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181 Friend or Foe?

 The man silently grabbed Tommy's hand and his grip was so strong that Tommy couldn't release himself. Inside his heart, Tommy yelled indignantly. If only he knew that he was this weak, he would not try to wander around so much.

Jason finally arrived and appeared in front of the man. The big man looked towards Jason and frowned.

"What is the Young Master of the Wells Family doing in a remote place like this?"

"I can ask the same to you, a minister wandering in the forests," Jason answered calmly. "Sir Ferdinand?"

The big man laughed. His big body trembled slightly when he heard Jason calling him. "I never thought that I would meet with an acquaintance here."

"Neither did I. So, will you answer my question?"

"I'm having a break in a villa down there. Since I have free time, I thought of walking around and then I met a dirty kid here," Ferdinand pointed towards Tommy.

Hearing how the big man called him, Tommy's face flushed red. He was not a dirty kid! The paint was not his fault at all. It was all those others who shot him to be like this.

At this time, Jason also had his body covered in paint, so he smiled wryly. "I'm having a little game with my servant. Can you release him, Sir Ferdinand?"


Tommy moved away from the two of them. Since when did he become Jason's servant? Come on, even if he had to slave away for his entire life, he would not want to become this man's servant. This guy was a daredevil and was also incredibly annoying.

Ferdinand clasped his hands together. "I shall not bother you in your game, Young Master Jason. I believe that someone as serious as you should have time to relax too occasionally."

"Many thanks, Sir Ferdinand," Jason smiled back.

The big man walked away and Jason approached Tommy before hitting the boy on his head.

"Owie, what is that for?"

Jason shook his head. "That's for attracting Sir Ferdinand's attention to you."

"What's the big deal?" Tommy rubbed his head in indignation.

"Sir Ferdinand is only an ordinary minister outside, but I believe he's someone the government sends to watch the four big families. That big man is not as simple as he looks."

Seeing Jason's grim face, Tommy didn't say anything to retort back. He knew that it was his fault for traveling this far, so he couldn't refute. With Jason leading, he returned back the way he came.

Ferdinand stretched his body lightly. His subordinates looked towards their leader in bewilderment. Why did he return so quickly? Didn't he say that he wanted to enjoy the scenery longer?

"Sir, is there anything wrong?"

"I have just found an interesting kid up there," Ferdinand laughed.

His subordinates looked towards each other. They didn't recall knowing anyone living around here. This was quite a remote place and there were several dangers outside this area.

"I want to know more about Jason Wells."

"Yes, Sir."

Ferdinand stroked his beard. He recalled that little brat from before. Going by Jason's usual attitude, there was no way the brat could be his servant. The possible explanation would be a friend, but he didn't recall seeing that boy's face anywhere.

This was going to be very interesting.

At the same time, Jason managed to drag Tommy back to their villa. Seeing that the other two already returned, Tommy looked towards them indignantly. Why didn't they come out to help him?

"Kanae, have you conducted a search on that big man?"

Kanae nodded her head. "He's quite an interesting minister, but I don't think he's going to be our enemy for the time being."

"Let's just hope so. With his big build, I'm not sure any of you can defeat that minister," Shiro shrugged.

Tommy's mouth opened wide. "How do you all know about him?"

"We were around you when you got captured earlier. But we couldn't step forward or that man might try to search about us too. It's going to be easy for him to find out more about us with his position," Shiro answered.

"You're all very annoying."

"By the way, Tommy is going to treat us to lunch."

"Wait, why me?"

"You're the only one who has the most losses."

Jason had two wins and three losses, Shiro had two wins and two losses, Kanae had five wins, and Tommy had four losses. Each fight was regarded as one win and the gunfight was separated from the swordfight, so the total number of possible fights for each person added to six.

Tommy's face blackened. He hadn't fought using his sword against Shiro and Kanae, but there was no need for that. Even if he won against Shiro, he couldn't win against Kanae. In the end, the total score would reflect five losses on him, which meant he was still the worst.

"Don't eat too much for lunch."

"Too bad, we're incredibly hungry."



Nolen School C

The next day, Tommy returned to the school. He got out of the villa by hitching a ride with Shiro. As he had expected, the doctor returned to the infirmary rather quickly. He seemed to be pissed off at the condition of the room when he came back.

"Tommy, did you use the bed near the end of the room?"

There were three beds in the infirmary. Tommy usually borrowed the one near the door because it was the closest one. As for the other two, it was only for the other students who fell sick or the like.

"No, I didn't. Besides, you know that I only return here occasionally and because there's no one to take me out, I only came here twice last week."

Those two times were because Jason had a meeting. Since Tommy was not used to the Spartan training, he had to return and rest a bit. His body couldn't bear with the training.

"I want to file a complaint with the principal," Shiro said in an annoyed tone.

"What's wrong with the last bed? Don't tell me that someone spilled his drink there and didn't clean up."

"Something like that," Shiro rubbed his forehead. "Anyway, you can sleep here all you want today. I want to make the report first. Whoever did that is going to get kicked out of the school."

Seeing the angry Shiro, Tommy didn't understand why this doctor was that angry. It was only a drink, so asking the school to buy a new sheet should be enough. While thinking about that, he returned back to his slumber.