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158 Family Situation

 Kanae spent her Friday night in her favorite shop outside the Nali Family Mansion. This place sold warm drinks at cheap prices. Even if the winter has passed and the weather grew warmer, it was still relatively cold at night, so this was her best place to stay and keep warm. As her room still didn't have a heater, staying outside was clearly the smart move.

Besides, the Nali Family guards didn't pay too much attention to her when she was here. After all, they already knew about how she liked to stay here when it was cold.

"There's a big clan meeting next week. I heard that each clan's leader along with their most trusted attendants will gather."

"Are you sure the news is true? There is too much wrong news lately."

"I heard it from a trusted source. They have a yearly gathering, so it's not weird if they have the gathering this year right now."

"I see."

Kanae sipped her milk. This was also the place where many people loved to gossip. Of course, not all of the news she heard here were true, but many of them were interesting. Her hand touched her special phone.

"Oro, I heard that there's a job for Fiore Group."

"Hmm, Rei, you startled me. Yes, there's a small job of fighting against a local gang. I have sent Tom to take care of them."

Jason was looking towards his laptop lazily. He still had a lot of work, so he knew that sleep was out of the question for him. After all, there were too many things he had to do. As for that small job, Tommy was already enough as he didn't want to trouble the others.

"I want you to check whether the clans are having a gathering or not."

"You say gathering? Can't you search that by yourself? Your skill in the computer is better than mine."

"With my rundown laptop, do you think I can search efficiently?"

"Good point."

Jason browsed the internet and gathered the news about the clans and so on. There was not much news about them, but he knew that the clans had their yearly gathering. After all, it was the event where they tried to establish more connections or probe into their enemies' affairs.

His hands were busy working as he yawned. It was tiring, exceptionally tiring, but he still did it. Everything his captain said was an order for him and he would gladly do it even if he was tired.

"Yes, there's a meeting next week. All clans will send their representatives and each clan's head have to attend."

"Tom, are you there?"

"What is it, Captain?"

"Don't wander around the street too much. The Zone Clan knows your appearance and they might want to have some revenge on you."

Tommy sighed. "Don't worry. I have finished the job, Oro. You can ask for the payment. Here's the proof."

"No problem."

They ended communications, and Kanae sipped her milk again. Her eyes gazed outside for a split second. Ever since the incident from before, her uncle paid more attention to her movement around the mansion. These guards were exceptionally annoying.

Although they only watched her when she was wandering around the mansion, the guards were simply too annoying. They made her feel like she was a prisoner who had to be watched constantly.

She carefully shifted her position and drank the milk lazily.

"I want another glass."

"Alright, Miss."

While Kanae was spending the time drinking milk, Tommy made his way to his home. Although he didn't like to stay at home, he knew that there was no other choice as he didn't want to get captured by those annoying Zone Clan members.

He could easily fight with them, but the result wouldn't be pretty. He changed his clothes and appearance in a dark alley before walking home. When he arrived nearby, he saw his mother in the embrace of a man. He didn't know who that man was as his mother always stayed with a different man every day.

Not wanting to disturb her, Tommy leaned on a different building and waited patiently. This was the usual routine and the very reason he didn't want to stay at home. His mother always spent the day in the bedroom and each time, he would see a different man walking out of the place. Most of them looked rich, which was probably the reason his mother tried to get close to them.

After a few minutes, they separated. His mother cried and held onto the man's clothes, but he shoved her away. The force behind his push was quite big as the poor woman fell on the ground.

The movement startled Tommy. He quickly moved forward while calling his mother. "Mother, are you alright?"

Tommy's mother looked towards Tommy with reddened eyes. In her eyes, she could see the silhouette of the person she has loved yet hated the most. Without hesitation, she picked up the stone near her and threw it towards Tommy.

"Get lost! Leave me alone! Without you here, he would never leave me!"

Tommy captured the stone easily, but he stood in front of his mother with a pained expression. This was the reason he didn't like to talk with his mother. She always treated him like he was the reason her husband left her years ago, which was the start of his mother's life like this.


"Don't call me 'mother'! Get lost!"

Seeing his mother crying hysterically, Tommy stopped his steps. He slowly turned around and walked back. His steps were heavy, but he knew that he didn't have any other choice. He couldn't change the past. Without any choice, he moved back to the dark alleyway and changed his clothes back to that of Tom. There was no point in going home when his mother was like this.

He touched his special phone and made a call.

"Shin, do you mind if I drop by your place?"

"What are you talking about, you brat? The others are going to give me weird looks if I suddenly bring you inside. Just go to your home."

"I can't. My mother is having another fit," Tommy answered back with a dry voice.

"Oh..." Shin's voice disappeared for a moment. "You should just search for a safe place. Things are not too good over on my side right now."

"They're inspecting you to check your illegal gun again?"

"Shut up, you brat," Shin sounded frustrated. "You should just head over to Jason's place or some other place. I can't talk too much."

Tommy sighed as he sat down on the corner of the street. His eyes watched as the people walked here and there. He was already used to staying on the street, but during dangerous times like this, it was not safe, even for him.

"If you can get past the security, I can welcome you inside my place," Jason answered.

"You must be crazy."

The Wells Family didn't become the biggest family for nothing. Their security was one of the very best in this city and trying to bypass it was the same as courting death.

"I'll head over to your place," Kanae answered. She stood up from her place and paid for the milk. "It's safer with me around."

"...Captain, are you telling me that I'm useless?"

"I never said that."

Tommy was about to laugh when he saw several people walking towards him. His eyes narrowed when he saw the insignia.

"Captain, you better come here. The Zone Clan is surrounding me."

Hearing that, Kanae moved her feet faster while Jason immediately searched for Tommy's location. They were not going to let the Zone Clan harm their precious member.