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165 Group is Independen

 "Tommy, that's not our group phone, right?" Kanae's eyes turned sharper. There was only a limited number of people who knew Tommy's number. This boy was not popular in school, so there was almost no one who knew his number.

Jason immediately took his I-Pad and handed it to Kanae. On the other hand, Shiro brought the phone to Tommy. These two were wounded badly, so they needed help from others to be able to reach these items.

"Kanae, have you finished the preparation?"

"You can pick it up now," Kanae answered as her hand was still busy with the I-Pad. On the side, Jason already picked his laptop and also constructed a blockade of jamming signals to avoid getting tapped.

Tommy answered the phone. "Hello, who is this?"

His phone displayed a stranger's number, so he tried to be cautious. After all, he knew that he rarely gave his phone number to anyone, so he had to be careful to not leave any trace of him being Tom.

"Hello, Tommy."

Hearing that cheerful and mischievous tone, Tommy immediately realized who he was talking to. He blinked his eyes several times before calming himself down and looking towards his teammates.

"Neo, what do you want?"

"Oh, you recognize my voice! I thought you might not know that it's me."

Tommy rolled his eyes. There was no way he wouldn't recognize the voice of someone who has been with him for months. Besides, Neo's playful tone was quite unique.

"What do you want?"

Kanae recalled that Tommy once told her that Neo knew his real identity. This made her even more cautious in case they leaked out the news outside. The result wouldn't be pretty if his enemies started to come to their school and search for Tommy because of this boy's other identity.

Neo was in the car when he made the call. He noticed that Kevin was glaring at him, so he continued talking.

"I want to talk about Fiore Group. You did a great job in the Zone Clan territory just now."

Tommy arched his eyebrows. The news surely traveled fast. They just finished the battle a few hours ago, but Neo already got the news about it.

Jason motioned for Tommy to answer and the boy did as Jason wanted.

"Thank you, but I'm sure you didn't call just to congratulate me, right?"

"I'm sure you're not alone right now, Tommy. Can I talk with your teammates?"

The other three immediately shook their heads. The three of them already interacted with Neo in their real identities. If they talked, they might get found out that they were part of Fiore Group because Neo would recognize their voices.

"They don't want to talk with you," Tommy answered.

Neo was not surprised. Having him track down one of the members so quickly must have made them cautious. Secretly, he felt proud for tracking down Tommy so quickly.

If he knew that the four members were in the same school as him, he might have vomited blood out of shame. They were right in front of him, but he only recognized one of them, which was only because Kevin asked for information about Tom from him.

"Alright, I'll just talk to you. Does Fiore Group have any interest in working together with the Ryukalin Clan?"

"Ryukalin Clan?" Tommy frowned. Where did he hear this name before?

Jason noticed Tommy's dumbfounded look and immediately typed the information on his laptop. He shoved it in front of Tommy, and the boy read the content quickly.

'Ryukalin Clan is the biggest clan in this city. They hold more than a quarter of this city as their territory, including the block here where we hold our operations. The school that we attend is also located inside the territory of this clan.'

"Why are you talking on behalf of the Ryukalin Clan?" Tommy asked in bewilderment.

Jason felt like slamming this boy's head to the wall this instant. Did he just ask a question like that to that man? Did he want to shame the entire group because of his low intelligence?

He immediately typed down more information and shoved the content in Tommy's face.

'The Ryukalin Clan Head is Kevin Kalin. Neo and Mike are his right and left hands. The three of them only live a normal school life because of the clan's rule. However, the true leader of the clan is still Kevin Kalin, YOUR president in the Student Council.'

Tommy felt his brain blank when he saw that information. Did Jason just mean he was the lackey of the Ryukalin Clan all this time in school? Why did he not realize that?

On the other side of the phone, Neo was also stunned. Did this boy just ask the dumbest question in the world? He was part of the Ryukalin Clan, and a core member at that. Could it be that Tommy truly didn't know about that?

"Forget my question from before," Tommy talked again. "I'm sorry, but Fiore Group is an independent group and we don't cooperate with others easily."

With that, he ended the phone call and looked towards Jason. "Why didn't you tell me that I was this close with their clan leader all this time?"

"What clan leader?" Kanae asked.

Jason shoved his laptop over, and the girl read the content. Kevin was the clan head? So that was why she sometimes felt like Neo and Mike's standing positions were always best situated to protect this man. Wait, the Ryukalin Clan was the biggest clan, right?

"That's quite a surprise," Kanae muttered.

Shiro looked towards Kanae with bewilderment. "Kanae, don't you realize that his surname practically gives away his identity?"

"I forgot the name of the clan."


Jason truly wondered where these two idiots came from. They lived in the territory of the Ryukalin Clan, but neither one of them knew about this name. How ironic...

"Does that mean that I'm working under this clan in the school?" Tommy frowned.

Kanae smiled wryly. Tommy was better off while she practically under him almost all the time. Well, it didn't really matter. So far, she was only a normal employee of this man, and she worked to earn the money.

Jason sighed. "Don't worry. He knows how to differentiate between work and his identity as the clan head. When he became the vice president last year, I already asked him about it and he said he won't drag the others into his clan's affairs."

"How long have you known about this?"

"I have known for a long time. After all, I dropped out of that prestigious school and enrolled in Nolen School C ever since my second year."

With his background, the teacher immediately appointed him as the president, so he met with Kevin. At that time, he did a background check and found it surprising that Kevin was part of the Ryukalin Clan. After talking, he decided to become friends with that cold boy. More like acquaintances, though, since that cold boy barely talked with him.

"When the prestigious school opens again, will you go back?" Tommy asked.

"Tommy, he will graduate in a few months. There's no way he can enroll in that school again."

"There's the university level there, but I don't really need to attend it," Jason shrugged. He already qualified for graduation with his grades, so school was incredibly boring for him. If not because Kanae was there, he might not come to school at all.

"You want to graduate with a diploma immediately?"

"I'll still attend the classes, but I'm sure the teacher won't be too happy with me," Jason smirked. After all, he was a smart and mischievous student.

Seeing his smile, Tommy rolled his eyes. This annoying and proud man was truly asking for a beating.

"All of you, go to sleep," Shiro pointed to the bed. "You're all patients today. Continue your talk later."

"Come on, I only have a light wound."

Shiro pointed to the sleeping Kanae. At some unknown point of time, this girl fell asleep. He walked towards her and arranged her into a more comfortable position slowly, making sure that he would not disturb her sleep.

"Let's go to sleep," Jason picked the other bed. He didn't really like the beds in this clinic, but there was no other option.

Tommy nodded his head in agreement. When it involved Kanae, the three of them would be quiet.