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140 New Secretary

 They worked in the office without sleeping that night. By the next day, Kanae already felt rather tired, but she still held on. If it was only one day without sleeping, she still could handle it well. By afternoon, Neo fell asleep because he was too tired.

Mike looked towards Neo and sighed. "This is why I tell you that you have to train your body a lot."

There was no use saying that when the other party was laying flat on the table like that. Kanae fought back against her sleepiness as she worked for more works again. She would not allow herself to lose just like that to the condition.

"The project needs a lot of supervision. we need more people for this," Kevin said to Kanae. "The tools have to move before they start the building. There's only one month left at most."

At the end of this month, the building will start the construction. Because Kale Company was selected as the main provider for the tools, they needed to prepare for everything as fast as possible. Kevin already contacted the factory and all they needed to do now was to control the amount every day and transported them.

"The transportation for today is ready, and they have sent a batch," Kanae answered.

"There will be more. The number is too little right now."

"I'll make a call."

Seeing these two worked in sync, Mike was rather stunned. Previously, Kanae only helped out with the paper and didn't offer any ideas or anything. After Kanae got angry with Kevin yesterday morning, she was participating more in the work compared with before.

There was never any problem with Kanae's work. Now that she was more active and faster, he felt that he was seeing two Kevin working there. They were working together very well even better than when he or Neo was the one who worked there.

By the time it was night again, the papers were nearly gone and Lou hadn't handed them any new one.

"You can rest, for now," Kevin pointed to the sofa.

Kanae was indeed sleepy. "What about you? You should just sleep on the sofa."

"The sofa won't fit for two people."

She didn't mean that! Kanae glared towards Kevin. "I mean, you sleep on the sofa and I sleep on the chair. This chair is quite comfortable too."

Kevin looked towards Kanae, but the girl pretended that she didn't see him. She instead grinned and ignored the dark aura around this president.

"You're more tired than me, so you take the sofa and I take the chair. We can switch later."

Seeing that Kanae was adamant on not taking the sofa, Kevin stood up and walked to the sofa. He lied down and closed his eyes. Almost the same time, Kanae leaned back on the chair and slept. The only person who stayed awake was Mike.

'I guess, I'll sleep in the room next door.'

He pulled Neo's chair with the boy on top of it and headed towards the room next door. He better just left these two in this room while he and Neo enjoyed the bed next door.

It seemed that they would need to prepare an additional bed for their president or he would be sleeping on the sofa continuously. It was not good for either one of them to sleep on the chair or sofa.

That night, they slept peacefully, but the four of them were already awake when it was morning. Lou was still sleep deprived, but he came inside with another batch of paper. This time, it was no longer as much as before.

"Lou, I need you to prepare a new contract for Kanae," Kevin suddenly said when Lou brought the paper to his table.

Lou frowned. "What do you want, Boss?"

Kanae already awake and silently thought about having a bath. She wanted to have a bath as she already neglected it for two days. Thankfully, she was not noisy about this. If it was any other girl, they would rebel because they wanted to have a bath and comfortable sleep.

She turned her head towards Kevin with a confused expression. Why did she need a new contract? The one she got was already good enough. She hadn't checked her income this month, but it shouldn't be that bad. The president was kind enough to give her a lot of bonuses.

"I want her to be my additional secretary," Kevin answered calmly.

Hearing that, Lou nearly fell to the floor. He was stunned with his Boss today. Why did he want to have her as his secretary? He had to admit that Kanae was a smart and capable girl, but it didn't mean that he had to place her that close with him.

"President, what are you talking about?" even Kanae was stunned. She was not a trained secretary as she was an ordinary student. Even if Kevin wanted her to work as his secretary, she worried that she would not be able to work as well as he wanted her to be.

Kevin pointed to the chair on Kanae's place. "She has been working well so far and I need all help I can get."

"But..." Kanae was not sure that she could go to work as often as usual because she would start to be more active on the street again. Her wounds have healed and it was the time for her to operate the Fiore Group again.

"Is there anything you want?" Kevin asked.

"I will be having a lot of break after the school starts," Kanae said doubtfully. "So I'm thinking to have my payment based on how many times I come and not at the fixed rate like before."

"Why do you want to have a lot of breaks?"

"I have other things I have to do," Kanae scratched her head with a wry smile. This was the very reason she was fired from her part time jobs over and over in the past. Because she had a lot of work on the street, which paid more than what she got there, she spent her time more on the street.

Kevin thought about it. Kanae was indeed only a high school student and he only recruited her out of convenience. Before that, she had never worked in the office, so he would not push her too much. The past two months were already long enough for her to keep coming to the company with only a little break here and there.

"You can work on your home too, I'll ask Neo to send over the work to your email if you need more time to study."

Kanae smiled. "Thank you, President."

Seeing that Kanae agreed to be his secretary, he smiled slightly before turning his head back to Lou. "Prepare the contract for her to be my secretary."

"Yes, Boss."

No matter how unwilling he was, Lou had to no choice but to follow what Kevin said. Even if Kanae wouldn't work as much as she was in the past, this time her work was beside Kevin all the time. Somehow, he felt more worried compared with the past.

After a few minutes, he handed a paper to Kanae. Her total pay if she came every day was much more than before, but if she skipped a lot, then it would decrease too. Well, it didn't really matter.

"Thank you, Sir Lou."

Lou only nodded his head while Kanae worked on the paper again. Since today was not as much as before, they finished them all by noon. This time, the four of them went home as no one wanted to stay in the office anymore.