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154 Making Chocolate

 Nolen School C

"Hey Kanae, do you want to buy the material for making chocolate today?" Misae asked excitedly. The Valentine Day grew nearer and she was impatient to make them.

Kanae raised her head from the book. Due to the president's magic work, their company got an increase in demands again. She had to work until late, so she was feeling rather sleepy and hadn't finished her study.

"Do I have to come?"

"Why not, don't you want to learn how to make them?" Misae's eyes shone like a little kid."

Kanae sighed. "Okay, I'll follow you."

"What about you, Alice?"

Alice smiled brightly. "I have time today, so it's a good idea."

"I'll tell my driver to drop us in the mall. You two can stay over if you want after we finish making the chocolate."

"I can't today," Kanae recalled the work she had to finish and silently sighed. Although she could ask the president for her to do them at home, it meant that there was no sleep for her today. It would be really tiring.

The class felt like forever while Kanae fell asleep in the middle of the lecture. She was tired and in the end, couldn't handle them when facing a boring history teacher.

"I swear, that teacher is not going to have any girl fan," Misae complained.

Teacher Charlie has become one of the teachers that the students avoided the most. They didn't want to associate with him as they felt he was too annoying. Of course, no one dared to skip his class as he would definitely punish them.

The only one who could get off from his punishment was Kanae. He had looked towards her file and knew that the principal would kill him if he dared to do anything to this girl. When Kanae slept in his class, his face slightly darkened, but he didn't do anything.

"It feels good to see his displeased face," Misae grinned.

Alice slightly nodded her head. She didn't dare to admit blatantly, but she too has the same opinion as Misae. It was rather satisfying to see that annoying teacher couldn't do anything.

Kanae scratched her face embarrassedly. She didn't do it because she wanted to, but because she was exceptionally tired with the work she had been doing lately. Of course, this was the secret she held for herself as she didn't want to make Misae felt bad.

They arrived in the mall, and Misae immediately pulled them into the chocolate store. Seeing the price, Kanae felt that her eyes were blinded. With her usual allowance, she didn't dare to buy them as they were simply too expensive.

"I think, I'll just accompany you two when you make them," Kanae sighed.

Misae shrugged. "If there are more chocolates, I'll give them to you, so you can make your own."

"Yes, it's such a shame to miss this day," Alice chirped in.

The two of them discussed the chocolate that would be suitable as Kanae watched from the back. Her eyes looked towards the store on the other side. It was a clothing store and there was a discount today. Bingo! She better bought one set of shirts and trousers.

"I'm going to the opposite store for a moment."

Misae nodded her head. "Don't take too long."

"I know."

Kanae walked towards the store and looked towards the clothing with amazement. This was certainly a good store and the materials for the clothes were exceptionally soft. Unfortunately, the one who has the discount was not these fine clothes.

She made her way to the back and looked towards the other clothing. They were pretty cheap. Although they couldn't be compared with those pricey ones, they were certainly far better than the usual clothing she bought from the small shops.

"I want the set of the grey colored one."

"Are you sure, Miss? They're a little too boyish for a girl, aren't they?"

Kanae nodded her head. "I want them, please."

"Alright, please wait a minute."

Kanae waited until the staff finished and checked the money she had. It was cheaper than what she thought, so she still has some money left. Oh well, she would just use them to buy some sweets later.

She walked back to the other store and noticed that both Misae and Alice had bought a lot of chocolate material. Seeing their hand filled with plastic bags, she wondered whether they were trying to empty the store or they just wanted to make a lot of chocolates.

"What do you buy, Kanae?" Misae asked curiously.

"A set of clothes, I need a new one."

"Oh, I see. Let's go back and make chocolate."

As they walked away, Kanae saw that the other chocolate stores were also full of female customers. It seemed that during this time of year, the stores were going to be filled with customers here and there. Of course, the majority was girls.

The three of them headed towards Misae's house and they made the chocolate. Kanae was watching them making the chocolate as her brain memorized the steps. Still, she knew that trying to make it herself was different than watching the steps performed by them.

"It's done," Alice smiled when she saw the chocolates ready. They seemed delicious. Her hand picked up the small one and tasted it. The chocolate melted in her mouth, and it tasted so good.

Misae eyed Alice's chocolate. "You're truly good at making sweets. Have you practiced them for a long time?"

"Yes, I love sweets."

Not long after that, Misae also finished hers. There were two groups that she made. The small ones for her classmates and the slightly bigger one were for the Student Council members.

"Now I only need to wrap them," Misae said happily.

Alice handed a chocolate bar to Kanae. "I buy one too many. You can use it to make your own chocolate."

The chocolate bar was not that big, but it was obvious that they purposely bought more than they needed. Kanae smiled. "Thank you very much."

"This time, please don't make a mess in my house."


Kanae closed her eyes as she recalled the steps that these two did a few times. She moved her hand and started to heat up the chocolate like what they did. Her movement was clumsy, but it was clear that she followed after what Alice and Misae did previously.

Alice watched in astonishment as she noticed that Kanae replicated the movement exactly as she did. Although there was no need to do that, it seemed that for Kanae, this was the only way to allow her not messed up the steps.

Before long, she had finished making a small ball of chocolate. She spilled a bit and the shape became slightly weird, but at least, it was good enough.

"Finally you don't mess up," Misae smiled. She didn't watch Kanae as she was busy wrapping the chocolates, but seeing her kitchen was still fine, she felt rather glad.

"Yeah," Kanae smiled back.

On the side, Alice was looking towards Kanae with inquiring eyes, but she forced down her curiosity. Her best friend always managed to surprise her and she didn't want to pry deeper into Kanae's life.

"Let's wrap them."