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163 Rick, this is Our Present for You

 In the clans' meeting, Rick was holding his phone with a smile plastered on his face. He was waiting for the call to go through, but his subordinates didn't pick up for a few seconds. He felt that it was rather weird. Why did they not answer the phone?

"Young Master? Is there anything wrong?"

Rick threw a glare towards the person who asked. He was thinking that he might be calling the wrong number when he heard the sound of the phone being picked up.

"Ah, elder, you finally pick up. There's no need to keep that boy anymore, you can finish him off."

Rick was saying this with a face full of glee while the others were looking towards him with inquiring eyes. Kevin made a gesture for Neo, and the man immediately hacked the phone and turned on the speaker.

They heard the sound of weird laughter coming from the phone. The Clan Heads were looking towards each other with bewilderment. Even Rick was stunned. He was sure that he didn't put the speaker on.

"Young Master Rick from the Zone Clan," the one on the line spoke slowly with a low tone.

"Who is this?" Rick was stunned. This was not the voice of his elder. It was an unknown voice that he didn't recognize. Could it be that someone stole the phone of his elder?

There was a sound of a chuckle. "It's a bit impolite of me to not introduce myself. My name is Oro, from Fiore Group."

The moment they heard the phrase 'Fiore Group', they knew that something was wrong. The Zone Clan Head immediately snatched the phone as he bellowed in anger.

"What are you doing in my territory?"

"What I'm doing? I'm just taking back what's ours. You think we won't make a move because you're a big clan, Zone Clan Pig Head?"

The other Clan Heads were looking towards each other with stifled laughter. They wanted to laugh at the nickname Oro gave, but no one dared to do so. After all, the Zone Clan was still a big clan.

"Watch your mouth! I'll raze your heaquarters!" Zone Clan Head was angry.

The sound of laughter sounded again. "I'm afraid you don't have the ability to do that. Anyway, I'm quite busy, so have fun with the present I'm leaving you."

The other side hung up, and they looked towards each other in bewilderment. Kevin took a glance towards Neo, but his friend shook his head. Neo had tried to trace the call, but it failed in the middle. All he knew was the location should be in the north, which mean they might be not far from the Zone Clan Residence.

"I wonder what the present he means is," Tamari Clan Head said in a low tone. He was sure that whatever the present was, it would not be good.

One of the Zone Clan members immediately searched the cameras surrounding their residence. He was shocked when he saw the state of it from his laptop.

"Connect it to the big screen," Kevin said calmly.

Neo immediately did that, and they could see the mess of the Zone Clan Residence. Their members were scattered around like trash and blood was splattered everywhere. Zone Clan Head's face paled immediately. The core members of the Zone Clan were all there as he only chose his son to accompany him while the others returned to guard Tom.

"I had at least three experts there," Zone Clan Head's voice quivered. In addition, he had nearly 100 people guarding the area. Although many of them had poor skills, their number should be far more than the Fiore Group.

"Are there any videos?" Roy asked.

"They're deleted, and there's no way to recover them."

Kevin looked towards Neo and the latter also shook his head. With his abilities, there was no way he could recover those videos because the electricity had been cut it that area.

At that moment, Jay's phone rang. He picked it up embarrassedly, but he was stunned speechless when he heard the voice from the other side.


"Yo, Jay," Tommy said with a rough voice. It was clear that he was feeling pain. "Don't contact me again until you become the clan head. If you never become the clan head, then never contact me again."

"Wait, what?" Jay was stunned. Did his friend has just threaten the entire Souhon Clan?

Rick looked towards Roy with a heated gaze. "At least, you won't get away too, my friend."

"Jay, what did he say?"

Neo didn't manage to hack the phone this time, so they could only wait for Jay to tell them the content of the conversation.

"He said that we no longer any relation with them. They will not answer any of our requests," Jay answered.

Zone Clan Head felt that that was bad for the Souhoun Clan but still not as bad as what happened to him. He stood up angrily and looked towards his son. "We're going back!"

Kevin tapped the armrest as he pondered. With the Zone Clan nearly gone, their areas would be up for grabs. He moved his index finger horizontally and Neo immediately smirked. They would carry out their plan slowly.

"This shall be the end of the Zone Clan," Tamari Clan Head sighed. He knew very well what it meant having his entire residence in total chaos like that. Not to mention, the experts were all defeated.

"Fiore Group truly deserves their name of being the strongest," Merion Clan Head sighed. His clan's size was around the same as Zone Clan's. If Fiore Group could annihilate the entire Zone Clan, they could do the same with his clan. Thinking about this made him shiver in fear.

Kevin nodded his head slowly. "And they didn't have one of their core members this time."

His remark reminded them that Tom was captured and couldn't help his teammates. This realization made them wonder just how strong this new group was. On the other hand, Souhon Clan Head felt like he had just wasted a very good chance to be friends with that group. Now that chance has disappeared.

Jay was holding onto his phone with trembling hands. He knew Tommy's real identity, and he was worried that Tommy wouldn't want to be his friend anymore. As for Tom not answering his requests anymore, that was a different matter and he didn't care too much. All he wanted was his friend still, joking and playing together with him and so on.

"They're just a small group. Before long, they're going to disappear," Roy snorted. He didn't believe that a small group could handle the other clans. They were not a small clan and unlike the Zone Clan, they had more experts.

Tamari Clan Head stayed silent. He didn't want to take the risk as he felt that Fiore Group was not simple. Rather than being enemies with this terrifying group, it would be better to be friends. Of course, that would need to wait until the right opportunity arose.

If they couldn't be friends, being a passerby was good enough. As long as they didn't become enemies, that was already pretty good.

"The number five clan will surely change. I wonder who will replace them," Roy's eyes flashed with malicious intent. This was the chance for them to move.

After that unexpected interruption, they talked here and there for a bit more before leaving towards their respective homes.

"Neo, search for Tommy's whereabouts and give him a call. I want to propose something to him."

"Right now?" Neo was stunned.