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152 Why Are You Here?

 The moment the light went off, Tommy also made his move. Shin shot the man from outside, right towards his finger. The moment his finger was shot, he could not pull the trigger as he had lost his finger.

"What the-?" he was stunned.

From outside the place, Tommy sprinted and headed towards the man. His movement startled the police, and some of them fired towards him, but failed and ended up hitting the glass behind him.

Tommy cursed internally as he swore he would not interfere in the police work again if this was the treatment he got. His small sword made its way to the third man's arm, and his feet kicked the girl out from the way.

The man was trying hard to change his finger, but seeing his hand was hurt deeply, he could not move. The next moment, he felt a pain coming from behind his head as he fell to the floor with a loud thud.

The girl was crying on the side while Tommy stood in that place.

"Can I get out now?"

"If you wish the police to barrage shoots to you, you can move now."

Tommy's face contorted. That damnable Oro, what did he said about it? He was cursing internally as he faced polices who were looking at him with wide eyes.

"I'll make distraction when the time's up," Shin's voice appeared. "You have one chance, that's when the light turns on again."

"Alright, Shin, I got it," Tommy nodded his head.

On the police side, Kano was stunned, but he recognized that outfit. In the entire city, only one person dared to wear that headband and had a scar on his eyes. Even if he didn't know whether the scar was fake or real, there was only one person who wore it.

"Tom," Kano said loudly. "What is Fiore Group doing here?"

Tommy heard the thud sound from behind him. He knew that Kanae was doing her work inside the room. There were still several seconds left before Shin made his move and Kanae finished hers, so he smiled as he walked outside.

"I'm doing a mission, Inspector Kano," Tommy answered with a muffled voice. He had met Kano because the latter is Misae's father, so he was trying to change his voice. It would do him no good to have his identity leaked out. Even if the group mostly was not considered criminal, some of them were.

Kano's eyes narrowed. "Move back!"

26 seconds

"You might want to put them down, inspector. None of them will hit me," Tommy answered calmly. By the time he finished his words, a gun was shot and the other glass of the bank shattered.

Tommy used this way to run to the side. The police were startled. Some of them fired their gun, but most of them unable to move. Kano raised his hand. Fiore Group was not considered as criminal as they only did their work mostly on Black Street. Still, the last big battle caused their name to be famous.

"Don't shoot. Let's get in."

Kano led his men inside. He saw that the light has returned to normal, but the man who guarded the entrance has fallen down. Did Tom also manage to do something during that short time frame?

When they came inside, they were stunned to see the three perpetrators were lying on the ground. Two of them were unconscious while the other one was bleeding with a pale face as if he was seeing a ghost.

"What happens here?"


The police cleaned up the place and asked the people who were inside.

"Do you know what happens during the blackout?"

First person:

"I can't see anything or hear anything. It's complete darkness. All I know is after a few seconds there are a loud sound of something falling. Not long after that, one of the robbers yelled something, but I'm not sure about the word. I'm too scared to pay any attention."

Second person:

"I feel that there's a gust of wind not far from me. It happens twice, and I heard a loud sound of metal clashing near me. I'm terribly scared. Then there's the sound of someone yelling when some time has passed..."

Third person:

"I only hear the thud sounds like someone or something fall. I thought that the robbers are startled, and they might open fire, so I crouched down. There's the sound of a gunshot not long after that..."

Kano heard the story of these people while rubbing his forehead. Although they were slightly different here and there, they all made a complete story. There was someone who moved during that blackout and this person or maybe more than one person knocked the three men.

He felt the news to be quite unbelievable. After all, two of the men were former soldiers, and he knew very well that they had sharp sense. Even if they couldn't see in the darkness, there was no way they could be beaten up easily unless the opponent could see in the darkness?

That was ridiculous.

"I'm not sure what happens. I know that there's a sound of something or someone falls in front of me and not long after that, there's the sound of gunshot...."

Kano was startled as he felt the voice to be familiar. He turned around and saw a girl wearing Nolen School C uniform behind him. Although it was common to see a high school going to a bank, he recognized Kanae.

"Kanae, what are you doing here?" he asked exasperatedly.

"Inspector Kano," Kanae bowed politely. "I'm taking some money for this month allowance and coincidentally get involved."

Kano sighed. "Come with me."

Kanae followed after Kano obediently. She knew that he was worried about her because she was Misae's friend. However, she was pretty sure that she would not get any trouble. At most, he would only scold her and asked her to be more careful.

She heard the voice of Jason again.

"I manage to get inside and delete all the security cameras memory inside and outside the bank. There should be no one who knows your position inside the room anymore."

"Thank you, Oro (Jason's code name)."

"No problem Captain, but you might want to do something to ease Tom's rage."

"I'm not angry! I'm just displeased with this matter. Those annoying police should have been grateful we're helping them," Tommy complained loudly. He was already on the Black Street again, and he didn't have any intention to get out for the time being.

"We're not police officer," Shin answered.

"Oh yeah, Shin, do you manage to get out?"

"I do, but I can't talk too much. There are too many people around me."

The police certainly tried to find him too, but he could get out easily. Searching for a hidden place to be a secret sniper was his specialty, and he would not let anyone caught him.

"Alright, thank you, Shin."

Jason looked towards the clock. "I have a meeting, see you all later."

With that, they turned off the communication one by one. Kanae sighed in relief. She was glad that she had her own group that she could rely on. Without them, she didn't dare to do anything as she knew how bad it would be if the Nali Family knew about her real ability.