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182 End of the Training

 Jason's Private Training Villa

Kanae and Jason sparred countless times during the time Tommy was away. Jason would stay here the entire day today before going back tomorrow morning because he had a meeting. It was also the time he would take Tommy back here to train with them.

"You should wear all the weights when you're fighting with me," Jason gave her another batch of weights.

Kanae stared at them in bewilderment. "Do you want me to die out of exhaustion? It's already quite heavy with the weights you gave me previously."

"Your body already adapted to them."

"It's not my fault," Kanae pouted.

Jason stretched his body. "There are some missions for Fiore Group. Do you want to accept them?"

"Only Shiro will do the jobs. I still don't have enough training."

"Let's see how long you can hold on."

"Don't cheat. Use your weights too."


Twentieth day of the training

"Captain is truly a monster," Tommy vomited in the bathroom. He was trying to follow the same intensity as Kanae's new training, but his body couldn't bear it. In the end, he even vomited his meal.

Jason wiped his sweat as he sat down near the bathroom. "You won't be able to follow her. If you force yourself, you're going to die out of exhaustion."

"Shouldn't you say that to yourself?"

Jason looked towards Kanae, who was busy training her body in the training room, with a complicated look. In the past, she had never reached his level, but this time, it was him who couldn't hope to reach hers.

Her rate of growth became even more rapid as he noticed her growth in appetite after the big battle. Shiro had told him that Kanae's body seemed to be reformed after being broken down in the fight. The result of the reform was a higher growth rate like this.

It was unusual for someone to become so strong like that in a matter of months. However, he and Shiro knew that it was not impossible for Kanae because of some reasons.

"I have to stop training next week," Tommy added. "I got selected as one of the participants for the relay competition between schools."

"They didn't suspend you again?"

Tommy shook his head. "Those seniors know that they need me if they want to win, so they can't say anything. I'm going to train with them. Because of that, I have to stop training here."

"I also have to stop training soon. Kanae, do you still want to train here?" Jason got several phone calls from his friends. They were waiting for him to return soon because they were planning to hold some parties. Besides, after disappearing for quite some time, he did need to return back.

Kanae shook her head lightly. "If you return back, you have to bring me too. I'll continue my training by playing on Black Street."

Jason nodded his head. "That's not a bad idea."

Tommy passed Kanae a look. He hoped that he could follow after Kanae and fight on Black Street. The chance to see Kanae in action on Black Street was rare. Tommy didn't really want to skip it.

"Don't think about joining me, Tommy. I'm going to the deep place that I previously never dared to go to," Kanae warned.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Jason frowned. Those at the deepest and darkest places were the ones who had the best fighting capabilities and at the same time, were the most dangerous.

Kanae nodded her head. If she couldn't handle them, she wouldn't be able to fight against the people from the big clans. This was also a test for her because she wanted to know how much she has grown.

"If you say so, we'll support you."

"Yup, good luck, Kanae," Tommy nodded his head in agreement. "If you get stronger again, you have to remember me and train me."

Jason scoffed. "Aren't you glad that you don't have to face her again?"

Tommy shook his head as he didn't want to admit it. He did miss Kanae's training, but at the same time, he didn't really want to do it again.

Jason recalled something as he picked up the box near them and handed it to Kanae. "I modified your glasses. This way, you can communicate with us without using the earphone and directly use the glasses. Also, if you click the button on the side, you can see a complete map of your surroundings."

Kanae took out her glasses and tried it. As Jason said, she truly could see the surroundings very clearly. With her always wearing glasses in her daily life, this was indeed extremely convenient.

"You're amazing, Brother Jason."

"I'm not the one making it, but the research team under me," Jason smiled. "They're the ones who make our equipment."

"Are you sure our information won't leak out?"

"I only place my trusted people in that place. There shouldn't be anyone outside who knows about it," Jason answered lightly.

Kanae nodded her head. "I believe you. Thank you very much for these modified glasses."

Tommy nudged Jason. "What about me? Can't you ask them to make something for me?"

"What do you want?"

"A cool tracking device!"

"..." are you a kid?

The three of them completed another training session before they left the villa. The two kids felt that they would miss this place, but they didn't show it on their faces. After all, they still could return here again in the future.

This time, they returned using the car and not the helicopter because Jason didn't have any plan to return here soon. Kanae looked outside the window with interest. Her eyes wandered around in curiosity.

"What are you looking for, Kanae?" Tommy asked.

Kanae pointed towards the bottom of the mountain. "Sir Ferdinand says that he's staying in a villa at the bottom of the mountain, but I don't see any trace of villas there."

"There's no way you can find it," Jason interjected. "The thing over there is not a villa, but a bunker. The location is quite hidden because they used that place to hide in during the war."

"If it's already that long ago, the place must be very smelly," Tommy frowned.

Jason nodded his head. "The place is already in very bad condition, but it's the perfect place to train soldiers and those of similar occupations."

Kanae's gaze was still fixed on the area as she thought about what Jason told her. That man they met seemed to be really interesting. She hoped she would be able to meet with him again in the future.

Little did she know that her wish would come true, but not in the way she expected it.