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166 Falling from the Stairs?

 In the car, Kevin glared towards Neo while the latter frantically tried his best to explain the matter.

"Tommy doesn't want to collaborate with us. He says that the group is independent."

Kevin frowned. He recalled that at the time Tommy helped the Souhon Clan, the other members were nowhere to be seen. They only appeared at the most crucial times and did not necessarily make a move.

"Why did Tommy help the Souhon Clan?"

"Jay is part of the Souhon Clan, and I think Tommy helped him because Jay is his best friend," Neo speculated the answer to Mike's question.

Mike nodded his head. It was indeed possible that the boy only helped because Jay was his friend. As for the entire Souhon Clan, it was clear that Tommy paid no heed and only did the things that he wanted.

Kevin looked back to Neo. "We're going back."

"Yes, Boss."

If Fiore Group didn't want to cooperate with him, so be it. He didn't have any lack of experts around him and his interest in the group was only because Tommy was still very young.

For now, he wouldn't try to get closer to that group anymore.


Shiro's Clinic

"You have woken up, Kanae?" Shiro noticed that Kanae moved from her bed.

Kanae frowned and nodded her head. She looked towards the other two beds, in which her teammates were sleeping. They seemed to be snoozing peacefully as they were also tired.

"Don't you need to sleep, Doc?"

"Not really," Shiro shrugged. "I woke up earlier than you and I don't usually need so much sleep."

"Don't you feel tired after an entire night staying awake?"

"I slept during the time Jason drove us back. The most tired one must be that young master."

Kanae looked towards Jason and nodded her head slightly. She hade made him troubled with her reckless move. However, if they were late, Tommy wouldn't be here with them anymore.

"Doc, can you write me a doctor's note for school? I want to skip school for two weeks."

Shiro glanced towards Kanae. "10 days should be more than enough."

"The rest of the time, I want to train my body on Black Street again. My senses got duller," Kanae grinned.

"Okay, what should I write about the cause of your wound?"

"You can write that I fell down from the stairs."

Shiro looked Kanae up and down. In his heart, he wondered how high the stairs had to be to make Kanae get wounded this badly. In the end, he finished the note and gave it to Kanae.

"You're not allowed to move too much. Can you make it to your home?"

"I can," Kanae smiled wryly. She stood up from the bed and her face grimaced slightly from the pain. It hurt, but was still within her tolerance level, so her face turned calm again.

Shiro watched as Kanae walked out slowly. This place was not that far from Kanae's house, so he was not that worried about her. If she got attacked, she would still be able to fight. It was just that he might need to treat her again.

He continued reading the books in front of him until he heard the sound of a bed creaking from behind him. He knew that another one had woken up.

"Tommy, you shouldn't move so much."

Tommy held his hurting head. That man hit him quite hard previously that his head was still hurting.

"Where's Kanae?"

"She returned back first."

"I see."

"Do you need me to write you a note for school?"

Tommy shook his head. "I often skip school. There's no need to bother with the note. Anyway, let me stay at your place longer."

"But you have to pay for your own living expenses. In addition, Kanae used a lot of money to reach the Zone Clan Residence in time. I have given her your money, so you can't use it as you please now."

Tommy frowned. "As long as it's not that much, I don't really care. I only gathered the money to be able to live outside the Black Street in the future."

"I have some food in the fridge. You can take it yourself, but don't you dare eat all my food."


Hearing Tommy's excited tone, Shiro sighed to himself. He knew that Tommy didn't listen to what he said. Oh well, he would just take more money from this brat.

He waited until it was noon before waking up Jason. This young master had a meeting that night, and he didn't want to make the Wells Family worry that their young master has suddenly disappeared.

"Jason, if you don't want to be late, you better wake up."

Jason ruffled his hair while sighing to himself. "Thank you, Doc. Good luck in taking care of that brat."

"I'm not a brat!"

Shiro waved his hand. "It's my duty as the oldest one in this group."

Tommy wanted to protest again, but Jason had already walked out from the clinic. He was indignant. That man shouldn't have called him a brat when the other party was clearly a brat himself!


Kanae arrived at her home as she walked slowly. She noticed that the guards were looking towards her with a sharp gaze, but she didn't care. Her steps finally reached the back door, and she opened it ever so slowly. This was the very first time she felt that even going back home was hard.

She reached her small home and reached out for her laptop. Her hand quickly typed and erased all the footage from the security cameras on the street that captured her image. This was something she did since long ago as she didn't want to leave any traces of herself.

After she finished, she took out her phone and made a call.

"Hello, Kanae, why are you calling me so late at night?"

"Misae, I'm going to skip school for the next two weeks."

"Two weeks?" Misae sounded surprised. "What are you doing to skip class for such a long time again?"

"I fell down from the stairs, and some of my bones are cracked," Kanae answered. Well, the situation was not that bad, but she just said it that way to make it sound more serious.

"Is it serious? Do you want me to come over?"

"No, it is already night. If you come here, what will your father say to you?"

"Okay, I'll come over tomorrow. Take care of yourself, Kanae."

"I will."

After hanging up, she made another call, to Kale Company. Even until now, she still didn't have the personal phone number of the president.

"Hello, this is Kale Company. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"This is Kanae. May I speak with the President?"

"Wait for a moment."