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157 A Little Challenge

 Nolen School C

After Valentine's Day, school resumed as usual. There were not many girls who managed to get the one they had the feelings for to go out with them, but many of them managed to give that person chocolate and hide it as 'friendship chocolate'.

"It's quite common to play a little trick here and there," Misae grinned.

Kanae smiled wryly. She was not sure what she should say to her friends as she knew what this little rascal did. She hid one slightly different chocolate among the others. Because the difference was not big, there should be no one who saw if they didn't pay close attention.

"Anyway, it's good that you could give it to him," Alice giggled.

Misae looked towards Alice. "What about you? Your chocolates all looked the same."

"That..." Alice didn't know how to answer. Even if she could make a different one, she didn't dare to do it. In the end, all of the chocolates ended up looking the same.

"Don't bully her. There's still next year," Kanae smiled.

Misae nodded her head. "Yeah, you're right."

The three of them were still first-years, so there would be another chance next year. The seniors were also only second-years, so next year they could give chocolates again.

Kanae took out her book again. She hadn't finished reading it because she had been getting interrupted here and there very often.

"There's people fighting on the field!"

Just right when she wanted to read the book, there was another interruption. She closed the book and looked outside the window. On the field, she saw two people standing.

"Roy and Jason," Kanae murmured.

"Let's go down, I'm curious!"

Misae was the most energetic one while the other two followed behind this enthusiastic girl calmly. They were not interested in seeing a fight on the school grounds, but those two had special identities, so they were interested.

"Jay, you're here."

Jay looked towards the two girls. He nodded his head. "I just can't let my brother get wounded, right?"

"With your skill, you may take another decade to defeat Jason," Tommy yawned.

"If you only woke up to insult me, I'm going to beat you up."

"Just you try." Towards Tommy's provocation, Jay tried his best to stay calm. As he knew Tommy's real identity, he knew that he didn't have any chance to beat this boy if Tommy was serious. He felt like cursing. The two of them were similar in age, but their difference in fighting was on another level. That was incredibly depressing.

"Come on, don't fight," Alice said in a worried tone.

"Don't worry. We're not going to fight for real."

"It's just a little joke."

Tommy moved to the side and stood not far from Kanae. "Is Roy truly an idiot? He can't even beat me and now he's challenging Jason?"

Kanae didn't answer. Other people didn't know Jason's real capability in fighting, but his teammates knew about it very well. This man was very exceptional, which was the very reason he was named as the future successor of the Wells Family.

"I hear that you're good at fighting," Roy looked towards Jason.

Jason crossed his arm. "Everyone knows that. It's not a secret that members of the four big families learn martial arts since young."

Tommy secretly looked towards Kanae, but the girl ignored him. She also learned martial arts since young. After all, she was part of the Nali Family and at that time, she still had her parents. Those from the four big families, even if they were not the main branch, had to learn martial arts to protect themselves.

"I want to challenge you, Jason," Roy started. "Everyone always says that the core members of the clans are better than the young masters, so I want to try my hand at it."

Jason arched his eyebrows. If Roy were talking about other young masters, most of them were idiots. As for him, there was no way someone like Roy could defeat him unless he was not in peak condition. Of course, he would not say this to the young man before him.

"Are you sure you want to try fighting me?" Jason asked.

"If I fight with you, the bodyguards of the Wells Family are going to beat me up, so not the usual fight," Roy said as he picked up the basketball near him. "Let's have a one versus one fight in basketball. The one who scores ten first will be the winner."

"Sounds fun," Jason nodded his head. He was not interested in beating this Roy in a fight, but if it was basketball, there was no way he would lose. He already had enough humiliation from being beaten by Kanae.

Tommy shook his head lightly. "Jay, I hope your brother has a good mentality."

"What are you talking about?"

The two of them started, and Jason handed the ball to Roy. Roy moved forward and in that instant, Jason blocked from the front. He skillfully snatched the ball before dribbling a bit then shooting towards the hoop.

"So fast," Jay was stunned.

Kanae silently scratched her cheek. When they were tired of fighting on the street, they often played basketball. Because she played at such an intense pace, Jason had to do his best to catch up. In the end, it became his habit to play the ball so quickly.

"Your battle with President is more fun, Kanae," Misae commented.

Roy tried to snatch the ball, but with a feint to the side, Jason avoided him and scored another point. In the end, it was a one-sided fight as Roy couldn't follow Jason's movement at all.

"Boss, Jason is really good," Mike's eyes shone. He always appreciated those who were stronger than him.

Kevin nodded his head. He already knew that because he often played basketball with Jason in the past. Now, he was already having enough fun playing with Kanae occasionally. Of course, he could only do that when he didn't have too much work.

"He gives off a different vibe from the other young masters."

Kevin watched Jason play the ball and give a chance to Roy. He still recalled the incident in the cruise when Jason took the lead very quickly. His actions were different from the others because this man could react to the sudden movement of the ship exceptionally well.

The little battle ended with Roy losing with the score 2-10.

"You're not bad, Roy Hon," Jason nodded his head. He still had to be careful as Roy sometimes made some good plays.

"You're really good, Jason," Roy admitted albeit unwillingly. He looked towards the ball with a displeased expression. Even if it was not a fight, this little game made him realize that he still lacked in many aspects. Even towards someone who lived a pampered life, he still lost.

Roy looked towards the crowd. His eyes locked on Jay as he sneered internally. He might be useless in front of the experts, but he was far better compared with someone like Jay.

"He seems to be ready to kill you, Jay," Tommy commented.

Jay sighed. "You should be careful on the street. I'm afraid the Zone Clan is not going to let things go this way."

"No worry, the Zone Clan's territory is in the north. I don't usually go there."

"You're so easygoing."

Tommy smiled. "Even if I meet them, I will be able to handle them."

"I see."