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135 Happy Birthday 1

 "Wait, today is your birthday?" Neo nearly shouted when he heard what Jason said.

Kanae nodded her head. "My birthday is 31 December, so I'm 16 today."

Neo's mouth gaped open. His eyes drifted towards Kanae's arm and feet. How unlucky could she be to experience them right on the day before her birthday?

Mike turned his head towards Jason with bewilderment. "How do you know about her birthday?"

"I'm the former Student Council President," Jason answered proudly. "It's easy for me to ask about a thing or two regarding your new members."

Kevin's face turned dark when he heard what Jason said. He also knew that today was Kanae's birthday, but because he was worried about her, he temporarily forgot about it. His hand reached out to his pocket and took out a small box.

"Your birthday present," he said as he handed the box to Kanae.

Neo nearly fell from the chair when he saw Kevin gave the box. This was the first time he saw his Boss gave anyone a birthday present. Oh wait, he did give them presents on their birthday, named more work.

Mike patted his friend's shoulder as he smiled wryly. Neo couldn't accept this difference in treatment. Come on, they have been following after Kevin for a long time, but they only got more work as present for their birthday. Kanae has only been following Kevin for three months, but she got a better treatment compared to them.

This is unfair! He wanted to protest very much but didn't know what he should do anymore.

"Thank you, President," Kanae opened the box and saw a beautiful necklace inside. She was stunned, but then she smiled brightly. It has been some time since the last time she got a gift for her birthday.

Jason scratched his head. "Shall I give you something too for your birthday present?"

"No need," Kanae laughed. "Thank you very much."

Kevin nodded his head as his expression turned slightly gentler. He pulled the blanket to cover Kanae.

"Sleep, you need it."


With Kanae taking his bed, he was not shameless enough to sleep on the same bed. Even if it was a king size bed, meaning it could hold two people, he took a spare blanket and lay down on the sofa.

"Boss, you can sleep in our place if you want," Neo offered.

Towards that offer, Kevin only sent them a cold glare. The two of them knew what it meant as they scrambled outside the room. Jason glanced towards Kanae once more before walking out from the room. He still had to finish the matter as he walked towards the hall once again.

Looking towards the mess the other young masters created, he sighed. "Clean them up. It's enough."

"It's still not enough, Jason," one of them complained. They still wanted to have some fun here.

"Don't mess around and let the police handle the rest tomorrow. It's already late, you should have some sleep while the guards take care of this place."

"Alright, you don't have to send us deathly glare," his friend who often joked around with him stood up. "You're really rigid, Jason. No wonder the media pictured you as the perfect successor of the Wells Family."

Jason frowned. "Watch what you say."

He shrugged and walked out of the room. Jason's cousin, the one who came with him, glared towards Jason. He was displeased for being compared with each other very much.

"Don't think that no one doesn't know that you're just acting, Jason."

Jason smiled. "If I were you, I would be careful with what I say. The Wells Family is the biggest family in this city, so you should have known what I mean by being careful."

Jason's cousin snorted and walked out of the room. In many aspects, he always lost against Jason, so he hated his cousin very much. In the future, he would surely find out what Jason's weakness was and leaked them to the public. That way, he would be the successor of the family.

Jason ignored his cousin and walked towards the men and searched their body for hidden weapons once again. The bodyguards already did that, but he still did it again. The guards around him didn't stop him as they knew very well the power behind this man.

The future successor of the biggest family in this city was the one who held the power to control the economics of the city. They were extremely rich and have numerous resources. As the leading family, even the other families have to pay respect to this man.

Jason searched them carefully and took out a secret vial near the shoes of the captain. His lips curled up into a smile.

"Still thinking about escaping, don't you?"

The leader saw Jason's cold smile and his body shivered uncontrollably. Chills ran down on his spine for he realized that this man was incredibly scary. He could feel that one wrong move and he would be dying in the most miserable way. What is the real identity of this man?

He was not a pampered young master like the others. He had a faster reaction speed, calculative mind, and leadership ability. For the first time, he felt that the big families in this city were not ordinary at all. No wonder those people termed this man as the perfect successor. He indeed possessed the quality for it.

Jason stood up and handed the vial to his family's guard. "Keep it and hand it to the police later. Don't let them get away. You can shoot them if they dare to move even an inch."

"Yes, Young Master," the guard answered strongly.

Hearing the content of the order, the men were trembling. Did it mean, they couldn't even relax their body at all? That was complete torture, but at the same time, they didn't want to get shot.

Finishing them, Jason went to rest. He turned on his special phone again. "Tommy, how's the condition there?"

"It's quite bad," Tommy's sleepy voice could be heard.

Hearing his teammate relaxed tone, Jason nearly scoffed. "Have the leader of Souhon Clan returns?"

"They'll return tomorrow morning. Do you think you can make it here?"

Tomorrow morning? Jason calculated the time before giving an affirmative answer. "I should be able to arrive in time as long as they're not coming as early as dawn."

"It should be around 9 AM."

"Alright, I'll protect you from the shadow."

"Great! Now that's what you call teammate! I know that I can rely on you..."

Jason frowned. He could never get along with Tommy because of this. "Don't spout nonsense. By the way, Captain won't be able to come. She's wounded hard."


"I'm busy at the time," Jason answered nonchalantly. He would never show his weak side to Tommy.

"YOU!" Tommy shouted.

"Anyway, good luck and good night," Jason cut the conversation as he turned the special phone off. He wanted to have a few hours sleep for now. His ear would hurt so much if he continued to listen at Tommy's rambling.

As for the other side of the call, Tommy was currently cursing his teammate again. He was always got pissed off by Jason's attitude, and today was not an exception.