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156 The Biggest Clan

 After the small event, they dispersed as they have their own activities. Neo was still complaining towards Kevin because he was the one who claimed the chocolate first. However, this president ignored him completely as if he didn't hear anything.

"Today was the last day for the deal. I'll give you all day off after this," Kevin informed the other three.

"You're the best, Boss! I will not complain anymore," Neo immediately changed his complaint. He had suffered a lot from the overtime work for quite some time, so he was glad that he could rest tomorrow. As for the chocolate, who cared about that anymore?

Mike rolled his eyes. This friend of his was ridiculous. Did he just change his opinion in a matter of seconds?

"There's going to be a meeting tonight. You can go home earlier, Kanae."

"Yes, President."

Neo looked towards Kanae before grinning. "Why don't you call him as 'Boss' and not 'President'? It's his usual nickname during work."

Kanae smiled wryly. Even if she wanted to change it, she was more comfortable calling him as 'President'. Besides, what would the other students think if they heard her calling him 'Boss' in the school?

"Don't try to give a bad influence to her, Neo. You're not giving a good example of a senior," Mike reminded.

"She's just one year younger. I'm not that much of a senior, so she doesn't have to follow my lead!"


They arrived in the company not long after that. When they saw the huge basket near Lou, they immediately knew that there were a lot of women that gave chocolate to Kevin when they were away.

"Boss, do you want them?" Lou asked while pointing to the chocolate.

"Give them to the other."

"Yes, Boss."

Lou called an employee and gave the basket to him. Kanae watched as they brought the chocolates away with wonder. If Kevin didn't like chocolate, why did he eat hers just now?

"Here's your work today, Kanae."

"Okay," Kanae sat down on her usual chair beside Kevin. Her hand worked on the monitor quickly. Because of her new job, Kevin placed an additional computer on his table for Kanae.

She once asked him to give her a separate table, but he didn't accept. His reason was the room didn't fit with another table while in fact the room seemed to be big enough.

"President, here's the compilation of the report," Kanae showed the monitor to him.

"What do you think of them?"

"The new company that we work with is efficient and good. They seem to be doing a good work..."

This already became their habit ever since Kanae got the position of the secretary. She might not say much, but her analyze was quite spot on, so Kevin chose to discuss with her.

"It's time for the meeting, you can go back first," Kevin said to Kanae.

"Alright, thank you, President."

Kevin cleaned up his table while Mike pondered about something. "Neo, do you realize that the position of Kanae and Boss becomes closer as times passes by?"

His place was by the side, so he didn't pay much attention to their distance. However, today he noticed that the location of the chair that originally very far to the side was now leaned slightly closer to Kevin's chair. Their distance was something that he found surprising.

"I know," Neo answered nonchalantly. He was located in front of Kevin, so he could see their distance very well. From the very beginning, he knew that the two of them had been getting closer in their sitting distance, so he didn't find it weird.

"What if Boss becomes too comfortable with Kanae?"

"So be it. It has been a long time since I see him smile. If being with Kanae can make him smile, I don't really care," Neo took his laptop calmly. There was nothing wrong with them being friends with one another in his opinion as he wanted to see Kevin got more friends.

Mike followed from behind with a complicated expression. The usual smiling expression has disappeared from his face as he seemed to be troubled. Although this was not supposedly a big problem, he found it hard to accept.

The meeting went smoothly as Kevin concluded rather early. He had made the decision with Kanae before, so the meeting was only to confirm it. With that, he had finished the meeting rather quick.

When he returned to his room, he took a quick look to the food boxes on the side. "Has Kanae taken hers?"

"Yes, she takes them before she goes out," Lou answered. His hand was holding the report from the meeting just now.

"That's good," Kevin nodded his head and a slight smile was formed on his usual ice block expression. This appearance nearly made Lou fell on the spot. When did the last time he saw Kevin smile? It was already a long time ago as this young man lost his smile because of that incident.

Seeing his smile, he felt rather conflicted. He was overjoyed that his Boss smiled, but he felt conflicted because the source of his smile was a girl.

"Boss, do you perhaps have some feeling for that girl?"

Kevin's indifferent face returned as he looked towards Lou coldly. He never liked it if someone tried to interfere in his private life no matter who it was.

Lou noticed Kevin's eyes, but he continued. "Boss, it's not that I want to interfere, but you're the leader of the biggest clan in this city. Having a relationship with an ordinary girl will not end well."

Kevin looked back coldly. He knew his position very well, and his background never allowed him to have an ordinary life. Danger followed wherever he went and if not because of the protection of his clan, he would never be able to be the leader when he was still a teenager like this.

Nevertheless, the biggest clan in this city, Ryukalin Clan, has not made any big movement lately. The reason was no other than the fact that their leader was still a high school kid. According to the regulation of the clan, he had to finish his education or at least nearly finished them before succeeding the clan. This was the only reason he still went to school.

The company was only something he did to make sure that he could skip the class and everything. Aside from the additional money he got from this not too small or too big company, he also learned how to become the leader. Of course, he was still the leader of the clan and operated them from the shadow.

"I know what I'm doing, Lou. You don't have to worry so much."

Lou looked towards Kevin with a conflicted expression. Ever since this young man became the clan head, he looked like a robot without expression. At times, he truly wanted to help this man, but he couldn't do anything.

However, having a commoner girl got close with Kevin would not end well. As of now, the other clans were staying quiet. But if they started to try fighting for the territory, everyone close with Kevin would get involved. This was something that was unavoidable, so those from the clans always tried not to get too close with ordinary people.

"I understand, Boss. Here's the report."

Kevin looked towards the report on his hand before reading them carefully. He knew his feeling well, and he was not interested with that girl. He was only feeling comfortable around her because she understood him very well.

He would not harbor any other feeling for her because he knew he would not be able to bear the burden. She was his secretary and that was all there was.

Unfortunately, this little president didn't know that sometimes feeling was something that grew out of his control.