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185 Business Trip

 Mike nodded his head faintly when he heard what Misae had told Kanae. They had returned back to the school a few days ago, but their Boss still seemed irritated because Kanae was not here. At that point, there was nothing he could do but wait.

"Have you finished your matter, Kanae?" Neo asked curiously.

Kanae nodded her head. "For the time being, there's nothing else I have to do aside from going to school."

Her mind drifted back to what Master Rudy told her, but she erased the thoughts as fast as possible. Jay would not like it if she tried to tell him about this matter as the Souhon Clan seemed to want to conceal their problems completely.

"That's good. It's just a small business meeting, but with you around, it's going to be fun," Neo smirked.

"Where are we going?"

"We're going to the beach in the southeast. There are a lot of resorts there and you can have fun at the beach."

"..." Are we going on a holiday trip or a business trip?

Misae looked towards the other Student Council members. Jay had forced Tommy to get out from the infirmary room for their last meeting here.

"Are they going to come?"

Tommy shook his head. "I'm going to participate in a competition, so I have to join in on the seniors' intense training. There's no way I can follow you all."

"Wow, competition? Good luck, Tommy!"

"Thank you!"

Jay also refused. "I have some matters to attend to in my clan. They're not going to let me go for anything."

When he said that, his eyes were looking towards Kevin warily. He knew very well that these three belonged to the Ryukalin Clan. Without any need to try, he would definitely lose against them.

Kanae noticed the boy's gaze and wondered. Was there some kind of enmity between the two clans?

"I can come along, right?" Misae asked full with hope.

Mike nodded his head. "Yes, you can."

"When are we going?"

"This Monday," Neo answered. "So make sure that you pack enough clothes for a week, or it's going to be annoying."

"Sure," Misae nodded her head excitedly.

Kanae sighed to herself. She had just realized that she could not attend school again if it was going to be like this. It didn't really matter, though. She still had to wait for the day the conflict in the Souhon Clan would erupt.

"Now you should go back to your class," Mike smiled. "There's no need for you to waste your time here, right?"

Seeing his smile, Jay and Tommy unconsciously shuddered. They still remembered their hellish training with Mike. This was the exact smile as the one they saw the other day.

"I'm not sleepy today, so I'll return to my class."

"I have skipped for a long time. The teacher must have missed me a lot."

Misae and Alice also excused themselves. They still had some classes, and it was not their plan to skip them so much.

Kanae sat down on her chair and looked towards Kevin. "President, is there any work for me?"

Kevin threw Kanae a glance. "Make a coffee, then help me finish this report."


Seeing their Boss's expression turn slightly softer, Mike and Neo sighed in relief. At the same time, they felt rather worried because they knew very well what that meant. Their future was not going to be smooth sailing.


Shiro and Jason visited the place that Kanae marked on the map she gave to Shiro. With her giving this paper to him, it was clear that she didn't want to come by herself. The two of them decided to come when it was noon.

"Why do you think she doesn't want to come here?"

"This is the Souhon Clan's territory, and we have come here in the past," Jason answered. He was still rather familiar with the roads because they had previously visited this place for a mission.

Shiro looked around and sighed. "If something happens to me, you have to help. Most of the guys here have higher martial arts skills than me."

If it were shooting, Shiro wouldn't lose so easily, but in a physical fight, he was not too good. Even after the intense training, his muscles didn't really change that much. His strength and stamina increased, but not to Jason or Kanae's level.

"Just shoot them down," Jason answered leisurely.

"We're not on an island full of criminals. There are a lot of ordinary people here."

"If they attack you, you're allowed to shoot them. There's no such thing as law in this place, so you don't have to worry so much."

Shiro no longer said anything because they have arrived. They looked towards the big building and the numerous people around them. It was nigh impossible not to detect their hostility.

"This place is off limits. What do you want?" A man walked out lazily.

Looking towards that bulky man, Jason smiled slightly. "We meet again."

The bulky man stopped his movement and looked towards Jason. He eyed the man beside Jason with wariness. Shiro didn't come along last time when Jason was here, so this man didn't know him.

Shiro's attire was the most natural one. He wore a black leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. When he was outside, he would wear the hood. This made him look like a suspicious person, though.

"This is the other core member from our group," Jason pointed towards Shiro. "We came here to negotiate."

The bulky man nodded his head. "I see. The shadow guard of your group is also another young man?"

"You're quite sharp, big man."

He laughed when he heard what Jason said. "When you grow older, you'll naturally become wiser unless you're a troublesome brat that doesn't want to learn or listen to anything."

Jason nodded his head. He still remembered the teaching he got. Making a mistake was normal. Making the same mistake twice was stupid. Making the same mistake thrice was beyond any cure.

"I think there's no need to test you again. Your two friends already passed and based on what I hear, you're the second strongest," the bulky man pointed his fat finger. "I'll listen to what you want to say, but if it sounds unpleasant, you should know what will happen."

Shiro noticed the momentary spike in hostility. His lips curled up as he realized that if they dared to cross their line, the people around them wouldn't be so polite. This was truly interesting.

"Don't worry," Jason smirked. "I'm sure even you will be interested in what I want to propose."

"I'm all ears."