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172 Let Them Go

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The manager apologized over and over to Kevin and the others. At this time, Misae and Alice already got treated. Even Kanae got a small bandage. She did this to make them believe that she too was hurt.

"The one who did this must be punished," Misae said angrily. Her injuries would not feel pleasant for the next few days and this made her feel annoyed.

Alice just nodded her head lightly as she was not brave enough to voice her opinion. On the side, Kanae sighed to herself.

If memory served her correctly, the girl she saw should be Amanda. If it were the Amanda in the past, they could just report her to the police. The situation now was different as she knew that Amanda had the Nali Family behind her. This made the situation difficult.

The Nali Family could easily cover up this incident with a flick of their finger. Even if they wanted to report to the police, they needed to have a backer behind them as the police could not move around as it wished. Rather than offending a big family, the police would rather offend a weak family.

"Do you think they can capture the culprit, Kanae?" Misae looked towards Kanae.

Kanae shook her head lightly. "It's not going to be easy. They need to find evidence."

"There are cameras, right?"

At this point, Kanae didn't answer anymore. Her eyes trailed towards Neo. Ever since she knew they were part of the Ryukalin Clan, she occasionally tried to guess their movements. Based on what she knew, Neo must be hacking the cameras around here to find evidence.

Neo's face didn't look too good. He looked towards Mike with a pitiful expression.

"You look like a lost puppy."

"Well, the Nali Family made a move. They erased all pieces of evidences in this area and I only managed to get a short clip."

"Isn't that good enough?"

"No, the footage is not clear," Neo sighed. Once a big family made a move, they needed to tread with caution. He wished that he had brought his laptop so he could stop them before this. As he only worked from his small watch, his options were limited.

"How do you know it's the Nali Family?"

"Their princess is here."

"Oh," Mike nodded his head in understanding. He knew what that meant as he believed that she was the only one who would do something to Kanae and the girls.

At this time, Kevin waved his hand lightly. "We won't charge you with anything. However, you should tighten your security to not allow this incident to happen again."

"Yes, we understand."

Misae frowned when she heard their conversation. She felt dissatisfied to just let these guys off so easily.

"Can't we make a charge?"

"It's hard. We're on a construction site, and we should have been more careful. They can easily dismiss it as an accident and make us waste time and money," Neo shrugged.

"Ah, you're right," Misae's face turned sullen.

Kanae stayed silent even though she knew that what Neo said was not entirely true. They were still on the outer perimeter, and normally heavy equipment wouldn't be used in this area. An accident shouldn't happen that easily, as this could land the manager in huge trouble.

However, there was no use for them to try to prolong this matter. Clashing with the Nali Family was not going to earn them anything aside from problems.

"Do you want to use my car to go back?" Kevin asked the two girls.

Misae shook her head. "My driver will take me back home. I already made the call. Thank you very much."

"I will be going too," Alice answered.

"You two should be careful on your way back."


Not long after that, the two wounded ladies went home. Kevin proceeded with his work a bit more before finishing up. They had made a detailed report about the progress of the construction. He needed to prepare for another batch of demands.

"I'll just return to the Black Street," Tommy stretched his body. He didn't dare to look towards the construction anymore as he said this.

Neo nodded his head. "Did you bring your equipment? This is already the Souhon Clan's area."

"No one will touch me here."

The token given to Fiore Group was still valid, so he didn't have any fear in this territory. Of course, the case was different if he was in other territories as their group could only move on the Black Street.

"Sorry about that," Jay said in a low tone.

Tommy waved his hand. "Don't bother with it."

Internally, Jay was excited when he saw that Tommy still acted like the usual with him. He decided not to talk about the matter again as he knew that Tommy didn't have good impressions of his clan members. About this point, there was nothing he could say as he knew very well what they had done.

"Anyway, I can't help you anymore," Tommy added. He had made a promise to the other members that he wouldn't try to help the Souhon Clan anymore. They didn't need the backing of a powerful clan.

"I know."

"I wish you good luck."

"Why?" Jay was stunned.

Tommy only smiled slightly before walking out calmly. He too didn't really know the reason, but the others told him that the Souhon Clan was going to experience a big problem. As for the details, he didn't know for sure.

Jay looked towards Tommy's departing back with complicated feelings. He looked toward the others before bidding his farewell. This was his clan's territory, so he didn't need their help to reach his home.

"Can you work with your wound, Kanae?" Neo asked.

Kanae nodded her head. She barely felt any pain from her feet. "There's no need to worry. I can work just fine."

"Then you can help us with our work again," Neo clasped his hands in delight. Finally, they could finish their work more easily. This demon rarely allowed them to rest.

"You have to go home when it's time to knock off," Kevin said to Kanae.

"Yes, President."

"Wait, you're letting her go but not us? Boss, you're being unfair here!"

"Let it be, Neo. Boss is not going to change his decision just because you whimper around like a puppy."

"I'm not a puppy!"