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147 Loopholes or Intended Lenience?

 Kevin stopped his writing and looked towards the teacher in front of him with a flat expression. "Is there anything I can help, Teacher Charlie?"

Charlie was stunned to see this seemingly cold student. He didn't understand why, but he felt that he was feeling uncomfortable under the gaze of this young man.

"You're all the Student Council members, so you should give a good example to the other students about how to behave in the class. Yet, you all are skipping them as if they're not important."

"They're indeed not important," Kevin answered calmly.

Charlie was stunned. "What are you talking about? They're of course the most important one from the school. Without the class, how are you going to study? Besides, after you graduate from here, you're going to attend university and the lessons there are much harder compared with the one in high school."


Kanae thought about this word as she lowered her gaze. From what she expected, she might not have the chance to attend them at all. If her fight with the Nali Family still lasted for a long time, there was no way she could spare the time to study again.

On her side, Kevin just looked back towards Charlie. "This school gives us the leniency according to our ability. When a student doesn't pass the exam, they're given the chance to study harder by attending the additional class, but it's not necessary for the other students."

"Just because you're smart in the class, it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want, young man," Charlie continued with his words.

Kevin looked back coldly. "Teacher Charlie, I believe that you haven't read the rules of this school very well. Why do you think this school gives a lot of leniency for us?"

"What are you-?"

"They are intended lenience and not coincidence. Do you need me to talk with the principal about this matter?"

The tone that Kevin used was incredibly flat, but everyone in the room could feel the hard atmosphere and the displeased mood Kevin had. For Kanae and the others, they felt that their president was incredibly angry, but didn't understand the reason.

On the other hand, Neo and Mike silently prayed for this teacher because he had successfully annoyed the usually cold and indifferent president. Once he was angered, he would not let the other party off easily.

"The principal is going to agree with me!" Charlie scoffed.

"Shall we try?" Kevin stood up and walked calmly.

At this time, even Charlie felt a little intimidated, but he nodded his head and the two of them walked out from the room. The rest finally heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that the president left the room.

"That teacher is going to get into big trouble," Neo sighed.

Misae nodded her head unconsciously. "I feel that the president turns scary for a moment."

"He's angry," Mike smiled wryly.

"Why is he angry?"

"The Student Council is given a lot of freedom because of our capabilities and a new teacher suddenly charging inside telling us that we are wrong. How do you think you will feel?"

Misae nodded her head. She would be extremely pissed by someone who didn't know his place well especially if he was invading her place.

Alice looked towards Mike with a confused expression. "Isn't it normal for teacher to ask students to go inside the class?"

"It's normal in other school but not this one," Kanae answered.


"Nolen School C is made because of the situation of this city where there are a lot of students barely able to attend the school. The reason why they give leniency to the students is because they wish for the students from the lower condition of the family to attend the school."

Kanae's eyes drifted to Tommy. As someone who was part of the Black Street and lived poorly, there was no way Tommy could attend normal school with that background. This was the only school in this city that provided enough leniencies to allow him to get in.

Even if he didn't really attend the class that well, the teachers already know that he was from the black street and didn't have a good place to stay at night. This was the very reason most of the teachers ignored Tommy's attitude and allowed him to pass with a lower minimum score. After all, Tommy was also someone who got in with the sports scholarship, allowing him to have a lower minimum score bar.

It was also the same for Kanae. Because she had to work part-time, the teachers allowed her to sleep in the class. Those students have special conditions, so the teachers were already used to them and allowed them to have a special privilege in their class and so on.

"Is there no other school with the same leniency?" Misae asked curiously.

"There are some of them, but their condition is far worse compared with here," Tommy answered with a shrug.

"You seem to be familiar with them."

Tommy smiled but didn't answer anything. The room descended into silence as they started to work again. Before long, Kevin already walked inside again with a paper on his hand, and Charlie was following behind him.

"This paper is clearly stating that you're not allowed to force students attending the class if they have special condition. Going through check for their background is something a teacher needs to do," Kevin said coldly. His expression was stoic, but his tone clearly expressed his displeasure.

Charlie nodded his head. His expression was dark and it was clear that he was suppressing his emotion as he was extremely unwilling to let the students skipped the class and so on. However, he was rebuked by the principal for what he did in the past few days, so he had to change. Ever since he was young, he was taught about the importance of rules, so this setback this time made him extremely annoyed.

"Now, leave us alone."

Kevin shoved the paper on the table and Charlie took it before walking out obediently. If not because his face still held that dark expression, there was no way the others knew that he was feeling displeased with the result.

"What are you talking about with the Principal, President?" Neo asked curiously.

Kevin sent a cold glare. "Go back to work."

Neo nodded his head and turned his attention back to the monitor. He knew that the president was still not feeling that calm.

"Shall we go out and practice on the field?" Mike pointed outside.

This time, Jay and Tommy immediately nodded their head. They walked out with Misae and Alice followed behind them. They were clearly not feeling comfortable staying inside the same room with an annoyed young man.

Kanae looked towards the monitor in front of her. "President, there is a new request from the other company. Should we accept it?"

"How's the progress of transportation for the grand project?"

"So far, it's quite good," Kanae smiled. "They're feeling satisfied with the product that you send them and some of them offered for a collaboration again in the future."

Kevin nodded his head. "Save their number and do a background check for them."

"I understand, Boss."

After talking about work, Kevin's mood already returned back to usual. On the side, Neo was stunned and silently praised Kanae for diverting Kevin's attention that fast. It didn't even take one minute, and she had succeeded.

It seemed she was indeed very suitable for this position.