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148 Next Event Preparation

 Nolen School C

"Kanae, I heard that the Student Council is going to hold a meeting today?" Misae asked curiously.

Kanae nodded her head. "You sure are well informed. Yes, today we're going to hold a meeting to discuss the Valentine Day next week."

Hearing the word 'valentine', Misae's eyes lit up in excitement. Who didn't know the meaning of this word? This was something every girl dreamed to happen as they would wish to spend Valentine Day with the one they loved.

"Will the Student Council hold an event?"

"Not really sure," Kanae shrugged. "Based on what the president said, we're most likely only asking for free time for the students."

Misae nodded her head. "That's good enough."

"I'm sure it's going to be fun," Alice giggled.

"Oh, Alice wants to give someone a bar of chocolate! Who's the lucky guy?"

Alice blushed. She was not used to expressing her feeling outside so blatantly. Besides, she was not sure about whom to give the chocolate too.

Seeing that Alice was troubled, Kanae patted Misae's shoulder. "I believe the one who want to get a boyfriend in high school is you. So, I'm sure you have set your target this time?"

Misae grinned and nodded her head slightly. It was embarrassing, but she didn't want to cover it up. In addition, she did need her friend's help to get closer with the boy she fancied.

"So, who is it?" Kanae asked curiously.

Misae beckoned for Kanae to come closer and whispered in her ear. Kanae was shocked to hear the name that Misae mentioned. Still, it was not weird considering that Misae has been trying so hard to get closer with the students in the Student Council lately.

"I want to know too," Alice asked timidly.

"Come over here," Misae didn't want to say those out loud. She was not that thick skinned enough in front of the other classmates to say the name of the boy she liked. Just whispering them to her best friends' ear was more than enough.

Kanae sighed as she saw the two excited girls in front of her. She wondered what made Misae fell in love that quickly. Well, it was not her problem too, so she would just try to help her.

"Do you want to come over to the Student Council Room after school? I'm sure they will not mind having more girls to participate in the meeting."

Misae's eyes shone brightly. "Are you sure? I'll come!"

Alice also nodded her head. Even though she looked excited, her action was still more or less reserved.

When the school was over, the three girls headed towards the Student Council Room. As usual, only the three second years were already inside the room. They were treating this room as their base.

"Good morning girls," Mike smiled when he saw the three of them. "You want to participate in the meeting too?"

Misae nodded her head. "If you want to ask for the girls' opinion, you can ask me or Alice. Kanae is too dumb if it's about this matter."

Kanae: "..."

Neo stifled his laugh as much as he could. He knew that Kanae was not one to talk with if they wanted to talk about love. That girl was exceptionally clueless about those things as her mind seemed to be filled with work and study.

"Alright, I will," Mike nodded her head.

"Mike.... Don't tell me that you support her?" Kanae glared towards Mike. Don't you dare to say that that I'm that idiot!

Mike smiled back in response. "I believe it's the truth."

She had seen that Neo was also trying to cover his laugh, so there was no use talking to that man. She turned her head towards Kevin, but he seemed to not have any interest in this topic.

"Don't try to ask him, President is the same with you," Neo grinned as he took up his coffee.

Kevin didn't stop his work, but he gave his instruction. "Today you're working overtime, Neo."

Neo nearly spurted out his drink when he heard what Kevin said. That damnable president! He was only telling the truth about how clueless these two in this regards. Argh, what did he do to deserve this punishment?

Kanae was satisfied with Kevin's answer as she willingly made a coffee for this president. That was good. At least, there was someone else who shared the burden with her.

Jay and Tommy came inside late as usual. The two of them looked as if they had a big fight just now, which made their clothes disheveled.

"If I don't know better, I might think that you two are being ambushed," Misae teased.

Tommy was speechless. "Don't say anything like that. We're just having a friendly spar occasionally. Besides, I don't have any competition for now."

"Why is that?"

"The club suspends me because I get involved in the fight," Tommy shrugged. It didn't really matter much because it was only a short term suspension. Besides, he was not in the mood to clash with those senior students who saw themselves as someone above.

"Are you alright?" Alice asked worriedly.

Tommy nodded his head. "It's just a small fight, so it doesn't matter."

In truth, it was the fight where he nearly lost his life if not because Kanae and Jason were accompanying him. These two were protecting him like protecting a little lamb, so he was still alive and kicking.

"Let's begin our meeting," Mike interrupted. Because Kevin didn't really care about this event, he left it in the hand of Mike and Neo.

When they heard his voice, they immediately straightened themselves and looked towards Mike in enthusiasm.

"Valentine day is important for girls. While we can't possibly force them to participate as there are many girls who don't like it, it's possible to give them some free time. After discussion, we can either choose the free time in the morning or in the afternoon."

"Meaning, during that time, there's no class?" Tommy asked.

"Yes. The school gives us the choice either two hours in the morning or two hours in the afternoon. Which one do you think is better?"

"I prefer the morning," Jay sighed. He knew that he wouldn't get any chocolates, so he would be better off having more sleep time rather than after school.

Misae shook her head. "It's not good if it's morning. I think it's better to have it in the afternoon. Many girls want to have a date after they give the chocolate, so it's better to have it in the afternoon."

"That's from a girl's perspective," Jay groaned.

Tommy sighed. "In any case, I think either time is fine."

"What about having both breaks? It's more fun that way!"

"What are you talking about? I don't want...."

Seeing the discussion turned into a heavy debate, Kanae leaned back on her chair and opened the computer. The discussion wouldn't end anytime soon. It was better for her if she just worked on her work rather than listening to this nonsense.

Even Neo and Mike felt rather helpless. From the perspective of a man that knew he wouldn't get any chocolate and a romantic girl, the clash was big.

In the end, they somehow managed to calm the two parties. After negotiation, they decided to have it in the afternoon because it was more convenient and the students would be less likely to have interruption in the study. There were still some chances, but it was reduced.

Jay was grumbling while Misae showed off her smug face. Mike could only helplessly separate the two of them.