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133 Turning the Situation

 When he heard the instruction from his captain, Jason moved closer to the man who held the button slowly. He tried to keep the distance as he didn't want to alert them. There would only be one chance for him to move, or things would not end well.

"It's not that big deal, Frank Nali. Your daughter's life for the letter," the man grinned.

Frank looked towards his crying daughter with a pained heart. He could not bear to see her crying like that. He wanted to save her, but he was not stupid. If he dared to tell the location of the letter, he would be dead.

"What is the guarantee that my daughter's life will be spared?"

The man smirked. "There's no guarantee. But if you don't cooperate, all of us will die here. Imagine how shocked the government if numerous important people suddenly died in this place."

Well, first of all, the entire city would be in total chaos. There would be no peace and a lot of business would fail. The economics turned to the worst and no one could live in peace anymore. At this time, the one who could stand up was those from the underworld.

Frank shuddered when he thought about this. Even if he was already dead by that time, he would be blamed for making things difficult like that.

"Okay, I will tell you, but you have to let my daughter go."

"Of course," the man laughed.

"It's in..."

Before Frank could tell the place to them, the ship suddenly shook hard and the people inside were thrown all over the place. During this sudden chaos, Mike and Jason immediately moved towards the man who held the switch.

Due to the unstable footing, he nearly pressed the button, but he didn't manage to do so as Jason already used his long sword to cut this man's arm while Mike swept his feet. Facing these two's sudden attack, the man was startled and the switch moved to Jason's hand.

Looking towards these two suddenly moved, another member from the four big families also pointed his gun towards the man who held Sakura and shot the gun, making it flew far away. At this time, another person pulled Sakura away from the man and threw her into the group of startled bodyguards who held her close.

All of them happened in mere seconds, but those were important seconds because if they moved too late, they would be dead. Although they didn't know that the ship would shake, they were all the future successor of their respective family. Of course, their martial arts and reflexes were top notch.

"You!" the man was trying to gain a stable footing from the shock when he realized that a gun was pointed towards him.

The man smirked. "You can pray that I'll not mistakenly press the trigger."

"Blow the place up!"

He looked towards his companion, and his face sank. He saw the bloody condition of his friend and the switch that has moved to Jason's hand with a pale expression.

"No way," Jason answered. "I don't want to die yet. So you better answer our question, old man."

The man sneered as they suddenly heard the sound of a gunshot. At that very moment, he moved, and the gun that was aimed towards him reached the ground instead. Even if those young masters were experienced, they would not dare to shoot randomly.

The leader already moved back with some of his subordinates with guns aimed towards the crowd.

"Even if I can't get what I want, at least I'll blow the entire place," the man laughed. He recalled something as his face turned dark, but soon turned into a smile. "The one who shakes the ship will be the one to trigger the bomb. I place them all over the place. With such huge movements, he'll surely step wrongly."

Kevin and Jason's face turned awful at that moment. Kevin wanted to sprint towards the pilot room as soon as possible while Jason wanted to contact Kanae through their secret device. However, they couldn't do that, or this man would know who the one in the pilot room was.

"Shook the ship again," Jason murmured.

In truth, Kanae's condition was not that bad. Because of the shook, she did nearly fly to the side, but she held on. Her hand was holding onto the handle tightly while one of her feet was buried into the ground. As for how there was a hole there, it was simply the result of her breaking them.

One of her feet was bleeding hard as the result of her destroying the metal floor forcefully. On the other hand, her palm was hurt because of her forcefully holding the handle.

When she heard what Jason said, one of her hand moved to the panel and held into anything she could while her other hand forcefully turned the handle towards the other side. The ship shook once more, and she could feel her hands and feet were crying from pain, yet she held on.

"Brother Jason, if you ask me to move the ship again, I'll personally suck dry your inheritance!" she growled angrily.

At that moment, Jason was not paying attention to what his captain said. He knew that she was angry, but this was the only choice he had. With the ship shook again, he moved forward and attacked using his long sword. This was the sword that he always brought with him.

The leader was surprised, and he didn't manage to react in time. The sword reached his thigh and made a deep wound. Blood splattered out and Jason moved towards the subordinates instantly. The shaking of the ship didn't hinder his movement at all.

Following his lead, the others who were surprised also immediately moved. It was chaos, but because their number was much more compared with these men, they didn't take a long time to subdue them.

"That's good cooperation," one of the young masters laughed happily.

The guards ignored this carefree young master as they were busy tying up the men. On the other hand, Frank was holding Sakura tightly on his arm as he was afraid something would happen to her. On their back, Amanda was already crying and bailing because of fear.

"We have to thank the one who shakes the ship," one of the young masters said gleefully. Without that person, they would surely die. "Is it the captain?"

When he asked that, Kevin and Jason already sprinted out followed by Mike and Neo. The four of them knew very well who was inside the pilot room, which was the reason for their worry.

The young master who asked looked towards the door with a stunned expression. "Why are they?"

"Sir, the captain is here. The one who's inside the pilot room must be a passenger," one of the staffs answered with a conflicted expression.

When they heard that, some of the young masters ran out from the room. They remembered what that man said and they guessed that the condition of the one who was in the room must be not good.

Kanae who still experienced pain noticed that several people were coming. She immediately shouted. "Don't come in recklessly!"

The door opened, and Kevin immediately looked towards the girl who was stuck on the panel. The blood from both her feet and hand caused the floor around her to be dyed red. At that very moment, Kevin didn't know why, but he was feeling pain on his chest. Why did he feel pain when the one who was hurt was Kanae?

He came inside carefully as Jason also arrived. He saw that Kevin already moved inside, so he blocked the door from the others. They were not allowed to get close at all.

"Don't touch me," Kanae hissed when Kevin pulled her feet out. It was extremely painful.

"If I don't touch you, how can I take you out?" Kevin asked with his indifferent tone as he pulled Kanae to his embrace and picked her up in bridal style.

"Be careful," Kanae frowned.

"Hold onto my shoulder."

She circled her hand to Kevin's shoulder as they got out of the place slowly. At this time, she no longer cared about the embarrassing position as pain filled her entire body.