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137 Poaching?

 "How is the taste?" Kanae asked worriedly. She already used the same amount as what Misae told her, but she was not sure about the final taste.

"It's not bad," Kevin answered and used his fork to take another slice and moved it towards Kanae's mouth. "You try it too."

Seeing the cake in front of her, she was rather stunned. Did this man didn't know about the difference between woman and men? Seeing his indifferent face, she chose to not think too much and opened her mouth to eat the cake.

Tasting the cake she made by herself, the taste was not bad since she followed the recipe that Misae used. She burnt it slightly, thought. Overall, for someone who couldn't make a decent food, she was doing quite well.

Because she was too focused on the taste, she didn't realize that two people were looking towards these two with mouth hanging open. They were incredibly stunned when they saw that their president fed the food to Kanae personally. It was shocking.

"Do you two also want some?" Kevin glanced towards the others.

"Ah yeah," Mike nodded his head. He didn't dare to say that he was surprised by Kevin's behavior, so he just say that he wanted to taste the cake.

Neo nodded his head too. "I also want some."

The two of them cut another slice of the cake and ate them while Kanae took out the previous phone and gave it back to Kevin.

"Thank you for the phone."

"You're welcome," Kevin took the phone back and pointed towards the sofa. "You won't be able to walk home, so you can sleep there for the time being."

Kanae nodded her head. Sleeping in this office was far comfier compared with her place. Not to mention, she didn't have any heater in her place, so it must be extremely cold right now.


Souhon Clan's Residence

On the very same day, Tommy was coming inside the place again. He knocked the room where Jay stayed and waited outside the room with a laid-back attitude. The other clan members who saw him treated him respectfully. They admired those who were strong.

"Jay, if you don't get out soon, I'll destroy the door," Tommy threatened with a light tone.

Jay immediately opened the door. His clothes were still disheveled as he had not finished changing. He glared towards Tommy. If only they were in the school, the two of them have the same status in the Student Council. At that time, Tommy never acted superior compared with him.

"I still have to prepare myself."

Tommy shrugged. He was listening to the report from the other Fiore Group core member. He was watching the movement from the clan head and the other people very carefully and strictly.

"Tommy, they will come back in another 5 minutes."

"Five minutes?" Tommy immediately checked his watch. It was not 9 AM yet, so he doubted that annoying young master has come.

"Oro (Jason's code name) have you arrived?"

Jason yawned on his car. "Not yet. There are traffic jams."

"Can't you walk or run?"

"What do you think the people will think if they see a young master for the four big families run on the street? Don't joke around, I'm different with you."

Tommy truly got the urge to battle this young man again. Unfortunately, every time they sparred, he would be the one losing. This was the very reason he was only the third best fighter in the Fiore Group.

"Jay, your father is coming soon," Tommy called again.

"I'm coming," Jay immediately walked out again. This time, he was wearing his usual training clothes with a robe outside them. On the right side of the robe was the insignia of the Souhon Clan, the picture of a hand grabbing lighting. It signaled their overall power as the united clan and dared to even stop the lighting.

Tommy didn't know the detail of how Souhon Clan was made, but he knew the meaning of the insignia thanks to the nagging of an annoying man.

"How do you know my father is coming soon?" Jay looked towards Tommy with a confused expression.

Before Tommy could answer, the other members were yelling here and there, telling that their clan head had returned. They looked towards the other members before walking towards the gate. The other members were lining up to greet their clan head.

Upon seeing that their clan head had returned, they immediately bowed down respectfully. Except for Tommy, the members were welcoming the return of their leader. Even Jay and Roy had to bow down slightly as respect to their father.

Souhon Clan Head looked towards Tommy. His subordinate saw that Tommy was still standing and yelled.

"You should bow down, the...."

He waved his hand in front of his subordinate. "He's a guest of our clan, not part of our clan."

The clan head walked towards his two sons. By this time, they already stood up and waited for their father calmly. He looked towards Jay.

"I heard what happened, and what you do is breaking the law a bit. Even though I don't fully accept your decision, what you did is correct."

Jay bowed solemnly. "Thank you, Father."

On the side, Roy's eyes were showing turmoil as he could not accept the praise his father gave to his brother. He was also doing his best, but his father never truly praised him. It was unfair for him as he felt that he had done more for the clan than his useless little brother.

After that, Souhon Clan Head looked towards Tommy and examined this young man from top to bottom. Based on the appearance alone, Tommy didn't differ much from an ordinary young man, but the condition of his muscle was a different story.

Even though he couldn't gauge out the strength of Tommy completely, he believed that this young man was someone who had experienced a lot of near-death battle. Someone like this was more suitable for the clans and gangs rather than group. After all, the groups still have times when they were inactive and didn't do anything as they were moved based on the mission they got.

"You're not bad young man," Souhon Clan Head praised once more.

Tommy has a laidback position with his hand laid by his side in a relaxed manner. The weight to his feet was focused on one while the other one was slightly moved to the side. This was his usual posture and also the posture where he could move around the fastest.

"You too, Old Man," Tommy grinned.

Jay nearly choked on the side. Because he was already used with Tommy's attitude, he didn't find it weird. However, he didn't think that Tommy would be this brave this time.

Souhon Clan Head looked towards Tommy once again. The more he looked, the more he wanted this boy to be part of them. Tommy was still extremely young and given time, there was no way anyone could surpass him. Ah, his mind had drifted quite a bit.

"Young man, do you want to join the Souhon Clan?"

Facing this unexpected question, Tommy immediately answered lazily. "No."