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132 Reckless Moves

 One of the men was holding Sakura with a gun pointed towards her forehead. The poor girl was terrified. She did learn martial arts from her young age, but it didn't mean she was proficient in it.

"Don't you dare to harm my daughter!" Frank bellowed angrily.

The man sneered. "If you don't want her to be hurt, follow after us, Frank Nali."

Kevin looked towards the group of men with a frown on his face. Why did they target the Nali Family? In terms of wealth and power, Nali Family was only third among the four families. Besides, was there any need for them to attack in a place like this?

Mike and Neo already arrived beside him. When the chaos started, all they did was heading towards Kevin to ensure that their Boss was safe. The three of them were proficient in martial arts, but they still had to be careful.

Frank frowned. "What do you want?"

"I want the letter from the government."

Letter from the government? The others were looking towards each other with a confused expression. Since when did a letter have such great importance? They got a letter every month, asking for the report of their income and the likes, but none of them should have invited trouble like this.

Some of the young masters from the four big families were looking towards Frank with a sharp gaze. They clearly knew what kind of letter that was asked. What they didn't expect was Frank hiding such news from them and didn't let them know about it until it was too late.

Kevin's gaze also sharpened. "So it's indeed in Nali Family."

"This will make the search easier," Neo murmured with a wicked grin on his face.

Although the governments were always seen as someone weak by the ordinary people outside, only certain people knew that it was not true. The governments were a hidden weapon that only moved to settle the problem when it arises. As for the power behind them, no one was entirely clear about it.

Still, the government never made a move that would incite the masses' attention. When they made a move, they always did it secretly and didn't allow anyone to know about it. Because of that, the power behind the government was something that no one was clear about.

"It's just one of the numerous letters they send out," Kevin added quietly.

Neo nodded his head. "I know."

While the others were in their own world, Frank's expression turned pale. He understood what these people wanted, but he didn't know how they heard about that news. It was supposed to be a secret. Could it be someone who knew leaked them out?

"I don't bring it with me," Frank answered with a pale face.

The man sneered. "Such important letter, of course, you don't bring them. Tell me where you hide it or the ship will blow up."

That statement caused the people to turn anxious. If it truly happened, they would be in big trouble.

"Neo," Kevin called silently.

"I'm on it," Neo was holding his small and modified phone on his hand. He immediately worked to trace the ship and find out where the man placed the bomb. If it was true, they would be in big trouble.

Another man came forward with a switch on his hand. "If you dare to run, this button will be clicked. As for the effect, I'm sure you all know about it."

Their face turned pale as they murmured towards each other. Some of them tried to take out their phone, but to their horror, there was no signal. They couldn't ask for help at all.

Neo was still working to scan the entire ship. He had his own way to get signals and so on, so he was not troubled. "They're in the pilot and engine room. There are traces of additional weight and movement."

"Movement? All the staffs are here, right?" Mike frowned. Because they were busy, the ship was set to autopilot and all the crew members were here.

Kevin looked towards Neo coldly. "Before the chaos, who's staying near the entrance?"

Because there were not many foods near the entrance and only a table filled with drinks, no one wanted to stay near the door. It was originally left open, but after the shoot, they were closed.

As for the one staying near the door at that time...

"Kanae," Neo answered with a quivering voice.

Kevin's gaze hardened. "Is there any camera outside?"

"They're already being taken down forcefully. All that's left are the movement, weight, and heat sensors. Some of them are broken, but there are some that still works perfectly."

"Do you know where she is?"

"She's heading towards the pilot room," Neo answered quietly.

Kevin thought about it and looked towards the men who were ready to press the button. He could guess what Kanae's plan more or less, but he was not sure about it.

"Is there anyone guarding the room?"

"One person."

Based on Kanae's performance in the martial art class... wait, he never saw her fought with anyone. During the class, this girl would be the only one to run across the field. The only time she fought was to spar with her friends. During that time, she was only showing the correct movement.

"I think she's going to be alright. Be prepared to prevent the button from getting pressed."

"Yes, Boss."

Mike silently walked closer to the man who held the switch while Frank was still feeling extremely conflicted. Sakura was crying hard, but he truly didn't have the letter with him. It was too important that he placed it in a secret place.

"So, will you tell us where you save the letter?" the man sneered.

Frank's eyes turned dark. If he gave the letter to someone else, the governments would kill him and his family. If he didn't do anything, his daughter will be killed. This has turned very bad.

While they were negotiating, as Kevin deducted, Kanae was heading towards the pilot room. She managed to get out before those men came to close the door. She hid outside for a while before sprinting towards the pilot room.

Her hand turned the special phone on. "Brother Jason, I'll be heading towards the pilot room and shake the ship."

Jason was standing calmly when he heard Kanae's voice. "I got it, Captain. I'll handle the rest over here."

Kanae ran towards the pilot room, and she saw one person standing while guarding the door. She moved closer while still sprinting as the man was stunned to see her appearing from the corridor. He took out his gun.

"Stop the..." before he could finish his words, he felt his stomach was hit by powerful force as he slumped on the ground.

'Huff, it takes me some time to reach this place. They need to make the hall closer to the pilot room next time.'

Kanae opened the door and saw the bundle on the side. She instantly realized that it was bomb, and it nearly filled the entire place. Thankfully, they were placed firmly on the side. Still, their number and size were not small. If she didn't careful, she might accidentally hit and activated them, and then....

Shaking her head, she erased those thoughts from her head.

She trod towards the panel and searched for the button the captain once told her and the handle. Her hand held them tightly. When the room shook, she was not allowed to move along or she will hit the bomb.

"Brother Jason, here we go."

Taking a deep breath, she pushed them abruptly.