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142 Job for Fiore Group

 Days passed as they spent most of their time in the Student Council Room. Tommy and Jay were mostly tormented by the abuse Mike gave to them while Misae was having fun with the help she got from Mike. In addition, she learned a lot about the work in the Student Council.

"The work in the company is almost over," Kevin declared as he cleaned up his table. The amount of paper he had to do has decreased a lot. Before long, his workload would surely turn back to how it was in the past.

Kanae nodded her head. "I think I'll be taking a few days breaks. I have to catch up with my lesson too."

"You need to catch up with your lesson?" Neo was looking towards Kanae with a weird expression. "I recall you sleep in the class for most of the time."

Kanae rolled her eyes. "I skip the school for around one month in the first semester because I get sick. During those times, I spend the time learning the lessons, so I get ahead and don't have to listen in the class again."

"One month? What sickness is that?" Neo was shocked.

"I get involved into the fight and as the result, I have severe wounds," Kanae explained. This was not a piece of new news as almost all the students in her class knew that she skipped the school for a month. This happened in the mid August to the mid September.

Neo looked towards Kanae up and down. He didn't see any mark from Kanae being wounded.

"Can you please not look at me too much?" Kanae smiled, yet her smile was filled with coldness. She was clearly feeling displeased over Neo looking towards her with that inquiring eyes.

"Alright, I won't ask anything," Neo raised his hand.

Kevin pushed the paper in front of him to Neo. "Finish the work. I'm going on a trip to the factory for the next few days, so you also don't have to come, Kanae."

"Okay, President."

Mike smiled. "See you later, Neo."

"Wait, wait, you mean I have to stay here alone?" Neo watched the others walked out of the room in frustration. Come on, he wanted to make a visit to the factory too. The paperwork was extremely boring.

After they got down from the lift, Kanae saw Taka was standing near the counter. She bid her farewell from the other two and approached her friend.

"Taka, what are you doing here?" She smiled broadly.

Taka smiled back. "I'm doing an errand. There's a packet for the sixth floor today. It should come in another minute."

"I see, you must be very busy."

"Not really, I'm just an errand boy, so my work is not that much. What about you? I heard that you get a promotion to become President Secretary, congratulation!"

"Thank you," Kanae answered happily. She was about to talk again when she felt that her special phone vibrated on her pocket. Her body tensed up slightly, but her face was still filled with a smile.

"I need to go, see you later, Taka."

"Alright, see you again, Kanae."

Kanae touched the special phone slightly to answer the call. The special portable earphone of their group was already placed near her ear. It was small, and her hair usually covered it up, so no one could see it.

"What is it?" she talked calmly. The phone didn't need her to get closer to talk. This was one of the special devices that Jason created for them, and she was extremely glad for their conveniences.

"Captain, there's a job offer for Fiore Group. Do you want to accept it?"

"Tell me what job it is, Oro (Jason's code name)."

Jason was in his car as he answered, "There's a friend of mine having his heirloom jewelry stolen by a gang because he lent it to his friend. This friend of his got attacked by the gang and the box was stolen by them."

"You want Fiore Group to handle this small case?" Tommy nearly shouted when he heard about it. Thankfully, he was in a secluded area, or he would make the people around him looked towards him strangely.

"It's better than none."

The name of Fiore Group has disappeared lately. If not because of Souhon Clan incident, many people might not recall this name as much as now. However, during that incident, only Tommy was apparent and appeared, so the other people were still wondering about this group.

"This is indeed a small case, but this is good for a warm-up," Jason explained.

Kanae wondered about that. She did need to move her body a bit and this should be perfect. "Alright, we'll take this case. Oro, you trace their location and place. I'm sure you know the name of their gang, right?"

"No worry, I only need to pay more attention to the cameras. I'm on it," Jason put the I-Pad on the side and started typing some words into it. He was already starting to work with one hand while the other hand was busy driving.

"Wait, Mr. I'm always late, don't search them while you're driving!" the other member of the Fiore Group chirped in.

"Shin (the codename for the last core member), you don't have to worry so much. Multitasking is my specialty."

"That's the reason you're always number two," Tommy grinned.

As the matter of fact, Jason was the second place in terms of close combat battle and long range battle. The first one for the close combat was Kanae while the first for the long range battle was Shin.

Jason's face contorted when he heard about it. "It's better than someone who's dead last for one and the third for the other."

Tommy was dead last for long range battle while he was third for the close combat battle because Shin couldn't fight in close range that well.

"You two should stop bickering," Kanae sighed. She has arrived at her home and picked up her clothes to change them. Getting out from her own house without getting captured by the security camera was a child play for her.

The clothes for her were a set of black clothes that covered nearly all of her body. The design of the clothes was actually male uniform for a school that has long sleeves and long pants. She also wore a cloth to cover up her mouth and hid the rest of her hair. This made her looked like a ninja very much. Well, she did copy them in terms of clothes, but hers was clearly plainer.

"Where are you, Rei (Kanae's codename)?"

"I'm heading towards your place."

Kanae didn't take a long time to travel out from the residence even without using the key. With her getup, it was hard to see her. With the addition of her fast speed, she quickly arrived in the empty alleyway.

"I found their hideout, I already send them to your special phone," Jason informed. "Also, I don't think I can arrive in time."

He had just arrived at his residence. To get to his designated place in time, he has to be quick. If he is not fast enough, he would be very late

"You're truly Mr. I'm always late," Shin sighed. "I'm not coming. I can't get close to the place, so I'll be at a faraway place, ready to help if it's needed."

Shin was unable to fight in close range as he was only trained in sniping. This resulted in him being the hidden core member of Fiore Group. During the usual meeting, he would not be there because he was hiding on the shadow. He would be protecting the other members from the back.

"It's good," Kanae answered.

"Oh yeah, I'm glad that you've returned back to the street, Rei. It's awfully boring without you," Shin expressed his emotion.

"Yup, I always got beaten up without you accompanying me, Rei," Tommy complained.

"The exciting life on the street is gone without you. You better take care of your health, Rei."

Kanae smiled when she heard the voice of her teammates complaining and asking for her to return. She nodded her head silently.

"I have returned to my second home, Black Street."