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136 Happy Birthday 2

 They arrived at the port in the morning and the passengers got out from the ship. The police hurriedly went towards the bomb to neutralize them. Thankfully, they were not too hard, and the police didn't take a long time.

Kanae left the ship on Kevin's arm, sound asleep. This president was adamant on letting her sleep on his embrace and didn't let anyone woke her up. As for Kanae, she was tired after days of working hard beside Kevin and clashing with the Nali Family plus controlling the ship.

When she was moved, she woke up for a moment.

"Just sleep, we just move the place for your sleep," Kevin ordered.

Kanae sighed internally at the tone this president used. It seemed he was still not used to talk with sick people. Well, it didn't matter much. She was indeed really tired, so she would take his offer and sleep again.

"Where will we go?" Neo asked.

"The company," Kevin answered calmly. He put the sleeping Kanae inside the car as he noticed that Jason was walking towards him. "Is there anything wrong?"

"I just want to remind you to be careful. We don't know where the opponents placed their spies as I believe not all of them moved last night," Jason grinned. "After all, I don't want to lose my cute junior."

Mike and Neo pretended that they didn't hear anything. When it was private time, Jason did like to tease their president. Who else would say that this ice block was cute except for this former Student Council President?

"I'm good, Jason. You know my family background well," Kevin answered calmly.

Jason nodded his head. Of course he knew, he has searched information about Kevin since a long time ago since there were some incidents in the time when he was in the Student Council.

"Fine, just be careful," Jason shrugged. "I'll be going now."

Kevin nodded while Jason checked the time. It was already 8 AM. Well, he just hoped that Tommy wouldn't be mad for him to be late towards the place and let that brat experienced a little hardship.

Kevin and the others headed towards the office and Kevin took the sleeping Kanae to the office. The others were looking towards their president taking Kanae in his embrace like seeing an alien. Since when did their Boss show affection towards fairer gender?

Even the Old Man was not an exception. He stopped Neo from going up. "Neo, tell me that I'm dreaming right now."

Neo put a wry smile. "Old Man, you're awake and healthy right now. There's nothing wrong with you."

"If there's nothing wrong with me, is there something wrong with Boss?"

"Oh well, it's just a little incident. She saves us from an incident, and today is her birthday, so I think Boss is treating her well for that," Neo tried to simplify the events so he could get away.

"What events? Tell me more!"

"You can see them from television. I have to go, Old Man."

In the end, Neo ran away from his father's grip and headed towards the top floor hastily. The Old Man immediately searched for television and watched the news intently. He wanted to know what happened to their cold president.

Kanae slept on the sofa in Kevin's office until noon. When she woke up, she noticed that she was already in the familiar office and hurriedly sat down. Her movement caused her feet to throb as she moved them too fast.

"You finally wake up, Kanae," Neo grinned. "You sleep like a log from last night."

"Don't mock me. What if you're the one who's wounded?" Kanae answered with a glare.

"Why are you always treating me like I'm your enemy?" Neo felt like crying. Come on, he was only trying to joke around to make the mood lighter.

"No reason, I just feel like doing it," Kanae sat down and inspected her feet. It was not as hurt as yesterday, but she doubted that she could walk around well right now.

"I'll ask them to deliver your breakfast," Mike took a call.

Before long, Kanae was eating the food in the office. She saw that Kevin was still busy with work, so she didn't try to bother him. She just recalled something as she looked up.

"Is there any kitchen in this company?"

Neo nodded. "Yes. Do you want to go there? Can you walk with your feet still wounded like that?"

Kanae tried to stand up and she managed to do it quite well. Honestly, her feet were crying from pain, but it was bearable and she didn't have any problem to walk. At least, for short term, there was no problem.

Kevin stopped from his work and walked towards Kanae. "You're not allowed to walk with those feet."

"I want to go to the kitchen."

Seeing her stubborn attitude, he asked the others to take a wheelchair and put Kanae on the chair. Kanae was rather stunned by this president power. He didn't look that big, but he seemed to be quite strong.

"Mike will accompany you there. When you're finished, just call me."

"I don't..." a phone was handed in front of her from Kevin. She stared blankly as she was too surprised to take it.

"There's my number inside, you just call me when you're finished."

"I understand."

With that, Kanae headed towards the kitchen with Mike pushing the wheelchair. Inside the room, Neo wondered why their president still treated Kanae very well. After all, she should be able to take care of herself. But he didn't dare to ask as he continued working.

"Here's the kitchen," Mike said as he pushed her into a room. "The tables on the right side are shorter, so you can use them."

"Thank you."

After Mike had left her, she moved towards the refrigerator. She had seen how Misae worked last time, so she hoped that this time she could recreate the same thing. With that in mind, she started to move the wheelchair. Thankfully, it was not hard to move around.

Hours have passed before she finally succeeded in making a small cake. She sighed to herself as she washed her hands. There was no need for a genius to realize that she burned her hand when she used the oven. Why didn't Misae tell her that the sides were hot as well?

She took out the phone from the side and called the president. "President, I have finished."

"It's already nearing midnight. I'll ask Mike to come down."

Oops, she forgot about the time. Well, she did make quite a mess and only managed to clean up half of them. Hopefully, they wouldn't be too angry at her. When Mike saw the kitchen, he finally understood why Misae gave a strong reaction to Kanae when they were heading to the kitchen back then. This girl couldn't cook at all.

"Let's go back. President is waiting," Mike sighed. He made a call for the reparation as he pushed the wheelchair back to the top floor.

In the top floor, Lou has just finished working when he saw Kanae again. He furrowed his brows a bit, but he didn't hinder them. He cleaned up his desk before walking away without any greeting to Kanae.

"What are you making until it's late at night?" Neo immediately asked when he saw Kanae came in.

Kanae smiled wryly. "A cake."

"Cake? Is it for your birthday?" Neo's eyes sparkling with interest.

"Actually, it's for President," Kanae scratched her head in embarrassment. "His birthday is 1 January, only different one day with me."

Mike and Neo were stunned. They also knew that it was Kevin's birthday, but they never celebrated his birthday like this. Kevin's arched his eyebrows and tapped the table.

"How do you know it's my birthday?"

"I'm the Student Council Vice President," Kanae grinned.

Kevin nodded his head. In short, she also abused her power a bit to gather information about them in the school. Well, it didn't really matter much.

"Thank you."

Kanae smiled. "Happy Birthday to you, President."

"Let's have a break," Kevin took the cake and opened it. The shape was not that good, but Mike knew that it was probably the best this girl could make.

"Kanae, is it edible?" Mike asked worriedly.

Kanae smiled wryly. "I suppose so."

While they were talking, Kevin cut a slice and put it into his mouth.