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139 Do You Want to Work Till Death?

 After Tommy separated from the Souhon Clan, he reached towards Jason's car and got inside quickly. Jason was holding an I-pad when he came inside. It was obvious that this young man was hacking the security camera around this place to make sure that their traces were undetected.

"The token," Jason reached his hand out.

Tommy placed the token on Jason's hand. He immediately checked the token carefully before taking something out and tossed it out from the window of his car and started the car again. Even though he is the young master, he could drive pretty well.

"They place a tracker?"

"It seems that we have become quite famous lately," Jason laughed. "You have to be careful. Some people might have guessed your identity."

"Won't they suspicious of someone like you first, Mr. I'm always late?" Tommy was annoyed that Jason never came in time to their mission. This young master was always busy with this and that.

"Mind you, I'm very busy to handle my company."

Tommy rolled his eyes. "If you're that busy, you should just get out from the group."

"And let you take my position as the right hand? Never!"

"I'll defeat you fair and square! Just you wait, you annoying young master!" Tommy answered with a growl.

"Hey you two, do you forget that I'm still listening over here?"

Tommy looked towards the special phone as he got the urge to knock his own head to the wall. How did he forget that their other core member was still listening to their conversation? Now he wanted to bury his head to the ground.

"You can just cut off the conversation," Jason remarked bluntly.

"Nah, I won't do that. I want to ask about our captain. Is she alright? I hear that she got hurt under your watch again, Oro."

Jason sighed. "Yes, she's quite reckless. You should just watch the television if you want to know more about it. I'm going to have another meeting with the client for the grand project, so I'll be very busy."

"If she's not reckless, she's not our leader," the other person laughed. "Ah, someone is coming, I guess I'll contact you again later."

When the call was cut, Tommy grumbled on his head. It would be better if they didn't contact him again. He was not feeling too good interacting with that weird man.

"I'll drop you in the Black District area," Jason informed Tommy. "You have to take care of yourself. The other groups are going to return to the Black Street very soon. It's going to be dangerous."

"Don't worry, I'm strong," Tommy grinned as he got out from the car.

Jason didn't bother with Tommy anymore as he played with the token. Kanae surely didn't want to keep the token with her as her place was not safe, so he was the only one who could keep it.

His eyes landed on the bundle of money that Tommy left on the car. They needed to divide them later and handed Tommy's part to the boy directly. That boy was the only one who didn't have any account.


Kale Company

After Kevin's birthday, Kanae stayed over for one night before returning home. She took a few days off because of her feet and spent most of her time in her home. With nothing to do, she could only spend her time with reading the book about her lessons in the next semester.

She knew that she would skip her class very often, so this was the only option for her to not left behind in the lesson. Although it was tiring and hard to learn them all before the time, at least she could understand most of them by reading over and over.

After resting a few days, she returned to the office.

"You don't have to work here. Boss wants you to work at the top floor," her supervisor informed her.

Kanae was surprised, but she recalled about the project. Seeing the others looked like a zombie, she decided that she would go to the top floor and helped out with the work. It seemed that the work Kevin got from the grand project was not small.

When she arrived at the top floor, she could see that Lou was also having difficulties to keep his eyes open. He didn't bother with her after glancing once and let Kanae did whatever she wanted. Towards his attitude, she has already gotten used to and no longer felt anything strange.

She walked to the office and saw the room was filled with paper. Everywhere she looked, there was only paper. She felt her head turned dizzy as she saw that the three people were still busy with the paper.

"Oh, hello Kanae," Neo looked up with a wry smile. "Do you mind helping us?"

Kanae looked towards Kevin and asked with a quivering voice, "Why... Why don't you call me if the work is already this much?"

If only she knew that he had this much works, she wouldn't have taken any day off and forced herself to work in this place. It was simply too many for them to handle. Looking towards their pale complexion, she knew that they must have forced themselves to work.

"You're sick," Kevin answered placidly.

"What sick? It's only a little bruise on my feet, nothing to worry about."

Kevin finally stopped his work and looked towards Kanae calmly. His pale complexion could be seen very clearly. "You're a girl, so you need more sleep compared to us. We can work just fine."

Hearing that, she felt rather angry.

"Do you want to work to death with all these papers? If you need help, just call me and don't force yourself! You already ask for my help a few times, adding another one won't hurt." Kanae yelled towards Kevin.

Neo wanted to say that they were already used to it. But seeing that Kanae was genuinely angry and worried, he couldn't say anything.

In front of Kanae, Kevin looked towards Kanae's expression. When was the last time someone was angry at him because of worry? He raised his hand to pat Kanae's head. "I'll do that. Now, let's work again."

Kanae still wanted to get angry, but then she realized that it was not her place. Her face turned red in embarrassment. She was only coming here to help out, and it was not her place to meddle.

She sat down beside Kevin. "Sorry, I shouldn't have yelled. It's your work, and I'm just helping out."

"Its fine," Kevin answered without looking back. His eyes were completely focused on the paper. Even if it was not Kanae's place, somehow he was happy because she was angry for his sake.

Kanae buried her head to the paper and started working. In any case, she had to help them as much as possible.

Because Neo was still focusing on these two, he caught the change in Kevin's expression very clearly. He nearly dropped the paper on his hand when he saw that smile. This was already the second or third time Kevin smiled towards Kanae and this made him wonder if something was wrong with their Boss.

The three of them worked quietly. Because Kanae was still energetic, she worked even faster and helped them by a lot. By the time it was night, the paper already reduced by more than half. Even though Lou still came inside with more batches of papers, the number kept on decreasing.

"Don't you want to go home? It's already morning," Neo yawned.

"I'll go home after everything is finished," Kanae answered calmly.

Mike frowned. "Are you sure? It's not going to finish anytime soon."

"Yes," Kanae answered calmly. If these three worked themselves to death, she didn't want to leave them.

Kevin looked towards Kanae for a moment. "If you can't hold on and need rest, tell us."

"I understand."