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146 Trouble with the School Rules

 The next day, Kanae came directly to the school's infirmary. "Doctor, can I sleep here too, today?"

She was tired after spending nearly all day to walk and run on Black Street. They also met with a few friends and exchanged a few greetings, so she was dead tired. Even after sleeping for a long time, it still didn't feel enough.

"Are you sure?" the doctor looked towards Kanae amusedly. "You're going to get trouble if you sleep too much."

"I know," Kanae sighed.

On the bed, Tommy rolled his body to face the two people inside the room. "You can just sleep. No one will allow you not to do that."

Aside from feeling sleepy, Tommy was also got wounds all over his body. He was trying to be a little cocky yesterday and handled most of the opponents. In the end, he could not handle them well and got beaten up in the process. It was Kanae and Jason who had to stand up and clean up the mess.

Still, his body was ridden with wounds, and he didn't have the slightest intention to get up from the comfortable bed.

"I'll still kick you out if you speak more nonsense," the doctor shook his head.

Tommy sighed and lied on the bed. He was about to fall asleep when the door opened and Charlie walked in. He looked towards the two students in front of him with a dark expression.

"Kanae Nali, you're indeed an excellent student, but it doesn't mean that you can skip class as you wish. This is school and you have to attend the class every day without fail!"

Hearing that, Kanae was stunned. Who in the world was this teacher? She enrolled in this school because this was the one who gave the most leniencies towards the students. Why did he suddenly say something like that to her?

Charlie hadn't finished yet. "Tommy Malady, you're a poor student with grade below average. Yet, you nearly skip all class and spend most of your time in the infirmary. Do you come here to study or to play around?"

Tommy opened his eyes lazily. He had encountered a teacher like this too often to count. He did not like school, but still attend because he wanted to have a normal job in the future. Of course, it didn't mean he was going to follow all the rules like an obedient child.

"Teacher, do you think this is Nolen School A?"

Charlie was startled by Tommy sudden answer. He frowned in displeasure as he didn't like students who talked back to him.

"No matter which schools this is, every student has to follow the rules. No one can be given an exception."

Kanae was even more speechless when she heard what this man said. Even if he wanted them to follow the rules blindly, it was impossible in this city. There were too many people who have difficult circumstances enrolled in this school because of its lenient rules. Asking them to follow the rules strictly was simply impossible.

"You should read the rules carefully, Teacher," Kanae interrupted. "This school gives its students more leniency because of our background."

Charlie scoffed. "Background? Do you think I don't know that many of you are only trying to find an excuse to make sure that you don't have to follow the class?"

Tommy sat down with annoyed expression. He wanted to have a good sleep, but this teacher had to ruin it.

"Then you should just ask the teacher about the background of the students."

"Searching amidst hundreds of data, do you think teachers have to give you the leniency just because you're special?"

"I come here because I get a sport scholarship. As long as my score is above the passing grade, it doesn't matter if I attend the class or not," Tommy answered with a glare.

Charlie scoffed. "That just shows that you're a lazy student. You come here because you want to learn and not to sleep. Don't make me ask the teacher to take back your scholarship because of your lazy attitude."

"You're too meddlesome teacher," Tommy yawned.

"I have to. Without a good teacher who cares for the student, there's no way a student can graduate well."

Kanae stood up and walked to the door. Charlie was stunned to see her standing up so suddenly. "I have not finished talking."

"It's only three minutes left before the bell ring. Don't you want a student who follows the rules strictly without any exception?" Kanae asked back sarcastically, yet her tone was as calm as ever. She stressed on the word 'exception' to not give any chance for this teacher to retort.

Charlie was stunned. He wanted to say something more, but he felt that whatever he said after this wouldn't be able to counter what Kanae said. He stood on his place as Tommy also walked out from the infirmary. If he couldn't sleep here, he could at least sleep in the class.

It didn't really matter as it was only a change in the place.

"Rascal students!" Charlie complained as he watched them walked away.

In the class, Kanae just read the books for the lesson while Misae and Alice bothered her occasionally. From them, she found out that Charlie was the new teacher they had for history. Because their previous teacher was sick, this strict teacher replaced him.

"How's his teaching?"

"It's incredibly boring," Misae answered immediately. "I have to fight hard to not fall asleep. He's far worse compared with the previous teacher."

Alice nodded her head. "It seems like he's talking to himself. His teaching is too hard to understand for us. We only have one history class each week and I'm sure everyone is going to find it to be really difficult."

Kanae nodded her head. From her own impression of that teacher, she could guess that he was someone who was too rigid. For his teaching to be hard to understand, she could faintly guess the reason.

"How old do you think Teacher Charlie is?"

"Huh? I think 32."

"I guess 35."

Kanae laughed. That teacher was going to fume if he found out that his neat appearance made him looked older.

"He's not any older than 27."

Misae and Alice opened their eyes wider. They stared towards Kanae in disbelief.

"Why do you guess that he's still young?"

"Only new teachers are very strict with the rules and teach like they're talking to the board," Kanae laughed. Most of the new teachers like this were young, so she guessed that he was still in his twenties.

Misae nodded her head. "It's possible."

"We can ask President to search for him later."

The other two nodded their head. They went to the Student Council Room after the class was over to ask Kevin about the new teacher in the school.

"President, do you know the age Teacher Charlie?" Misae asked after a few minutes.

Mike nodded his head. "We already heard about him. You sure pay attention to the new teachers."

"I can't help it. He's making me feel extremely uncomfortable in the class with his overbearing strict rules," Misae frowned.

The door opened and Charlie walked inside. Tommy looked towards the teacher while his mind thought about how it was a coincidence.

"Kevin Kalin, Neo Soha, Mike Johan, you're all the members of the Student Council, but I hear the report from the teachers that you skip the class. What kind of example are you giving the other students with this attitude?"

Hearing his tone, the students inside were looking towards each other. They were sure, this would be a good show. Secretly, they stole a glance towards their ice block president.