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162 Rescue

 When Jason arrived near the Zone Clan headquarters, it was nearly dawn. Rei had been alone in the residence for a long time already. He parked his car pretty far away and after ensuring that the cameras had stopped working, he dashed towards the residence.

"Rei, are you here?"

He looked towards the mess with a heavy heart. He knew that Kanae would have destroyed much of the residence by the time he got here. Without any other choice, he traveled through the garden. There was barely anyone outside as they were heading into the building to take care of Kanae.

A man appeared from the corner. His eyes turned large when he saw Jason. The knitted hat and the eye patch made him realize who this man was in an instant.

"Oro is here!"

"Oh, you have seen me," Jason sighed and took out his sword. Contrary to the other two, his sword was rather big and heavy. He was more used to this kind of sword rather than the small one like the other two.

He charged forward and used the weight of his sword to his advantage. This type of sword was best wielded by attacking from above and that was what he did.

The men surrounded him, but Jason moved faster. Even with such a big and heavy sword, he could swing it rather fast and finished them off very quickly. The men were lying facedown on the ground when he had finished.

"Rei, where are you?"

He could not hear Kanae's answer as all he heard was the sound of the girl panting. She had been going on a rampage for quite some time, and he knew that she would not be able to hold on if this continued.

"Oro, there's a small building on the left. They might have put Tom there," Shin's voice interrupted him from his worry.

"I got it."

"As for the trash," Shin aimed towards the men that appeared from the other side because of that man's yell.


"Just leave them to me," Shin said calmly.

"Thank you, Shin."

Jason traveled to the side of the residence towards a smaller building and opened the door. A man was standing there with a gun in his hand. He immediately raised it and opened gunfire the moment the door was opened.

Rolling on the ground, Jason evaded most of the bullets. The last one grazed his shoulder as he arrived in front of the man and slashed down at him using his big sword.

"Shin, we need more practice."

"I'll arrange it," Shin answered. "You better be quick. Police officers are going to come if we don't hurry."

"They called the police?" Jason asked in bewilderment. The clans never sided completely with the police because of their difference in nature and way of doing things. This was the reason they didn't usually have to hurry when dealing with the clans. The government was not going to find out.

Shin looked up from his rifle. "Not quite, but you created a blackout in this entire area for a long time already. It's already morning and a lot of people are going to work soon. Find Tom and bring Rei out from the residence as fast as you can. You can't risk being seen."

"Fine," Jason opened the door.

Three men charged towards him and another one pointed his gun. He countered their attack immediately and used his sword to attack the one with the gun. These men seemed to love ganging up very much.

When he finished dealing with the men, he saw Tommy tied to a chair. His head was bleeding, so he knew that they hit this boy's head because he had struggled. He immediately used his sword to slice through the ropes and freed Tommy from the chair.

"Shin, how to wake him up without harming him?"

"Pat him gently near his heart, at the right side of his chest, from the back and front. Remember, GENTLY," Shin instructed.

Jason crouched down near Tommy. He put one of his hands near Tommy's heart from the front and the other one on the back. His left hand, the one on the back, moved back slightly before hitting Tommy's back.

"Ugh," Tommy opened his eyes. "Oro?"

"Good, now lean on me. I can't fight if I have to carry you."

"That's your reason for waking him up?" Shin nearly yelled at the phone. He was pissed off at Jason's way of doing things.

"What? I need help if I want to take him away."

"Unbelievable, Rei is much better in this case. Anyway, take him to your car as fast as possible."

Jason helped Tommy to stand as they walked outside. Whenever there was an enemy near them, he used his sword to finish them off. As for the further ones, Shin took care of them.

"Rest here, I have to find Rei."

Tommy looked towards Jason as he felt his eyes turn wet. "I'm sorry."

"Don't cry, just stay here. Here's the additional special phone. You can use it for the time being."

Tommy held the special phone on his hand. He felt his eyes water even more as time passed. This was entirely his fault. He shouldn't have changed into this attire. Without it, no one would know that he was Tom. Now, everything was too late.

"Tom, don't cry. You're not a girl."

"Shut up, Shin."

"Anyway, you're wounded badly. I'm sure you won't be able to stand for the time being. Rest first. I'll treat you when we get back."


Jason sprinted inside the building. At first, he saw only a few men sprawling on the ground. He was not sure about their condition, but many of them were probably already dead.

When he arrived in the third room, his pupils dilated as he saw the pile of men on the floor. There were at least 20 men in this room. Based on their positions, he guessed that Kanae took care of them at the same time.

He quickly moved to the next room. This time, the number of fallen men was almost double and at the very center stood a figure holding a sword. Blood covered her body as she panted heavily. She turned around and saw Jason there.

"Oro, you're late."

"Rei, can you walk?" Jason asked warily.

Kanae nodded her head. She walked slowly towards Jason as she tried her best to catch her breath. When they reached the second room where there were two elites fallen on the floor, they heard the sound of a phone ringing.

Jason looked towards the phone on the ground. On the screen, it was written: 'Young Master Rick.'

"Oro, do you remember their plan?" Kanae asked with a cold tone.

Jason nodded his head. "The Souhon Clan doesn't have any plan to keep their relationship with us. What a pity, but it's for the better. A group should be independent."

"As long as the Souhon Clan doesn't change their leader to Jay, we won't accept their request."

"I understand, Captain," Jason nodded his head. "Should I answer it?"

Kanae stared at the ringing phone as she considered her options.