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153 Clan’s Territory

 Kanae waited until Kano finished his instruction. In the middle, she heard this upright man yelled towards his subordinate in indignation. The cameras' memory for that day was erased until the robbery has finished, so there was no way they could know about it.

"Can't you recover the video?"

"There's a virus that destroyed the data. Unless you're a superhuman, there's no way these data can be saved."

Kano sighed in exasperation. "What about the picture of Tom? Is there any left?"

"There are none."

Inside his heart, Kano sighed again. He knew that the Fiore Group was only famous recently, but their work in Black Street was always without any evidence. If not because of their registration name and the news of people on the street, no one would know about this group's name.

The very first time they appeared big was that big battle, but even then, the videos were scarce. There was only some blur image of them and the one that could be seen clearly was only the picture of Tom. Even then, they only saw his side profile when he had finished the battle.

It was scary. The man was not that big, but the image seemed like a battle soldier that was ready to charge. That scar on the right eye was apparent, and it made him looked like a seasoned fighter. At the same time, his skin looked like a young man, so they were clueless about his real identity.

"Even the governments are trying their best to unveil the real identity of the Fiore Group. As of now, there are almost no clues."

Kano nodded his head. "Do your job well. Also, don't forget to make the report to the clan. This is inside their territory."

When mentioning the clan, the police officer shuddered. He felt that he was digging his grave when it was mentioned. After all, the one who held the authority on the street was mostly the clans and the four big families. As for the government, they loved to stay behind and let the people mocked them.

"Sorry Kanae, do you wait for long?" Kano asked the girl on the side.

Kanae shook her head. "It is fine, Inspector. I don't have work today, so I can spare some time."

"I'll take you to a restaurant. I'm sure you don't have dinner yet."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Don't worry. I just want to have a talk with you."

Kanae nodded her head. She was not sure what this man wanted to talk with her. It could be related to the incident today, but it could also be related to Misae. She was the close friend of Misae and Kano would spare no expense in inquiring about his daughter.

"I hope you don't mind a small restaurant."

"I don't mind, Sir."

They sat down and ordered some food. Kanae ordered noodle while Kano ordered fried rice plus fried chicken. While they sat down, Kano took out his cigarette.

"It's truly a tiring work today."

"Sir?" Kanae asked confusedly.

"Kanae, the streets are dangerous. You should consider more when you're outside. I don't want to see you get involved in another case again. It's dangerous."

Kanae smiled wryly. She too didn't want to get involved in the case that police handled. It was harder to maintain her secrecy if she got involved in something that would get into the news. She preferred the Black Street even more where she could move freer.

"Sir, believe me. I too don't want to get involved."

"I know," Kano sighed as he tapped his cigarette on the ashtray. "But you get involved for too many incidents lately."

Kanae was speechless. What was this man talking about? The last incident she remembered was in school and there was no way she could not get involved unless she skipped school. Oh wait, did he mean the one in the cruise? That was a complete accident too....

"They're all unwanted incidents," Kanae wore a wry smile.

"Anyway, the clans are not going to stay idle this time. There are a lot of incidents inside their territory, so it's better if you don't get involved in them."

"Clan's territory?" Kanae asked.

Kano nodded his head. "Yes, you should know about the five big clans, right? Their territory is not something you can view lightly. Even the four big families have to be careful when dealing with them."

"I know."

Even if the clan was not viewed as honorable, the people in this city held certain respect to them. The entire city always has a clan overseen them, no matter which part it was. Inside their territory, ordinary citizens didn't have to worry, but those who built company and others that involved a lot of money, they had to pay respect to the clan.

There were only five that held the biggest share of the territory, which earned them a lot of money from the tax. Ordinary citizen only needed to pay tax to the government, but those riches have to pay tax for the clans. This was the rule to make sure that the riches still knew their place.

While the clan was the 'true leader' under the dark, the big families were the real one under the light. Every time they mentioned about the clan, they would associate them with the underworld. On the other hand, the four big families were the only family which has existed for a long time and known to be the leader, especially in terms of economics.

In addition, they were sometimes called nobles because of the long history of their family and the fact that they were rich.

However, they were not invincible. Even the four big families have to pay a certain amount of tax if they had their company or something inside the territory of the clans. Since nearly all the places were inside their territory, they usually had to pay the money here and there.

It may sound annoying as they had to pay a lot of money, but at the same time, they gained protection. The clans were powerful and even those professional bodyguards didn't necessarily able to stop the elites one. Some of them might experience downfall occasionally, but if they managed to keep their territory, that means they were still powerful.

"If a criminal happens in their territory, what will happen?" Kanae asked.

"Those criminals better hope that the police found them first rather than the disciplinary group from the clan," Kano answered. Their fate would be unknown if they got captured by those from the clans.

"This area is Souhon Clan's territory, right?"

"No, this is not theirs anymore. They experience a bit setback, and this place's owner is now the third biggest clan."

Kanae was stunned. The race between the five big clans was not truly apparent outside, so she didn't know that their owner had changed. It seemed, she had to pay more attention outside. The second and third clans were always having a close race and so far, Souhon Clan led. However, she was not certain this would continue as the Souhon Clan has weakened greatly.

The food came and Kanae ate delightfully. She was hungry and getting a free meal would certainly be very welcomed.

Kano thought about something else. "How's Misae in the school? She seems to return to her usual state."

Kanae nodded her head. Misae was no longer troubled with the fact that Jay came from the Souhon Clan. That girl was already getting mischievous and bold again.

"Misae is doing alright. I'm sure she won't have much trouble interacting with clan's member if they're her friends."

Kano nodded his head. "I should just worry about her meeting them outside then. Please take care of my daughter, Kanae."

"Sir, she's the one taking care of me."

Hearing that, Kano laughed. He has already observed them from a long time ago and 'interrogated' Kanae a few times.

"If it's not enough, you can order more."

"Then I won't be polite."