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141 School Start Again

 Nolen School C

For the rest of the holiday, Kanae was busy with her work. Now that the school started again, she no longer spent the entire day in the office to work for Kevin anymore.

"It feels good to be here again," Kanae sighed as she sat down on her chair. Her lips curled up into a smile. She was happy that she could spend more time doing things that were appropriate for her real age.

"The other students haven't come yet, why are you here so early in the morning?" Tommy yawned when he saw Kanae walked into the class. His class was only the opposite of Kanae, so it was easy if he wanted to visit the other party.

"I can ask the same to you," Kanae smiled.

Tommy shrugged. "I want to borrow the infirmary to sleep again, but that annoying doctor hasn't come yet. I can only sleep in the class if I want to right now."

"You shouldn't sleep too much."

"I nearly don't have any sleep last night, so this is the only place where I can have a rest," Tommy grinned.

Kanae smiled wryly. "You have to search for a different job later."

Tommy nodded his head strongly. The real reason he roamed on the street was to enhance his fighting ability. He was far weaker compared with Kanae and Jason, so he had to work hard if he wanted to pass the two of them.

Compared to him who only got slight wound from the battle, these two got heavily wounded. He felt really useless compared with them, so he didn't want to waste his time by studying and focused more on enhancing his ability on the street.

"I'll think about it in the future," Tommy grinned.

"Also, what are you doing to look so battered like that?"

Well, Tommy couldn't say that he got beaten up by a gang, right? It was rather shameful and even though he got away, he was wounded hard.

"I'm just a little careless."

"You have to be more careful, there are a lot of dangers outside."

"I know."

The two of them looked towards each other before Kanae walked back to her class. Thanks to them being part of the Student Council, it was natural that they would talk with each other. When they first met in the school, neither one of them knew how to act with each other to pretend that they were strangers. It was awkward, so they were glad that they could meet rather freely.

Their conversations couldn't get detailed, though. There were too many ears around them who might hear what they said. After talking a bit, Tommy headed towards his desk to sleep while Kanae read the lessons book. This time she hadn't got the chance to finish them all, so she had to use all the time she had.

"Good morning, Kanae," Misae saw that Kanae already arrived and immediately walked to the other party.

"Good morning, Misae," Kanae smiled back. Her eyes landed on the box that Misae brought. "What is it?"

"I get the chance to get out from the city, so I bring some souvenir for the two of you," Misae answered happily.

She put the box on the table and opened. Inside the box were two beautiful handkerchiefs. The first one was red colored with bright gold embroidery on the outside and a rose on one of the corners. The other one was pink colored with bright gold embroidery on the outside and a tulip on the corner.

"The last one is mine," Misae took one from her pocket. The color was orange with bright gold embroidery on the outside and lavender flower near the corner.

"You can pick one."

Kanae looked towards the two handkerchiefs and took the red one. She smiled slightly. "Thank you very much, Misae."

Misae nodded her head as she kept the box away. "Alice called me a few days ago. She can't come to school today because she's still busy with something."

Kanae arched her eyebrows. Why did Alice suddenly skip school? It was unlike her. However, knowing that many families were having a trip during the holiday, it was not that weird that some students ended up late in coming back to the school.

"Why she doesn't call me?"

"She tells me that she calls you, but you're not answering. I guess you must be busy with your works."

Kanae recalled that she did spend little time in her house because of the work. Thankfully, she no longer needed to spend the night in the company again as they managed to finish the work before it was too late. Right now it was mid January and the production has stabilized, so they didn't have too many works anymore.

Well, she doubted that the president was going to much time to study in the school. At least, until the project finished, she didn't see it coming anytime soon.

"Today is the first day of school after a long holiday, so we won't learn too much," Misae grinned happily.

Kanae giggled. "Yup."

Because the lessons were something she had learned before and most of the teacher didn't go too deep in the first meeting, she spent her time reading the books for the lesson in the next few months.

After the lesson has been over, she stood up and cleaned up the table as usual.

"Do you have time after school, Kanae?" Misae suddenly asked.

"I'll go to the Student Council to do my work."

"May I come? I want to come!"

Seeing the puppy eyes Misae gave to her, Kanae sighed internally. She could never win against her best friend when she was like this. She nodded her head and Misae followed after her like a little puppy that lost its owner.

As usual, the Student Council Room was only filled with the three boys who were busy doing their work. Kanae looked towards Mike in confusion. All Mike did was always helping them clean up and never touched the content.

Neo followed after Kanae's gaze and laughed. "Mike is not that smart, so all these numbers mean nothing for him."

Mike sent a glare towards Neo and Neo shrugged. Even though Mike was smiling, he knew that the smile was filled with hidden danger.

"Am I disturbing if I stay here?" Misae asked expectantly.

Mike shook his head. "Not at all. The school has just started again, and you won't have much homework to do. You can stay here for some time if you want."

"I want to," Misae grinned happily.

On the side, Kanae sighed internally. She went towards her chair and turned the computer on. In any case, she still has to finish the work she had from the workaholic president beside her.

Before long, Tommy and Jay arrived in the room. The two of them were filled with wounds. It seemed as if their holidays were filled with fighting or training all the time.

Mike looked towards these two. "Since you two already in this state, today you have to sort the paper again."

Tommy and Jay looked towards each other as they sighed internally. If they knew about this, they would surely prevent themselves from getting hurt.

"Can I join in?" Misae asked excitedly. She was curious about their work.

Mike was startled, but he nodded his head. "Sure, come over here and I'll teach you."


Jay and Tommy looked towards each other for a moment before starting to work. They were halfway their work when they heard the sound of Kanae and Kevin discussed the work. They stole a glance towards these two. Since when did they become this close? Also, why did their president become more talkative?

Was there something they missed during the holiday?

"You two, get back to work," Mike smiled.

Seeing the usual devilish smile on Mike, the two of them no longer thought about it as they attacked the paper with vigor. They wanted to finish the work as fast as possible.