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169 Return to School

 Nolen School C

After the two weeks were up, Kanae chose to return back on Friday, right before the midterm began. Her classmates were cheering when they saw she had returned. As for the reason of their happiness; it was obviously because they could pester her to teach them a bit.

"Wherever you go, you will always have these people come crowding to you and asking you to teach them," Misae laughed.

Kanae smiled wryly. "What can I do? They're just too excited with me around."

"Let's go to the Student Council Room. The others must be waiting for you too."

Kanae arched her eyebrows. "Hold on, why are you the one asking me to go there? I'm the Student Council Vice President, right?"

Misae grinned. "Why can't I?"

Alice giggled. "Misae has been going to the Student Council Room a lot lately. She wanted to help the others with the work in the Student Council because you were going to be absent for a long time."

Kanae glanced towards Misae with a knowing glance. She obviously knew that this girl didn't go to the Student Council Room for the sole purpose of helping them. She obviously wanted to get closer with the boys, a certain boy specifically, there.

"Don't talk as if you two don't do the same," Misae harrumphed.

"I don't."

"Me neither."

Hearing these two's answers, Misae's face darkened. She knew that they were telling the truth. After all, Kanae only worked there to do her duties as the vice president while Alice merely went to help her.

"I want to make a trip to the Student Council Room first, do you want to come with me?"

"We better stay in the classroom. There's a review for the midterm," Alice answered.

Misae wanted to follow after Kanae, but reason told her that she had to stay. She didn't want to get a bad score for her midterm again. Her first semester was already bad enough for her.

Kanae made her way to the Student Council Room. After not coming for around two weeks, she found that this place still looked the same as before. The only exception was the members inside. Kevin looked like he was in a bad mood; did something happen?

"President, are you alright?"

"Good morning, Kanae," Mike greeted first. He smiled wryly. "President just misses your coffee."

"Miss my coffee?" Kanae found the statement to be ridiculous. Why was he in a bad mood just because he wanted to drink coffee? However, she decided to ask later and proceeded to make the coffee.

Neo looked towards Kanae. "Kanae, will you return to work in the office again?"

"Yes, I will," Kanae nodded her head lightly.

"It's midterm. Don't you need to study?"

"I already spent most of my time studying during my free time during sick leave. I don't have many lessons that I need to review anymore," Kanae answered with a smile.

"The others won't be happy without you teaching them."

"They can have a group study. Besides, I can teach them a little bit before I go to work later," Kanae answered calmly.

Kevin drank the coffee slowly. His other hand was still busy typing while the other one held the glass. "Kanae, do you want to come along to the construction site?"

Kanae's brain operated at high speed for a moment. The only big project that Kevin handled in the past few weeks was the construction of the prestigious school. She had not gone to that place for a long time already since the area was blocked off after the big battle.

Now that they have started to rebuild the buildings, many people were around the area. Most of them were workers, but there were also some other people who wandered around.

"We can come?"

Kevin nodded his head. "I occasionally go to inspect the tools that my men send. Besides, I need to confirm the amount of new equipment they will need in the future."

"It's only been a few weeks and we already need to replace them?"

"There is a limited number of tools, and Jason contacted me about the possibility of purchasing more. I want to confirm this matter," Kevin answered calmly.

Kanae no longer felt it weird for these two to talk with each other. Based on what she knew, they had been friends even before she met with Kevin. They must have cooperated on the deal because they knew each other quite well.

At this moment, she wondered whether Kevin knew that Jason was part of Fiore Group. If he also knew about that, she might need to be careful when she was around Jason in front of the others. She didn't want other people to know about their relationship.

"You want to go today?" Kanae asked again in bewilderment. Well, it was up to him whenever he wanted to go since he could do it anytime he wanted to.

"Yes. Do you want to come along?"

Kanae recalled the building. She spent days inside the building and experienced countless fights that nearly took her life. If she said that she didn't have any impression of that place, she would be lying.

After the incident, she didn't dare to go closer again. It has been months since the last time she saw it, so she too wanted to know how that place had changed.


"Pack up, we'll depart in two hours."

"Can I ask the others such as Misae to come?"


Kanae walked out. She wanted to tell Misae and Alice about this news. If those two still wanted to stay in school to learn, she would not force them.

Neo leaned back on his chair. "Boss, Tommy doesn't seem to be very interested in joining this trip."

"It's obvious," Mike interjected. "He has a lot of bad memories of that place, and the four families intentionally rebuilt it to be nearly exactly the same."

Most of the groups experienced life and death battles countless times in that place. Those strongest and most renowned groups surely didn't feel like coming to this place anymore. With the layout being kept the same, many of them would try to stay away.

Kevin nodded his head. "The four big families are planning something. They're truly crafty."

Neo smirked. "Well, too bad for them that they have their ploy in front of Boss. I'm sure you can guess what they're up to, right?"

"Not really," Kevin resumed his work. "It just seems like they're up to something really interesting."

The other two looked towards each other. They didn't see anything about it that could be called fun, but from Kevin's perspective, things seemed to be different.