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167 Visit for the Sick

 Kale Company

Mike answered the call from the front desk, and he turned his head towards Kevin. "Kanae wants to talk with you."

"Give it to me."

He took the phone while the receptionist redirected the call to the Boss.

"President, I need to take two weeks off from work."

Kevin frowned. Two weeks were not short. Why did she suddenly want to take days off?

"What happened?"

"I fell down from the stairs and got hurt, so I have to stay at home to rest for two weeks," Kanae answered.

Kevin looked towards the reports that Kanae usually compiled. Unknowingly, he was already used to that girl staying near him and doing her work beside him. Having her skipped work for a long time was certainly not good.

"Can you do your work from home?"

"Pardon? I think it's possible, but not too much."

"I'll send it to your email. Also, next time you should just call directly to my phone. My number is 0123XXXXXXX."

"Okay, President."

Neo looked towards Kevin with inquiring eyes. This ice block rarely gave his number to anyone, so he was interested in the fact that this man chose to give his number to Kanae right now. That girl was only resting because of sickness; there shouldn't be any need to give his number to her.

"Boss, are you sure it's fine to give her your number? It's the same number as your real identity."

Kevin glanced for a moment but didn't answer. He focused his attention on his work, and the other two immediately knew that their president didn't want to answer. Without any other choice, they continued to do their work.


Kanae's House

Misae originally wanted to visit, but the guards of the Nali Family didn't allow her to come close.

"What do you mean that I can't get close? There's no such rule that I can't go visit my friend at the back of the mansion!"

The guards put on poker faces as they shook their heads. One of them spoke up. "Per our Master's instruction, no one is allowed to get close."

"That's ridiculous!" Misae was ready to cause chaos here if it was necessary. If they didn't want to let her in, fine, she would force them to allow her to get in. Didn't the four big families value their faces very much? Now she wanted to know whether they would be willing to have people talk about how they were being disrespectful to a young woman.

"What's the ruckus?"

The question caused Misae's movement to halt. Her eyes darted to the back as she saw a young woman walking towards them.


Sakura was enjoying her time when she heard the ruckus at the front door. She called out to make sure that the other party knew there was someone inside. However, upon seeing Misae's face, she felt anger boiling her blood.

The two girls glared towards each other for a long time.

"If you two keep on glaring, you will tear the sky," before the two of them could start talking, Kanae had walked out calmly. Her steps were slightly uneven as she allowed her body to move this way. She didn't want to let them know that she could handle the pain very well.

"Kanae!" Misae exclaimed. She saw that Kanae was not in a good condition, yet she was forced to get out of the house because of this annoying Sakura.

Sakura flicked a glance towards Kanae before turning her face away. She hated Kanae very much, but at the same time, Kanae has helped her more than once. This made her rather conflicted, but she still chose to not address Kanae on friendly terms. She hated her cousin very much.

"I just want you to give this doctor' note to the school," Kanae handed Misae a piece of paper. "It's for permission to not go to school."

"If you have finished your business here, leave. This land is not for someone like you to step on," Sakura said in a menacing tone.

Kanae glanced towards Sakura. "The backyard is my land. Don't you try to kick out my guest."

The two of them glared towards each other before Sakura snorted and walked away. She didn't want to spend her time clashing with these two. As a main member of the Nali Family, she had more important things to do.

Misae growled slightly. She disliked that girl very much as Sakura always tried to show off and push Kanae down. If only she knew that Sakura also wanted for Kanae to get wounded badly, she might have reported that girl to her father.

"You don't have to stay here for long. I still have to rest."

"I want to accompany you."

The two girls headed towards the small house where Kanae lived. Upon seeing the condition of the house, Misae was enraged. She could not believe that the Nali Family let a young girl live in a rundown house like this. She was still their family member!

"I don't have anything to give you," Kanae scratched her head in embarrassment. All she had here was some instant noodles to eat during her rest time. She could make her way towards the store across the street occasionally, but right now she just wanted to lie down.

Misae shook her head. "You don't have to serve me anything. Just a glass of water is enough."

"Wait for a moment."

Kanae poured a glass of water for Misae before lying down on her bed again. In this cramped place, Misae was unsure where she should sit. In the end, she chose to sit on Kanae's chair.

"This is very small."

"I'm already used to it, but I guess you're not."

Misae nodded her head. The entire house size was almost the same as her bedroom, so it was incredibly small in her opinion. Of course, she could not say it out loud as she didn't want to show off.

"I brought you some food, and Alice will come here too," Misae said.

"Oh, Alice will come too?" Kanae wore a bitter smile. This place was totally unsuitable for a princess like Alice.

As she had expected, Alice was stunned speechless when she saw Kanae's house. No wonder this girl didn't allow the others to come here in the past. There was almost no room at all for her to move around.

"You can sit down on the bed," Kanae moved her feet slightly.

Alice sat down. "I brought you some cookies. They won't help much with the nutrition you need, but I guess they're good enough to cheer you up."

"Yes! I love your cookies the most! Thank you very much."

Alice looked around the place. It was a very small place and rather cramped because of Kanae's items. There were only one chair and one table with most of her things on the floor, bundled up nicely.

"I don't understand why the Nali Family treats you this badly."

"It's a long story, Alice," Kanae sighed. "Anyway, I'm just an unwanted branch member of the Nali Family. They can't wait to get rid of me once I reach adulthood."

"Adulthood? You mean 17 years old?"

"Yes," Kanae nodded her head.

Alice looked towards Kanae worriedly. Without the backing of the Nali Family, would her friend be alright? There were a lot of people who wanted to take her down.

"I don't need the Nali Family to live, and they never gave me anything, so I'll be the one to declare my departure from them when I reach 17," Kanae answered calmly. Her composed tone and expression made it hard for them to guess what this girl was thinking inside.

"Whatever happens, we'll be on your side," Alice said with certainty in her voice.

"Yup, I'll never leave you," Misae nodded her head in agreement.

Kanae smiled towards her two friends. "Thank you very much, you two."