to eat?"

Kanae was staring at the price tags with bewilderment. They were incredibly expensive! Well, what should she expect from a tourist restaurant?

"I'm not sure."

"You can try seafood. They prepare the best shrimp here," Neo grinned.

Kanae nodded her head and looked at the price. "They're very expensive."

"I'll pay for them. You can choose whatever you like," Kevin said calmly.

"Then I'll have the shrimp platter and orange juice."

The others also ordered their dishes. Most of them chose the seafood because this restaurant was, indeed, famous for it. As for the drinks, they just ordered anything that seemed interesting.

"Oh, Kevin, you're here."

The slightly high pitched voice made the others turn their heads. They saw a rather tall blonde walking towards them. The blonde was wearing a shirt with a long skirt. With the fair skin, no words other than gorgeous could describe her.

Misae's eyes were locked on the other party's chest. What did she eat to make them grow that big? Hers were already quite big, but compared to this blonde, they were nothing.

"Tara, you arrived quite fast," Kevin answered with his flat voice as usual.

The blonde called Tara laughed. "You always arrive earlier than the promised time, so I too came earlier."

"Won't your family be suspicious why you left so quickly?" Neo asked. From these two's tones, they seemed to be quite familiar with each other.

"I can just say that I have some business to take care of." Tara winked playfully.

Mike shook his head lightly. "Stop doing that. The other guys are looking towards us with hungry eyes."

Of course, they were looking towards her. Although this was a tourist destination, the number of stunning blondes like Tara was limited. It was not every day they could see someone as beautiful as her. Even if they tried to do it covertly, their action was quite obvious.

In addition, some of their eyes landed on Misae too. In terms of beauty, Misae has been growing more beautiful over the span of the last few months. This was the result of her asking Alice about skincare advice. After some time, her skin became smoother and glowed more radiantly than before. This made some guys pay attention to her even if the number was not that much.

As for Kanae, there was no need to say that no one paid attention to her. Not many people wanted to see a nerd, which was how they viewed the girl. After all, she dressed quite conservatively and didn't have much appeal.

"Isn't that good? I always love their attention."

Kevin looked towards Tara coldly. His demeanor didn't change in the slightest when he saw how Tara acted.

"We're going to eat. Do you want to join us?"

Tara glanced towards Misae and Kanae. From the beginning, Misae has been staring intensely. From the ripples in Misae's eyes, it was clear that this little girl was jealous. As for the target of her jealousy, Tara knew it.

On the other hand, Kanae was staring weirdly. Her eyes seemed to hold some questions, but she didn't voice them out. As for what the questions were, Tara was not sure because Kanae's expression didn't seem to tell them.

"It's better if I just eat alone. I don't want to disturb your date," Tara smirked playfully.

Mike glanced towards Misae on his side as he realized what Tara meant. His lips curled up slightly. Seeing the jealous Misae was kind of cute too. He would never voice it out, though. It would only invite a beating for him if he dared to utter it out in front of her.

Kevin was still indifferent. "Then you shouldn't bother us with your presence."

"You're really cold, Kevin," Tara sighed. This man never changed his attitude. "Alright, I'll go to eat first. We can meet again later."

Tara threw them some flirtatious looks before walking away. Kevin didn't bother with her anymore as his hand was busy with his phone. He was checking the sales of his company again. Because of the clan's matter, his company was lagging behind, so he had to catch up quickly.

"President, the food has come," Kanae informed the man beside her. "You have to eat first."

Kevin raised his head. He put the phone away and took his chopsticks. "You too, don't worry so much about the price. Treat it as the usual meal you have in my office."

Kanae grinned. "Sure."

In that case, she wouldn't be polite anymore.

The five of them quickly ate their meal. The dishes were enjoyable, and Misae soon forgot about the blonde. Her eyes were shining as she wanted to learn how to make them. They were simply too good.

"Is it possible to ask the chef to allow me to watch them cook?" Misae passed a glance to Mike.

Mike nodded his head. "Boss, do you mind if I take a few minutes?"

Kevin waved his hand. He knew what his subordinate wanted, so he would just allow it. Having permission from Kevin, Mike guided Misae away from the table.

Neo looked towards the numerous empty plates around Kanae. "Your appetite seems to have increased a lot again. Are you not worried about your weight?"

"I don't gain any weight even if I eat so much," Kanae grinned.

"The girls will surely envy you very much," Neo pointed to the side and continued, "But, not that one."

Kanae looked towards Tara and then to Kevin. "Speaking of Tara, why is your business partner dressed up as a woman?"

Towards Kanae's question, Neo nearly choked on his drink.