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145 New Teacher

 The three of them followed the road and finally, they found the trading place. Seeing the person they have been looking for, Tommy immediately stepped forward and engaged in a fight before taking the box away.

"See that, I can finish the mission by myself just fine."

Jason rolled his eyes. "Based on the wound you sustain, you won't be able to exercise much for at least two days."

"You're not a doctor, don't make an assumption like that."

"It's obvious he will say that considering that your skin has turned blue," Kanae interjected. These two truly couldn't cooperate with each other that well. She would surely search for trouble if she asked them to work together.

"Let's go back," Jason suggested.

From their back, a group of people appeared. They eyed the box.

"Who are you? We come to take the box per our agreement."

"It's your agreement with that man," Tommy pointed towards the unconscious man. "Not us, so back off."

"Do you think you can go away taking what's ours?"

Tommy handed the box to Kanae. "Let us take care of this matter. You can rest assured, Captain."

With that, both Tommy and Jason moved forward and attacked those people in front of them. Within minutes, the fight ended with their win.

Kanae handed the box to Jason. "You can return this box and give us the payment later."

"Shall we use the same way to go back?"

Tommy stretched his body. "Can't we just use the normal way?"

Kanae and Jason looked towards Tommy as if they were seeing someone incredibly stupid. If they could return using the normal way, they wouldn't be bothered to use Black Street again.

Unfortunately, they couldn't just use their real identity to walk out. If someone were to recognize them walking around here when they were supposed to stay in the school, it would be a big problem.

Tommy seemed to understand their weird gaze. He coughed up a bit. "Fine, let's head back using the Black Street."

They would need to fight a bit on the street as the deeper part of the Black Street was filled with people who didn't care about someone's identity. In that place, only the strongest could stay alive.

"Oh right, Rei (Kanae's codename), can I get more than usual today? I work harder than this Mr. late."

"What are you talking about? With your way of negotiating, you will be making us fall into doom even earlier."

"They're the one who don't want to negotiate," Tommy defended himself. "What's wrong with using fight if they are the one who asks for it?"

These two continued their argument as if it was the most important thing in the entire world while Kanae just sighed internally. Why did it feel that she was the one who has to take care of these two while in fact she was the youngest?

Well, since they loved to argue so much, she would just watch and laughed at their interaction. It was far better than interrupting and got angry at them. Sometimes, it would be better to enjoy the current situation from the side rather than get involved directly.


Nolen School C

"After you, now it's Kanae who's absent?" Misae looked towards the empty chair beside her with an annoyed expression. After some time going to school, now Kanae suddenly didn't come and at the very same day, Alice returned back to the school.

Alice giggled when she saw Misae's reaction. "I'm sure she's just a bit busy."

Misae nodded her head. She looked towards Alice's direction with wonder. What did this girl do during the vacation? Alice looked far more beautiful compared with before. Her skin was pale white just like before, but now she looked as if she was being polished even more. One can even say that she looked sparkling. One might even say that she was a genuine princess with her new appearance.

"It's better if she's busy and not sick again," Misae sighed.

"Is she skips class that often?" Alice's eyes widened. Before the basketball game in October, she didn't pay much attention to the other students. She was too busy taking care of her own problem that she didn't know much about the others.

Misae nodded her head. "Before we meet you, Kanae skips the class for around one month because she gets involved in a fight that happens near her part-time job."

Hearing that, Alice was speechless. What kind of wound did Kanae suffer to make the girl spend one month inside the house? Did she get a piece of roof fell on top of her on that day? Or perhaps, there was a landslide during that fight, so she got wounded?

"Can't you just call her?"

"If she's not at home, the call won't go through. Kanae doesn't have a cell phone," Misae explained.

Alice recalled that she too had once tried to call Kanae. The call was not answered because Kanae didn't stay at home during that time.

"Oh yeah, today our history teacher is sick, so there's a new teacher who will teach us," Misae recalled something. "I hope the teacher is not strict. I'm not that good in history."

"Me too," Alice nodded her head in agreement.

The bell rang, and the students took their seat again. The teacher came inside. From the appearance alone, he was wearing a neat shirt and pants. With thick glasses and unhurried pace of walking, they knew that he was clearly not a lenient teacher.

He stood in front of the class. "Good morning everyone. I'm sure you have heard that today I'll be teaching you in history class because your previous teacher is sick. Before that, let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Charlie. You can call me Teacher Charlie or just teacher is fine. I have three rules in my class. One, you're not allowed to sleep and you have to listen. Second, you're not allowed to skip the class. Three, all school rules have to be followed strictly."

Hearing the rules, most of the students groaned. Many of them loved to break the rules as they were bored to stay in the class for hours. Unfortunately, it seemed that this teacher was not going to let them got away without a proper lesson.

"If you break the rule, I'll call you and give you punishment based on the school law," Charlie stopped here for a moment. He swept his glance towards the entire class. "Do you understand?"


Misae exchanged a glance with Alice. Kanae skipped class today, would she be alright if this teacher found out about it later on?

"I hope she won't get any trouble."

"I hope so too."

The two of them endured the boring class trying their best to not fall asleep. Inside their heart, they yelled at this teacher. If you didn't allow us to sleep, at least, please make your class interesting! It was already torture for them to try their best to not fall asleep when they were trying to listen to the teacher.

When the school was over, Misae made her way to the Student Council and pestered Mike as usual.

"We have a new member today," Neo joked when he saw Alice.

Alice shook her head. "Um, I just want to tell that Kanae won't be here today."

"We already know about that," Mike smiled. They told that girl that she could have a break, so they didn't expect her to come here too.

What Alice meant was that Kanae didn't even come to the school, but before she could explain, Jay was already complaining.

"Wait, why is Tommy not here too?"

"Doesn't he have practice today?"

Jay secretly cursed internally. That boy got it easy again.

"Don't worry, I'll help you two today," Misae grinned. In the end, she did spend some time there while Alice didn't as she needed to go home early again.