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138 The Uniqueness of Fiore Group

 "Young man, do you want to join the Souhon Clan?"

Facing this unexpected question, Tommy immediately answered lazily. "No."

Hearing that Tommy immediately rejected the offer, Jay was stunned speechless. Did he hear it correctly? Tommy didn't even take one second to think about it as he immediately rejected. Was their clan's prestige has gone down in the past few years?

Even Roy was stunned. There were a lot of people lining up to join their clan every month and they were the one who would select those who could join. Yet in front of them was someone who was willing to reject the offer immediately like that.

Souhon Clan Head looked towards Tommy with a rather surprised expression. However, he hid them, so no one knew his real feeling outside.

"You don't even want to consider it?"

Tommy shook his head. "There's nothing to consider about. I don't have any interest in joining any of the clan."

"There are a lot of benefits from joining a clan. You can immediately experience them with your ability this high," Souhon Clan Head tried again.

"No matter how much you offer the money to me, I won't accept," Tommy smiled cheekily. "I will follow my captain forever. Whatever he says, I'll do it and wherever he goes, I'll come."

On the side, Jay looked towards Tommy in disbelief. This level of trust and devotion was far surpassing anything he had encountered in his life. To completely follow obediently towards one person's will was not easy. This made him rather curious, just what kind of person was Tommy's captain.

Tommy was rather haughty as a fighter. Although in the school this boy curbed his rascally attitude a bit, it still didn't change the fact that Tommy has high pride. Why did he want to lower his pride for someone else?

"What if your captain tells you to leave him?"

Tommy arched his eyebrows. "He will never ask that from me. I'm his left hand, so I'll always stay by his side."

"So where's your captain?"

"A small matter like this, is there any need for him to come personally?"

Hearing the haughty answer from Tommy, the other members were having an urge to give him a lesson. If not because they knew that Tommy is powerful, they would definitely move forward to give a slap towards this annoying boy.

Ren laughed a bit when he heard Tommy's answer. "That's too bad. I want to have a spar with your leader when he has time."

Tommy looked towards Ren as he secretly thought about Kanae's condition. With that annoying captain of his got wounded again, she wouldn't be able to fight even if she came here. Nevertheless, he would not tell that to anyone because it would be dangerous.

Looking towards Tommy's placid expression, Ren thought that this boy was looking down on him.

"Young Man, I believe that even if you fight me with all you have, you won't be able to beat me," he reminded.

Tommy arched his eyebrows. "Do you need me to remind you that I'm just the third in my own group in terms of close battle?"

If it was long range battle, he was dead last. Of course, he would never say that to this man because it was a painful memory even for him. He was always beaten by his teammate.

Ren recalled the movement that Kanae showed to him once and he knew that it was a level that he might not be able to reach in his lifetime. Still, he wanted to fight with that person.

"I guess, even the second strongest will be fine with me," he hadn't met with the other one because the Fiore Group was a relatively new group. They had never handled a big mission because they didn't have the qualification before the big battle.

Tommy's face darkened slightly. Jason hadn't arrived in this place yet. He truly wanted to give that young master a lesson. Ah, he hoped that Kanae was fine. She was the only one who could beat this annoying person in close range battle.

"I guess, asking you to join our group with benefit is impossible. What if I ask you by force?" Souhon Clan Head asked suddenly.

Tommy's brow arched. His lips curled up to form a devilish smile. "Are you sure you want to make us your enemy?"

His special phone was on and his friends could hear what he said. They didn't say anything because they didn't want to disturb this boy, but they knew that it was the signal for them to give a bit pressure to the clan.

At that very moment, the elite members of the Souhon Clan felt danger. Although they didn't know the threat, they could guess from what Tommy said to them. Fiore Group was not only one person group and the others were waiting in the dark to ambush them.

Ren's eyes narrowed. He could sense that there were two threats posing towards them; one from far away and the other from outside the gate, not far from here. In that instant, he knew that they would pay with a heavy price if they wanted to force it.

"There's no need to show such hostility," Ren smiled. "Give him the token as the promise."

Jay took out a small token with Souhon Clan insignia on top of it and threw it towards Tommy. Tommy accepted the token.

"What about the money?"

"It's here," Jay pointed to the bag behind Tommy. Tommy immediately picked it up as he nodded his head.

"It's nice to have business with you."

With that, he waved his hand and moved towards the gate. His movements were not fast, but neither of the clan members dared to obstruct his path. They let him go before they returned to their post.

Souhon Clan Head smiled. "The Fiore Group is indeed different. No wonder they can become the new strongest clan in short time span."

"What are you talking about, Father?" Jay was confused.

"I'll explain inside."

Ren was still watching towards the way Tommy went as he felt the pressure disappeared instantly. He knew that the other two members must have moved back from their position and he wondered how they could have that good teamwork. It was far surpassing anything he had experienced in his life.

At this time, he was also having great respect towards this newly created group. Having their members pledged loyalty to this point, it just showed how close they were with each other. It was not hard to make someone trusted other people so deeply like what the Fiore Group had.

Most groups were formed because of similar interest, and they would only cooperate to reach the common goal. Some of them continued to reach a higher level while the rest disbanded when they reached what they wanted. Because of this, usually, a group only has business mind trust towards their friends.

This was the reason the clans loved to poach people from the groups. If they have formed for a long time and reached the top with their power, they usually quite united. On the other hand, new groups tended to break quite fast. This was the reason no new group could make their name fast enough.

However, this record was broken with the appearance of the Fiore Group. This name was registered around one and half a year ago, which meant that they were only together for one year before the big battle, but their trust already reached this high level.

"It's a truly interesting group."