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161 Rei, the Leader of Fiore Group

 Black Street

"Oro, send me the map towards their headquarters," Kanae gave an instruction.

Jason was startled when he heard Kanae's order. He looked towards the laptop with bewilderment as he seemed to understand what Kanae was planning.

"No. If I give it to you, you will charge there, right?"

"Of course," Kanae answered. "They don't have too many people in their headquarters during this time. If I can strike them, it's the end for their clan."

"It's still dangerous, you idiot!"

"The location, Oro."

Jason typed fast on his laptop before he sent a location to Kanae. "I'm not sure they'll keep Tom there, so I'll check the cameras and find his location."

"They'll bring him to the headquarters," Kanae answered calmly.

"How do you know?"

"Trust me."

When the other two heard about it, they didn't know what to say. Sometimes, Kanae would just rely on her instinct, and it would be spot on. They didn't understand the reason, but they knew that occasionally, Kanae got things right even without much explanation.

Kanae moved to the side and hitched a ride. "I need to go to the north."

"North? That's very far, Miss."

She took out her money. "Is this enough?"

The man in front of her looked towards the money in Kanae's hand with shining eyes. He nodded his head repeatedly. People from Black Street never had enough to live decently. Facing this stack of money, they would be tempted.

Jason was still typing when he heard that conversation. "Rei, you're not a rich lady. What are you doing giving money to others?"

"Put it in Tom's tab. I'll take it back."


Shin sighed. "I'll head towards the place. Remember, I can only protect you from behind as I can't get closer. There are a lot of barriers in that place."

The clan's headquarters would surely be filled with a lot of safety precautions. There was no other way as they needed to make sure that they were safe in their territory. Of course, there were also a lot of cameras.

Jason was inside his car as he browsed the information he gathered while driving. "Their place is big and there are a lot of guards outside. Which side do you want to handle, Rei?"

"I take the inside, you outside and search for Tom. Shin, you take care of the others."

"Yes, Captain."

The three of them headed towards the north part of the city. Even with transportation, it still took them a long time to reach the area. Kanae gave that man the money she promised, and he immediately took off again.

She was wearing her usual costume as Rei, so her face was completely covered.

"Oro, he's here right?"

"Yes, I looked through the cameras and saw some men dragging Tom out of a car near their headquarters. Wait, you have arrived?"

"The journey through the Black Street is faster compared with the big roads," Kanae answered as she sneaked closer.

"Wait, I need to turn off the cameras!" Jason immediately worked and turned off all the security devices in the Zone Clan's Residence. The sudden power outage immediately alarmed the guards, but they didn't manage to see anything.

Rei rushed towards the gate and leapt over the top immediately. Her hand was already holding her small sword as she attacked the guards. She attacked one from below and the second from the side with her feet.

The two guards fell to the ground as she moved towards the building. Several men charged towards her, but she didn't move back. Her nimble footwork and sword immediately finished them off as they fell to the ground in mere seconds.


"Who is it?" a man was pointing a gun towards Kanae.

Kanae paid no heed to the gun as she charged towards him. He shot the gun, but Kanae evaded it to the side and sprinted immediately. Her knee hit the man right in his stomach as he flew flat backwards onto the ground.

She moved towards the next door and started her barrage of attack as the guards surrounded her and attacked her at the same time. She evaded their attacks all at once and then countered from below one by one.


"You sure are courageous to come into our territory," a man was holding a big sword and it clashed with Kanae's sword.

"Very brave but idiotic," another one appeared and charged towards Kanae.

Facing these two's attacks, she used her small sword to block the first man's attack from above. Her hand moved nimbly as she moved to the side and used her sword to attack from the side. Her target was the man's hand, and she made a deep wound that grazed his bone.

"You're good."

The first man immediately switched his sword to his other hand and swung towards her right side. Kanae immediately dived down. At the same time, the other man kicked towards her and hit her stomach.

"Eh, it's a small guy."

Kanae twisted her body and her sword slashed deeply into the first man. He yelled abruptly, but he could not fight anymore. With that wound, it would be a miracle if he could still stay alive.

The next moment, Kanae moved to the other side and grabbed the second man's fist. She used her sword to strike towards the man's neck, thus finishing him off in that one move.

"He's quite strong," Kanae wiped the blood that trickled down from her mouth. She was hurt, but she was mostly alright.

"Rei, did you charge inside alone? There are still some elites inside."

"I know, I have just taken care of two of them."

Jason sighed deeply. "Even if you're strong, you have to pay more attention; there are a lot of people inside the place."

"I'll talk to you again later," Kanae was looking towards the other room as dozens of men appeared. It seemed the Zone Clan had a lot of members. It didn't really matter, though. She would not stop here.

She stomped on the ground as she charged towards the group of men. The sound of blades clashing followed by that of guns reverberated inside this residence. The screams of pain and yelling in anger came following afterward. The night was no longer a silent one as a ruckus erupted from the residence.

All of it was caused by one single person named Rei.