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134 Treatmen

 The people outside were looking at the girl who came out from the room holding to Kevin with awe. This was the girl who allowed them to get out of the hall safely. Seeing her condition, they knew that she must be doing everything she could to make sure that she was fine inside the room.

"Are you alright, Kanae?" Neo asked.

Kanae smiled wryly. "I think you can see my condition very well without any need for me to say it."

Well, based on what they saw, her hands and feet were bleeding hard. They didn't know how deep it was, but it was surely not light because the blood was flowing like crazy.

'No, how can it be her again?' Sakura was stunned when she saw Kanae being brought out from the room with a wounded body. She got into trouble twice and each time; it was Kanae who helped her. Although this time it was mainly for the safety of all passengers, she was the main target this time.

On her side, Frank's eyes also narrowed. He still didn't like that girl and this act wouldn't change anything. He didn't want her to stay in their family at all. Even if she saved them, what was the correlation?

Oh well, at most he would just not associate with her for this year. This was his thanks to her for saving them, but he would never allow that girl to stay in the Nali Family.

"I'll take her away to treat her," Kevin said in a flat tone. "Is there any doctor here?"

"Yes, there is. I'll call him at once," one of the staffs answered.

"Tell him to come to my room."

"Yes, Sir."

While Kevin walked away, Jason turned towards the crowd. "Is there anyone who dares to drive the ship back to the port? We're quite far and if you do drive, you have to be careful."

He couldn't drive a ship and neither do Kanae. He was sure that she only knew how to turn the engine on and changed the direction as they never learned about this before.

The crowds immediately went silent. Even if some of them knew how to drive the ship, who dared to come inside the room that was filled with bomb? They didn't want to die yet.

"Is there anyone who knows how to deactivate the bomb?" Jason changed his question. Unknowingly, he had become the leader of this group.

This time, they shook their head. Where could they learn how to make a bomb and deactivate them? It would be too crazy.

"I'll drive us back to the port," the captain moved forward. "This is my ship and it is my responsibility to bring us back. If a girl is so brave to stay inside, why can't an old man like me do the same?"

The others were feeling ashamed. They originally assumed that the one who stayed inside was a strong man, but the fact told them that it was only a girl. Based on her appearance, they knew that she was only a teenager. This young teenager was very brave (and reckless), so how couldn't they do the same?

"Thank you very much, Captain," Jason bowed slightly.

The captain nodded his head. "It's nothing much. You all should just take care of the men who attacked the ship."

"We will."

At this instruction, the young masters immediately headed towards the hall where their bodyguards held the men. They were hot blooded youngster, so they wanted to express their grievances towards the men who attacked them that night.

On the other hand, Jason headed towards Kanae's place. He was rather worried about the condition of his captain. She had just healed from deep wounds and now she got wounded again. What a troublesome captain.

"That girl is not that bad. I thought that she's just an ordinary girl, who's all talk to the head of Nali Family. But it turns out she has guts and bravery," one of the young masters laughed.

The others nodded their head in agreement. Even the one who supported Frank Nali before had to admit that this girl was not an ordinary branch family member.

"In one year, there will be a good show in the Nali Family."

While the young masters were busy talking to each other, Kanae was lying down on Kevin's bed. She protested that she would make the sheet dirty with her blood, but Kevin didn't allow her to move. In the end, the doctor has to check her while she was lying down.

"How is it, doctor?"

"It's just external wound and she twisted her ankle," the doctor answered. "I need to clean up her wound and apply medicine."


"Little girl, this is going to be painful," the doctor reminded.

Having alcohol rubbing her wounds was definitely very painful. Kanae gritted her teeth and clenched the side of the bed tightly. It took several minutes for the doctor to bind up her feet. After that, he checked her arm and palm. There were some scratches, but not too bad. After applying some medicine, they were bounded with bandages, and the doctor told her to sleep.

"She might have a fever tonight, but after that, she should be alright."

Kevin nodded. "Thank you, Doctor."

When the doctor left, Jason came into the room. He saw that Kanae was lying on the bed with one foot bandaged and her hand has several plasters.

"How's the situation outside?" Kevin asked.

"The captain is taking us back to the port. By morning, we should have arrived there," Jason answered.

Kevin nodded. He looked towards the gaze Jason had towards Kanae and wondered. Where did these two meet before? The gaze this man had showed that he should be familiar with the young girl. This made him rather confused. He didn't recall seeing them together in the school.

"Some of the young masters are interrogating the men. For them to be able to board this ship and place dangerous items, they must have internal people who help."

Neo nodded his head. "Some of them are the staffs. I see them holding the gun towards you before."

"That explains how they can carry large luggage without anyone noticing," Jason nodded his head.

"Let the police handle it. It's not my business too."

Jason arched his eyebrows. "I thought you're also interested in the letter."

"You're sharp, Jason."

On the other hand, Kanae was stunned. She could not follow their conversation at all. Well, she was practically outside the hall when the talk happened, so she obviously didn't know what happened.

"Can you two tell me what letter you're talking about?" Kanae frowned.

Kevin stopped his talk and raised his hand to pat Kanae's head. "There's no need for you to know. It's already midnight. You better have some sleep."

Jason looked towards the clock and noticed that it was already a few minutes past the midnight. He smiled slightly as he looked towards Kanae.

"Before I forget, Happy Birthday, Kanae."

Kanae was startled, but she smiled. "Thank you."