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178 Intense Training 1

 "Doc, don't press too hard," Kanae whimpered. Because she didn't use her glasses, she failed to react to some of Shiro's best shooting techniques. This made her get hit in several places, and Shiro was treating her.

Shiro sighed. "You're a girl, so you should take care of your body better."

"..." Who's the one that makes me suffer?

"It's done. Wear your clothes properly again or when Tommy wakes up, he's going to accuse me of taking advantage of you again."

Kanae laughed when she heard that, but she followed Shiro's instructions. Tommy didn't want Kanae to get treated by guys, especially in a place like her back. This was the reason Shiro had to do it quickly while Tommy was still knocked out or he would be accused again.

"Can your hand hold on?" Kanae pointed to Shiro's hand.

Shiro moved his hand lightly. He smiled wryly. "I think, I also need to practice running while being shot at."

"I'll ask Tommy to shoot at you. His shooting skill is the worst, so I'm sure you can handle it."

"That's a good idea."

Later at night, Tommy woke up and got a scolding from Jason. Sleeping during training time was not allowed, so he was punished with running on the treadmill for three hours. While the others were sleeping, he had to train in the gym.

The next day, they continued the same training regimen. Kanae got the first turn, and she smiled proudly when the training finished.

"I can evade them without glasses now."

"Shiro, tonight you use two guns when facing her."

Shiro smirked happily. "Sure."

Kanae glared towards Jason. She knew that her training was going to be very difficult. After her, it was Tommy's turn. This time, Tommy was only responsible for shooting Shiro, and the two of them started.

"You're such a lousy shooter, Brat!"

"You're such a lousy fighter, Shiro!"

The two of them started to taunt each other as they fought. Kanae and Jason resumed their spar with their swords. Even though they have only just started, Jason already felt Kanae's growth and felt rather pressured.

"Kanae, before long, you have to use the additional weights when facing me," Jason concluded.

Kanae wiped her sweat. "We'll see."

The training continued, and Kanae was butchered by Shiro at night. She couldn't handle the two guns that well, especially if the shooter was Shiro. In the end, she got several red marks on her body, and Tommy made a ruckus again.

"He's going to take advantage of Captain!" Tommy pointed to Kanae's room in indignation.

Jason shook his head. "If Captain has that poor taste, I'll be very surprised."

"Why are you so calm?"

Inside the room, Kanae sighed. Her back was facing Shiro, who was busy applying the medicine. The two of them were already used with the ruckus Tommy made every time Kanae got wounded.

"What is that brat thinking? I won't have any interest in a brat like you."

Kanae laughed. "I know, that's why the worry Tommy has is unfounded."

"If you're a few years older with a tasty body, I might have some interest," Shiro smirked.

A pillow made its way towards Shiro's head. "Don't talk nonsense. With your head filled with medicine and guns, do you think I will believe you when you say that you are interested in girls?"

"You know me the best, Captain."

Their training resumed the next day and the intensity increased little by little. Kanae got used with the two guns after several days. Shiro and Tommy exchanged places every two days, so they could still move around pretty well. Jason also added more weights whenever he managed to dodge all of Shiro's bullets.


Fifth day of the training

"You can already dodge all the guns," Jason looked towards Kanae's vest. It was dirty because Kanae rolled around a few times to evade the gunshots, but there was no direct hit on her.

Kanae nodded her head slightly. "I manage to avoid them using my other senses. It's still hard, but I'm starting to get the hang of it."

Jason picked up several weights for Kanae. "Now you have to wear them when you're training with Shiro. These add several kilos, so they'll limit your movement even more."

"You're truly a training maniac, Brother Jason," Kanae sighed.

"Also, wear them when you're sparring with me. I'm getting overwhelmed by you lately," Jason added.

"This is still afternoon, where do you want to go?"

"I have a meeting tonight and tomorrow morning. I'll take Tommy back to school too. He's suffering very much under your and Shiro's abuse."

At times, Kanae replaced Shiro when shooting at Tommy because the boy couldn't keep up with Shiro's deadly speed. Since Kanae was not that good at shooting, she was chosen to train Tommy's evading. However, Tommy still had it extremely bad since Kanae got better very quickly as her accuracy and speed increased.

If it was shooting at a large distance like sniping, she had no chance, but if it was only several meters away, she already had terrifying accuracy.

"Okay, I'll continue the training with Shiro."

"Make sure you change places with him. He has to train his feet too."

Jason pulled Tommy to the helicopter as he forced the poor boy to follow after him. Of course, he didn't allow his family members to spot Tommy with him. He arrived back at his home and drove Tommy to the street before going back to his family building for the meeting.

As for Tommy, he returned home and relaxed in one corner with headphones on. He didn't have any interest in listening to his mother's activities in the bedroom.

While these two returned back to the populated city, Kanae and Shiro resumed their training. In these several days of training, Kanae already tried her best to dodge all the paint bullets. However, the additional weight proved to her that her stamina was still lacking very much.

"It's not weird if your power and stamina are still lacking compared with guys," Shiro commented. "Jason is the young master and he has been training since young. With that environment, his body also developed to be stronger than yours."

Kanae leaned back on the sofa. They had just finished their dinner and after some resting, they were going to start another session of training again. It was incredibly tiring as they had to keep up with 12 hours of training every day.

"Let's train on the treadmill later. You still have to train in running today."

Shiro groaned. He hated the stamina training very much. If it was shooting, he didn't care if his hand hurt as long as he could shoot freely.

"Are you purposely picking on me?"

"I'm just suggesting this since you have been shooting nonstop since morning."

"Fine, we'll train on treadmill," Shiro answered with a pained face.

"Thank you, Doc."