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143 Negotiation

 The place Jason gave them was one of the places inside the black street. Overall, the black street covered around a quarter of this city and they were divided into several blocks. Some blocks were located deeper and more dangerous. Coincidentally, the place that Jason pointed to them was included in the deep places.

"If I have to wander around in this place around, I should have brought a gun," Tommy grumbled as he ran towards the designated place.

"Are you sure one gun is enough? From what I know, you can't even use the simplest one," Jason teased.

Tommy's face darkened. If only he was not weaker than Jason, he would surely head towards that annoying man and gave him some lessons he would never forget in his lifetime.

"Oro (Jason's code name), you have to change your habit of teasing the poor boy. He won't be able to handle them."

"Don't worry, Shin (the codename for the last core member). Tom is very capable."

"Tom, Oro, stop arguing. My ear is hurt from hearing you two arguing again."

"Yes, Captain."

These two immediately went quiet, and the sound they could hear was the sound from the surrounding. They all were running towards the place in one of the most dangerous places in this city.

"Now I wonder who the children here are," Shin sighed. Mind you, Kanae was the youngest among the group, but she was the one who led them.

"Tom is indeed a kid."

"It's Oro. He's older than me by two years, but he's acting as if he's younger than me."

"Come on you two, it's only five minutes and you can't hold on?"

"He's the one who..." Tommy's voice was cut in that instant. "Arch, I guess I'll be late too. I'm encountering my former friends."

In front of Tommy was a group of people he once defeated in the past. Although he didn't pay much attention to them anymore, they were quite powerful. Even back then, he had to spend a long time to deal with them. He had grown stronger, but he wouldn't be able to defeat them too easily too.

"Tom, don't follow this Mr. always late lead."

"It's not that I want to follow his lead. I'll talk to you again later."

Tommy smiled towards the people in front of him. "Miss me, my friends?"

"If we miss you, we must be crazy," the leader scoffed towards Tommy. "This shall be our payback towards you!"

"Just come."

While he was busy fighting, the first one to arrive in the designated place was Kanae. She looked towards the small fortress in front of here. This place was located quite far from the city, so the condition of the street was incredibly poor.

There were a lot of people around her. They were looking towards her with menacing and unfriendly eyes, but Kanae didn't move back just because of their gaze. She was already used with those kinds of eyes, so she simply leaned back lightly and waited calmly.

Jason arrived a few minutes after her. He was wearing a grey long sleeves clothes and a knitted hat. On top of that, he wore an eye patch to cover his left eyes. This was to prevent people to recognize him since he was an extremely famous figure in this city.

"You sure take your time," Kanae smiled.

Jason shrugged. "Those guys don't want to let me go after seeing me roaming on the Black Street again. I give them a little beating that they will never forget for their entire life."

"Let's check the surrounding."

As Kanae walked around calmly, Jason took out his I-Pad and searched for the cameras around here. In the deepest part of the black street, there was rarely anyone who used the camera, so he knew that his search was not going to be easy.

As he had thought, the cameras that he found stopped a few streets before this place. He looked towards Kanae.

"Their hideout is far deeper inside, but there's no news about them."

"Are you afraid, Oro?"

Seeing the calm eyes of Kanae, Jason smirked. "There's no way I'm afraid when you're not afraid."

Kanae rolled her eyes while she pointed towards the big building not far from them. "They must be there, but it's not going to be easy to negotiate with them because all of them are going to attack us at once."

The people around them were either fighter or sick people. Their number was staggering and Jason also frowned. Even if he had high martial arts, facing a lot of people was still not within his capabilities. At most, he would be able to hold them off for a short time before having trouble to do anything.

"What do you want to do?"

"Try to negotiate with them, Oro. If you manage to get it with money, our client will be the one to pay for it. If it's not possible, then we'll have to resort in our best move."

Jason nodded his head. He walked inside calmly while Kanae still waited in that place. Her eyes were watching warily as the people around her gave an unfriendly look towards her. At any given signal, they would surely come charging towards her.

"Wait, am I late?" Tommy appeared not long after that. His clothes were slightly disheveled, but he was not hurt. With a wide grin on his face, he waved his hand excitedly.

"Tom, you should be more careful," Kanae sighed.

"I'm not like you, Rei (Kanae's codename). You don't have any trouble of encountering those people while I do."

In terms of speed, Kanae was faster than him. Besides, Kanae was used to suddenly dash forward and gave surprised to the enemies. That inhuman charge, which lasted for less than one second, was incredibly scary. Whenever they spar, he would surely be wary of that move.

"Oro will give us news about the deal. We should just wait here."

At the same time the two of them were talking, Jason arrived in the building Kanae mentioned previously. There were a lot of people around him. Many of them were holding gun or metal pipe. Some of them also brought swords, and they gazed towards him when they saw him got closer.

"Trash, this place is off limit. If you don't want to be killed, you should just go," a man said with a rude tone.

Jason smiled. "I need to have a talk with your boss."

"Who do you think you are? Not everyone is allowed to talk with our leader."

"Tell him, Oro from Fiore Group is here for a mission."

The name of Fiore Group made the people tensed up immediately. They have heard about this black horse quite a lot and this caused them to be extremely wary of this person.

If anyone dared to say that the Fiore Group was only lucky at that time, they might need to pay the price for saying that. After all, the story of their battle has rung loudly on the Black Street.

"I'll tell the Boss about it."

One of the men walked inside. Jason waited outside calmly and before long, he came outside again with a man behind him. From the bulky muscle he had, Jason could guess that he was the leader of this gang.

The bulky man looked towards Jason and examined this young man calmly. "You don't look half bad, young man."

"I can say the same to you," Jason answered.

"Now, tell me what you want."

"A man of yours takes a box of jewelry. It belongs to my friend, so I'm going to take it back."

The bulky man snorted. Taking things from the street was extremely common for them that it was weird for him to know everything that his men did. The size of his gang already too big for him to monitor all of them, so he obviously didn't know what Jason was talking about.

"I can let you interrogate my men with one condition."

"Tell me?"

The bulky man smiled and raised his gun before shooting it.