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144 Battle

 Kanae and Tommy heard the sound of the gun and immediately moved towards Jason's direction. Unfortunately, they were not the only one who moved as the men around them also came charging towards them. With Kanae's speed, she bypassed them completely, but Tommy was left behind.

He rose up his sword to block the metal pipe before moving his body to the side and gave a kick towards his attacker. Seeing the number of men charging towards him, his face darkened. They were simply too many and he would be forced to fight a close battle with them.

"Just come to me!" Tommy's eyes looked towards them menacingly. He would not lose to them.

At the same time, Kanae saw the road was blocked by several people. She took out her small sword. The sword was not that long and the blade was extremely thin, just like a fencing sword.

When they came to her, she attacked them using the sword and immobilized them instantly. One attack to the feet, the other one to the hand, the other one to the back, every single member who came blocking her way was wounded, and they cried out in pain afterwards.

The distant was not that long, so Kanae sprinted all the way. Every single member who blocked her way would be wounded by her sword.

"Oro (Jason's code name), are you alright?" Kanae arrived in front of the building and she saw that Jason was standing calmly while the leader was looking towards the watch on his hand.

"Seven seconds," the leader said with a tone of astonishment. "You surely lived up to your name."

Kanae frowned and looked towards Jason to ask for an explanation. Jason smiled wryly. "This is the test he gives to us. If you can come here in less than half a minute, he will allow us to interrogate his men."

She didn't even need 10 seconds to reach this place, what's more half a minute. "You should be the one to interrogate them, Oro."

"It's my pleasure, Captain," Jason smiled.

The members of the gang were stunned when they heard how Jason called this small person. They originally thought that this was only one of the members, but it turned out she was their leader. No wonder she managed to reach this place in mere seven seconds while many of them couldn't even sprint that fast to reach this place.

Tommy arrived not long after that. He looked towards his captain with bewilderment. What did he miss?

"29 seconds," the leader nodded his head. If even the third strongest was this fast, there was no doubt about Fiore Group capabilities.

Jason looked towards the bulky man. "So, will you uphold your promise?"

"Sure, you can interrogate them while my men are going to treat the wounded."

He peered towards the back. His men were sprawling on the ground while yelling and screaming of pain. He needed to shape them up again. They were too poor.

"Captain, Tom, wait for me here."

Jason proceeded to ask the other members about the box of jewelry they had while Kanae and Tommy stood quietly. From their appearance alone, one could tell the difference in their ability.

"Tom, wandering on the street alone is not enough to enhance your ability," Kanae suddenly remarked.

"I'm not only wandering. I'm fighting," Tommy retorted with a displeased tone.

"Your fighting usually doesn't involve thinking, so I know that you're truly poor in this regards."

"Don't mention it."

Not long after that, Jason came back with a wry smile. "There are two pieces of news, good and bad. The good thing, the jewelries box is still with them. The bad thing, they have agreed to deliver the box to a different gang and the transaction happen this morning."

Kanae looked towards her watch. It has already passed midnight and they would require a long time if they wanted to chase after that person.

"Where's the transaction."

"In Block 2," Jason answered.

Tommy nearly cursed out loud when he heard the answer. The Black Street was divided into letters and numbers. The Block with letter was located in the middle of the city while the Block with number was located on the outskirt of the city. It would take them hours to reach that place.

"Do you still have the energy to run again?" Kanae asked.

Jason and Tommy smiled wryly. Come on Captain, don't you know how impossible it was to reach that place in the short span of a few hours? This is a big city with millions of population, so it was practically impossible to reach the outskirt in mere hours.

"I think, I can spare some energy to run."

"If this Mr. I'm always late can, then I too."

Kanae shook her head at these two's answer. "The number two is only a few thousand of meters away from this place, so we can go there if we use this road. I hope you two don't mind skipping your work."

"As if I will mind," Tommy grinned. He would be better playing here rather than staying in the school as he would only sleep too.

"No matter, it's just one day," Jason shrugged. He still has to go to school, so skipping here and there occasionally was not a problem. Even if he skipped too much, it just meant he needed to work longer. They could not be compared with the time he could spend with these two here.

Rather than studying those boring lessons, it was far better to spend them with Kanae and Tommy.

"Alright, let's go."

Under Kanae's lead, the three of them ran again. On the other hand, the bulky man shook his head as he looked towards those three. This was the first time he met a group that didn't have much complain when they have to follow an unreasonable demand from their so-called leader.

"Leader, there is a lot of the wounded here."

"Just treat them. Don't bother me."

He wanted to do just that, but their medicine would not be enough to treat this large number of people. Why did their Boss have to use this hard way to test that group? The price was simply too big.

It took the three of them hours to reach the outskirt area of the city. Even if they knew the block, the guys in the gang didn't know the exact place for the transaction.

"Oro, there are a lot of cameras in this place, right?"

Jason nodded. They already got the picture of the men from the gang, so he could try to search for them using the camera. With a little meddling here and there, he managed to hack into the cameras swiftly.

"They're in that area. I found their hideout."

"This time, let me be the one to move."

"Okay, Tom. We'll see your performance."

They reached the designated place and Tommy walked inside with the intention for negotiation. In mere seconds, they could hear that they have started to fight.

"In terms of talking, I think we shouldn't send Tom to do that in the future," Jason sighed. If it was Tommy, there would be no doubt that all of their agreement would be a big fail.

Kanae nodded her head. "I think you can be the one to do it. Of course, if our clients are your acquaintances, I'll be the one to step up."

"That's good."

Before long, Tommy walked out again with a bitter smile on his face. "One of them already takes the box away."

"So we're chasing again?"

"It seems so," Kanae sighed.