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186 Beautiful Resor

 "The view is amazing!" Misae looked outside the window with sparkling eyes. They were on their way towards the resort that Kevin had mentioned, and Misae didn't seem to be able to move her face from the window.

"Why are you so excited?" Mike asked with a laugh.

"I rarely go to the southeast part of this city, so I'm feeling rather excited right now," Misae answered truthfully.

The southeast part of this city was also known as the best tourist attraction. Although this place was under the Ryukalin Clan, the clan let it prosper to be a vacation destination. This made this place like a haven compared with the other parts of the city, and many foreigners also visited this place.

Aside from that, the number of Black Street in this busy area was extremely limited. There were barely any as the clan seemed to make that a strict regulation here. Still, it didn't mean there was no crime, and the locals always stayed cautious.

Kanae nodded her head. "This place is very different from other places."

"I want to visit their famous big square the most," Misae smiled widely. "It's located a little to the south and has a lot of stores. They even say that it's the place everyone has to go to whenever they visit this city. I'm a local, but I never even set foot in that place."

"I see," Kanae answered in a dull voice. Her eyes dropped down slightly as she looked towards the decoration in that place.

Misae didn't notice Kanae's sudden change as she was still busy talking about this and that. She became a chatterbox in this car as she mentioned everything she could remember about the southeast part of the city. As someone who lived in the middle part of the city, this was a fascinating place.

On Kanae's right side, Kevin was busy doing his work. He seemed to be unwilling to leave his work alone even for a second as his hands were busy typing on his laptop, completely ignoring the two girls beside him.

"Mike, why do you let her come along?" Neo found his head already hurting because of the constant chatter from the girl behind Mike. He was busy driving, but Misae's words seemed to be bothering him very much.

Mike smiled. "She's Kanae's friend. Why can't she come along?"

"This is a business trip and not a vacation trip."

"I know," Mike looked from the mirror towards the girl behind him. She was looking outside and busy talking about this and that. This energetic girl was truly interesting in his eyes.

Neo glanced at Mike as he smirked. "Don't think that I don't know what you're thinking. You even specially prepared a White Day gift for her."

White Day occurred on the 14th of March. At that time, Mike gave part of his biscuit to Misae with nonchalant attitude when they had just returned from their trip. This man never said anything about it being a White Day gift, but Neo knew that Mike wouldn't share his biscuit with a girl if he didn't have any other intent.

As for Kevin, he didn't have a chance, and the day already passed a long time ago. Besides, Neo was not even sure their cold leader would know about something so trivial like this.

Mike smiled. "You should just focus on driving my dear friend. If something happens because you don't pay attention, we're in for a big trouble."

"You should wipe your smile. It's annoying to see you smile so much."

"I like smiling."

Neo rolled his eyes and focused on driving. He turned abruptly at the corner and nearly caused the others to fall out of their seats. They gave Neo a murderous look.

Kevin also frowned. "One more time and you have to train for a week."

With that threat, Neo's driving turned smoother as he paid close attention to the road. He didn't want to make his leader angry as he knew that the consequences were going to be very painful.

The journey took several hours before they arrived at their designated lodgings. Looking at the resort, Misae's mouth opened wide. It was simply too beautiful to behold.

The place was built near the beach, so they could easily take a dip in the water after walking for several minutes. The building was in white and gold, matching perfectly with the sand behind it. It was a four-story building with a large verandah in the back. Sitting there to watch the sun rise from or set on the ocean was surely something worth waiting for.

Misae's eyes glittered with the thought of taking photos. When it was sunset, she would surely spend some time taking photos. She wanted to remember this place forever!

"After the business meeting is over, you can play on the beach," Kevin said to Kanae as he walked past her.

"Thank you, President."

Kanae's eyes also looked towards the ocean and the beach. It was too beautiful. The east beach that she usually visited couldn't hold a candle with this place. She was sure that she wouldn't mind spending hours just to watch the sunrise and sunset every day.

"We need to check in first. Do you two want to share one room together or have separate rooms?" Neo asked.

"One room is enough," Misae answered.

Kanae also nodded her head. They were already used to sleeping in one room together. As both of them were girls, there was no need for them to go through so much extra trouble.

The five of them walked into the building as Mike handled the check-in. They reserved three rooms. One room for Kevin alone, one room for Kanae and Misae, while the last room was for Mike and Neo.

"There are two separate beds in the room, so you two don't have to worry about kicking each other out of the bed," Neo smirked.

Misae scoffed. "Our sleeping habits are not that bad. Are you sure it's not you who will kick Mike out from the bed if you two sleep together?"

"I never sleep in the same bed with him," Mike rubbed his forehead. He took the keys and glanced towards Neo. "If you snore too loud tonight, I'll ask for a different room."

"I don't snore!"

"Should I prepare a recorder?"


The five of them settled into their rooms first. Kanae was surprised to see the large room. There were two beds inside the room: one near the window and the other one near the bathroom. Her eyes traveled to the other items inside the room.

There were one table and one chair. To the side of the beds, there was also one big sofa along with one small table. The arrangement of the room exuded the words 'elegance and comfort.' She did not need to worry about being uncomfortable in the coming week.

"Which bed do you want to take, Kanae?" Misae asked with a grin.

"I'll take the inside one, you can take the one near the window. I'm sure you want to take photos of the sunset."

"You know me the best!"

Misae happily hopped to her bed and opened the window. Their room was located on the third floor, and she could see the vast ocean from her window. The blue color and the sound of the waves were extremely pleasing.

"I have to meet with the others for the business meeting. Do you want to come along?"

"Sure! I can just stroll around and take photos."

"I'll tell the others then."