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168 Break

 For the next several days, Kanae stayed at home and learned the material for the upcoming lessons peacefully. This time, she was determined to completely learn all the material for the second semester of the first year. This would allow her to skip more class in the future.

She also did the work that Kevin gave her through her email. As for calling him, she was a cheapskate, so obviously she never called him again aside from the first time when she told him about her condition.

Misae and Alice paid another visit, but after that, they were too busy. It was almost the midterm and they needed to study even more to make sure that they didn't get left behind. With their current abilities, they needed to work harder to make sure that they would not get a low score.

Her special phone rang a few times during this time, and she got a complete report about the other members' conditions.

"Kanae, can't you order Tommy to study? He's still trying to train his body in this condition."

"He's under you, Doc, so you're the one who should handle him."

The next second, she heard the sound of Tommy getting scolded again. She wondered what that boy did in Shiro's little clinic. Hopefully, he didn't mess up the medical equipment there.

"How's your condition, Kanae?" Jason also turned on his communication device.

"I'm already as good as before. There's almost no pain at all in my wound," Kanae answered leisurely.

"That fast? It's only been 8 days, right?" Shiro asked in surprise.

Kanae nodded her head. Ever since she started to eat a lot more than usual at Kevin's company, she felt more energized than usual. Probably, she did need to eat a lot of highly nutritional foods.


"Now what are you going to do? You still have an entire week to skip school."

"I'm going to jog around the area," Kanae answered.

Jason smiled when he thought about it. "That's not a bad idea. You can practice those warm-ups first before we start the intensive training later."

"It's my idea."

"Wait! How is it possible that Kanae has already healed, and I haven't?" Tommy asked in disbelief. He still felt pain from his feet that got stabbed as well as from his shoulder that got slashed, too.

"You have more wounds," Kanae answered as she changed her clothes to her usual training suit. It was already quite old, but she was more comfortable wearing that than the other clothes she had.

"Wear your jacket, the weather is still quite cold."

It was already March, but the weather was still rather chilly. As Kanae has just healed, it was better to wear thicker clothes rather than revealing clothes.

"Shin, my training clothes are long-sleeved," Kanae informed.

"Well, most girls wear those revealing clothes when they're training. I thought you were also the same."

Kanae: "..." We trained together in the past and when did I have those kinds of clothes?

"I think this doctor is comparing you with those high school girls that try to entice him while wearing those mini sports uniforms," Jason added.

"Yup, they're truly pretty, but this idiot rejects them all."

"Tom, I think you're ready for another round of pain?"

"Wah! Demonic doctor, let me go!"

The clinic would be in a mess if these two didn't stop their quarrel. Jason and Kanae chose to let these two continue their antics as they were busy with their own lives.

Kanae sneaked out from the house. She didn't want to let the others know about her current condition. The only way for her to do that was by sneaking around here and there.

"Oro, can I stay with you? This doctor will send me to my grave soon," Tommy pleaded.

"No, the other family members will surely ask me if I suddenly take a pest into my house," Jason immediately refused.

"Who're you calling a pest?"

These two yelled at each other over the phone. Kanae got the urge to take out her earphone as she felt her head hurt from hearing them. She jogged on the sidewalk calmly and picked up her pace after a few minutes. Her direction was the east.

Several kilometers from her house, there was a beach on the east side of the city. She would need to jog for around 3-4 hours to reach the place, but she didn't really mind it. If it was a car, it would only need one and half hours, or two hours if there was a traffic jam.

"How about I crash at Rei's house?"

"If you do it, I'll tie you up on the telephone pole and make you my shooting target."

"I don't mind calling the security guard to tell them that there's a rat."

Tommy was speechless as the ones who answered were Shiro and Jason. However, he also understood that they would never allow him to stay alone in the same room with Kanae.

"No, you can't, Tom. My place is too small," Kanae's answer was milder.

"Alright," Tommy sighed as he knew that he had to bear with staying in this doctor's house for the next several days. As for his home, he was not sure what his mother was going to say to him if he appeared in front of her again.

They didn't talk much again as Shiro received a patient. On the other hand, Jason still had his meeting while Kanae focused her attention on the street. Their conversation stopped there.

Kanae kept on jogging and increased her pace gradually. She made sure that she ran faster and faster as she tested her physical condition and headed towards the beautiful park on the east side of the town.

Several people looked towards her when she ran past them, but they paid no heed. It was quite common to see someone running to train their body in the afternoon like this.

Finally, she arrived at the park, and she could see the beach not far from where she stood. The sand looked like it was shining as it reflected the beautiful light from the sun. The glittering sand made it look like a ray of gold had spanned across the entire area.

The sound of sea waves crashing onto the sand made its way to Kanae's ear. Even the sea looked exceptionally beautiful as the blue color reflected the color of the sky. Several people were playing around and enjoying their time on the beach.

Kanae's lips curled up. How long has it been since the last time she played around freely like them? She was working so hard in the shadows that she nearly didn't have any time to play again.

'Someday, I'll be free again.'

Her dark irises reflected the blue ocean as she gazed towards it. The time was near. When her sister returned from her schooling abroad, that would be the time when they would start their quest to take back everything that belonged to them.

Kanae looked up and closed her eyes while she enjoyed the breeze from the ocean.