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160 Souhon Clan’s Stand

 Kevin had to wake up early. There was a gathering with the other clans this morning, and he had to attend as the Ryukalin Clan Head. He looked towards the other two who were busy dressing up.

"There's no need to be so formal. Besides, many of them are our school's classmates."

Neo looked back. "Boss, you look good whatever you wear, but we don't. This is why we have to dress up carefully."

Kevin gazed coldly as Neo shut his mouth. He knew that Kevin didn't like the joke, but he always said it out loud because he knew very well the situation that his Boss in was not that good. After all, Kevin was the youngest Clan Head among the five strongest and biggest clans.

Mike sighed. "Boss, be careful of the others. Many of them are going to try taking advantage of you."

"They won't be able to," Kevin answered simply and calmly. He was not afraid of them. This was not the first time he faced them and he had been trying to keep a low profile as he didn't want to make those people focus their attention on him.

Even if the Ryukalin Clan was the strongest Clan, he still had to wait. His position was not stable enough to make the other Clan Heads submit to him as they did to his father years ago.

"Let's go."

It was still early in the morning, but they already arrived at the venue. No one dared to come late as they knew that the other clans would look unfavorably on them if they came late to the gathering. If they wanted to increase their power, they would need to make sure that they gave a good impression.

Kevin walked inside with Mike and Neo following behind him. Usually, only the clan heads would attend with their close and trusted attendants, but occasionally, the young masters of the clans would appear to show their faces. This time was the same as there were several young men in either their teenage years or their early twenties.

"Boss, your seat is over there."

The other four strongest clans were sitting around a table. Three of the Clan Heads brought their successors, who sat behind them. The Zone Clan brought Rick, the Souhon Clan brought Roy and Jay, while the other clan brought his first son.

When Roy and Jay saw Kevin, they were startled. At first, they didn't understand what this young man was doing here. They only knew him as a successful businessman in their school that they completely forgot his surname. 'Kalin' was the name only given to the direct lineage in the Ryukalin Clan.

"My apologies for making the elders wait," Kevin greeted them formally.

Although he was not late, since he was the last, this was the usual custom. The others had already come, so they nodded their heads. Although some of them showed disdain, no one dared to blatantly make trouble for the biggest clan in this city.

As the biggest clan, the Ryukalin Clan held more than a quarter of the city as its territory. It was unprecedented and no one dared to imagine fighting head on with them. Unless they wanted to die, no one dared to.

The Souhon Clan only held around one sixth of this city as did the Tamari Clan, the third biggest clan in this city. Lastly, there were the Merion Clan and the Zone Clan who each held around one-seventh of this city as their territory. The rest of the city was divided by the smaller clans that were scattered all over the place.

Roy's eyes were fixed on Kevin. He had heard that the Ryukalin Clan Head was only a teenager. Now that he saw this man, he felt that the story was true. He rarely met with Kevin, but he already heard about this boy a lot in school.

On the other hand, Jay felt like fainting. He was basically Kevin's lackey during his time in school. From the bottom of his heart, he hoped that his father wouldn't get angry at him for what he did.

"As usual, let's discuss our current issues," the Merion Clan Head started calmly. He was already an old man, but he was still filled with vigor. Behind his back, his son was watching him carefully. He was afraid his father was going to do something that crossed the line.

"Not a problem," the other clan heads immediately engaged in the light talk. No one blatantly pointed out their bad relationships or whatever as they only wanted to talk about things that were pleasant to the ears at the beginning.

The big clans were having a good time talking about this and that as the smaller clans could only engage in light talk amongst themselves. Some of the clans were too small to attract the big clans' notice, so no one tried to interfere. Unless there was a change in the composition of the five clans, they didn't dare to interrupt.

Kevin nearly didn't talk at all. Because of his young age, the others were not treating him too seriously. As for himself, he felt that there was no need for him to show off at this time.

"Now, I want to ask something, when will the dispute between the Souhon Clan and Zone Clan end?"

When they reached this topic, the situation turned tense. The Souhon Clan's territory was in the Northwest while Zone Clan was in the Northeast. The two of them were basically vying to be the king of the north, so they often clashed.

Kevin raised his head. "I hope you two can dissolve the matter quickly as it's not a trivial problem."

The Ryukalin Clan held the territory in the center but slightly to the southeast. They were quite big and had borders with all the other clans. The other two clans held territory extending from the west to the south. Around them, there were several small clans, but they were not really worth mentioning.

Zone Clan Head traded gazes with Souhon Clan Head. The two of them wanted to fight for the territory in the north, so they were not on good terms with each other. Besides, with the poor abilities of Jay and Roy, the Souhon Clan would likely lose even more areas.

"I heard that the Souhon Clan joined hands with Fiore Group, is it true?"

Facing this question, Jay stiffened. It was his idea to bring the Fiore Group to help them, and he didn't even try to consult the others. Saying that they borrowed help from the group was rather incorrect as only Tommy helped him because they were friends.

"We only have a shallow relationship. It's not too deep," Souhon Clan Head answered.

"Fiore Group helped you out when you clashed with me," Zone Clan Head took out a paper. "If it is the group that has a problem, will you help them?"

He put the paper on the table. They could clearly see a man riddled with wounds tied to the chair. They couldn't see his face too clearly due to the blood, but they recognized his clothes. The dark brown headband was Tom's trademark. He was wearing a shirt and jeans, which was the usual clothes he wore. On his face, there was a mark that seemed to be a scar on the right eye.

Kevin recognized the boy instantly. He passed a glance towards Neo, who immediately moved behind him and started working on the special small computer that he integrated into his watch. If Tommy was truly hurt, Fiore Group might make a move.

"He's not answering his phone," Neo whispered softly.

Kevin moved his gaze towards the picture. Should he help him? He might not have any relation with Fiore Group, but he was Tommy's leader in school. He didn't want to see someone he knew get hurt.

Jay clenched his fist. This was his fault. He looked towards his father. "Fat -Clan Head, what are we going to do?"

Souhon Clan Head looked towards the picture. Fiore Group might be powerful, but it was not worth it to sacrifice their members just to help them. There were other powerful groups on the street. Fiore Group was not irreplaceable.

"We just have a shallow relationship," Souhon Clan Head stressed. "It's not my concern."

"Father!" Jay was surprised.

Souhon Clan Head raised his hand in front of Jay. It was a warning for the boy to not make a move recklessly. On the other hand, Jay felt truly helpless. He wanted to help his friend very badly.

Zone Clan Head smiled. "I see, it's a pity."

"I guess, there's no use keeping him alive," Rick took out his phone. He was going to make the call to let his men kill Tom.