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177 Run! Run! Run!

 Three hours passed quickly. The two tired people stopped their movement. Kanae grinned at Shiro and flaunted a peace gesture with her fingers.

"I can escape all of your shots."

Shiro looked towards the relaxed Kanae and then raised his paint gun again.


Kanae was taken by surprise, but she quickly evaded the paint. After she evaded the first one by retreating back, she rolled to the side to avoid the other two.

"Che, you manage to escape them too," Shiro complained. Trying to hit Kanae was always the hardest for him because the girl could change her location in an instant. As long as she was not in the air, it was not impossible for her to avoid even a gun placed several meters before her.

Kanae looked towards Shiro with a glare. "Stop trying to hit me when I'm unprepared!"

"That's the best way to test your skill."

Jason laughed when he saw these two continuing their battle. "Don't waste too much of your energy. This is only the first day and there will be harder battles after this too."

"Let's eat something first. After that, you're next, Jason."

"Sure, sure," Jason answered lightly.

Seeing the smirk on Shiro's face, Tommy wondered if this demonic doctor had a hobby of shooting people. The way Shiro said Jason's name made him certain that Shiro wanted to hit Jason until the poor man was dying.

"What does your private training consist of, Kanae?" Tommy asked.

"Of course, it's sparring with you."

"...Please spare me."

Kanae laughed when she saw Tommy looking afraid. She took up weights from the side and wore them on her arms and feet.

"Come here. With this, I can't move as fast as usual. Your eyes should be able to follow me better."

Tommy looked towards the weights strapped on Kanae's body with astonishment. How many kilos did she wear on her body? It was truly a wonder that she still could move around so much.

"Can I not wear a vest?"

"You can use the lighter one."

"I understand."

The two of them picked up the training swords that Jason had prepared based on their usual respective weapons. Although they were not sharp, it would hurt to be hit by them. In addition, their weights perfectly mirrored their own weapons.

"Brother Jason is really amazing," Kanae sighed in astonishment. "Let's start, Tommy."

The two of them moved with their weapons. At first, Tommy tried to keep his distance, but after a while, he attacked aggressively. Kanae still tried to cope with the new weights on her body as the two of them attacked each other relentlessly.

"Three hours are up," Jason informed the other two. He stretched his body slightly as he felt that his body riddled with pain. Shiro occasionally launched a brutal attack that blocked all of his escape routes, which made it impossible for him to dodge. After all, he was not as good as Kanae.

"Tommy, change the vest back to your usual one," Shiro waved the paint gun with a smirk.

"Please go easy on me," Tommy wanted to cry.

Jason sat down on the side as the other two started their training. He stole a glance towards Kanae.

"Don't overdo it. Your body won't be able to keep up if you force yourself to handle too much weight."

Kanae grinned. "I know my limit. I still can move around quite well even with this weight. Facing Tommy, I have to make my speed far slower, so this is the best way."

She took off the additional weights. Facing Jason, she would be dead if she tried to use them. Jason's fighting capability was only slightly below her right now, so she didn't want to take the risk.

"Shall we start?" Jason also took his big sword.


The two of them clashed their swords. Kanae parried the big sword over and over. Her body was not as strong as Jason's, so she couldn't possibly face him head on continuously. This was the sole reason she had to evade all over the room.

They finally stopped when the alarm rang, signaling that it was already three hours.

"It's noon. Anyone of you wants to eat?" Jason asked while wiping his sweat.

"I'm hungry," Shiro put his paint gun down. His hand hung low as he tried to bear the strain from handling the rifle for nine hours.

"How's Tommy?"

"I doubt he will wake up anytime soon."

Seeing the fainted Tommy, Kanae wondered how many times this boy got hit by Shiro. She approached him and dragged the boy to the side. His body was covered in countless circular paint spots, so it was clear that he got hit directly countless times.

"If this is real battle, he'll be dead," Shiro commented.

"How many times did you hit him?"

Jason took off the vest from Tommy's body, then took off the boy's shirt. On Tommy's well-toned body, there were numerous red marks from the force of the bullets. Seeing his body, Jason sighed and turned towards Shiro.

"Do you plan to kill him?"

Shiro shrugged. "As long as he's still moving, I also won't stop."

Jason sighed. "I'll treat him. You two eat first. There should be some takeout on the table. I asked our men to deliver them."

Kanae nodded her head. Her mind wandered to the words 'our men'. She knew that their Fiore Group had several people who worked as lackeys. However, this was the first time she heard about them working as delivery boys.

The two of them ate the food before Jason came to join them soon after that. This was a late lunch for them, but no one complained because they knew that there was still one more training after this.

"The worst one to perform will be granted Shiro's special training at night," Jason looked towards Kanae. "Good luck."

"Don't worry. I can evade them very well."

Jason lifted his hand and pulled away Kanae's glasses from the girl. She was shocked and looked towards Jason in bewilderment.

"You don't mean-."

"Rei never wear glasses, so you have to train your body without using the glasses too."

Kanae glared towards Jason. All these times, it was not a big problem if she left her glasses off because her eyesight was not that bad and the enemies they had encountered so far were not too strong. However, if she continued this way, relying only on her superior reflexes, the skillful opponents were going to hit her soon enough.

"That's going to be interesting," Shiro nodded his head in agreement.

"Well, bring it on!"

The two of them returned back to the training hall while Jason moved to the gym. He chose the treadmill and used it while listening to Kanae and Shiro shouting at each other. His lips curled up. Only in training did that girl show her childish nature.