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131 Attack

 The small incident between Sakura and Kanae became the topic for some people during the party. They genuinely became interested in how the Nali conducted theirselves. How did it possible for an orphan to treat the main family with indifference, but they still didn't do much to her?

They knew that there must be something that happened between the two parties, but neither side said anything as they treated each other as if they were treating air.

"Daddy, can't you do anything to that b*tch?" Sakura asked with a grieving expression. She was feeling that she had been wronged.

Frank shook his head. "Wait until she's 17 and she's no longer the Nali Family. At that time, no matter what she does, you can easily search for trouble with her and nothing can be done to help her."

"Is it a promise, Father?" Sakura raised her head with expectation.


The Nali Family was still protecting Kanae at this time and he didn't dare to blatantly go against the law once again. He had done it once, and the result was not pretty. The other branch families were complaining until the government heard, and he was being pressured again.

Because he had failed to pressure the girl to the end two years ago, he couldn't touch her again until she reached 17. He only needed to wait for another year and after that, he could get rid of these two problematic sisters.

"That's good," Sakura smiled coldly. She would let them go for one more year. Wasn't it only one year? She could bear with waiting if it was only one year.

After this year was over, she would surely enjoy herself making her cousin's life miserable. Everything she had suffered will be returned five times more than this. That will be very satisfying.

"For now, you should just get close with the other young masters. Don't you want to get married to a rich lad?" Frank rubbed his daughter's head as he whispered slowly.

Sakura's eyes lit up. Of course she wanted to have a rich husband. Moreover, he had to be a handsome man too. Without any delay, she started to walk towards the other members from the four biggest families.

Jason saw Sakura walked over. His eyes showed a glint of coldness for a second when he saw her, but he didn't say anything and put a professional smile on his face.

"Nice to meet you, Sakura Nali," the others started to greet her and he followed suit.

Seeing the innocent smile on Sakura's pretty face, he wondered why his captain has a blood relation with this girl. Except for the fact that they shared the same surname, he felt that their appearance differed too much.

It was not his problem, though. He would not bother with his captain's private matter. All he did was showing a professional smile and greeted the other young masters.

"Hey, Jason, you should stop swaggering your smile," a man laughed when he noticed that a girl was staring at Jason's face without blinking.

Jason shrugged. "It's not my fault that I'm born good looking."

"Man, you make me want to give you a good punch to your smiling face," he shook his head and showed his fist. If not because the two of them were good friends, they wouldn't laugh like this.

"Stop getting too close with me. The girls might have the wrong impression."

"Nah, their imagination is too wild if they do. Anyway, it's time for me to talk with the other company owners. They are too enthusiastic. Good luck, Jason."

Jason nodded his head. He also felt that the method they used were a pain. He wanted nothing more than resting on his bed and played with hacking the city again. He was bored without his captain giving him orders to do this and that.

'Oh man, Tommy sure has it fun. He can stay in his rotten house and doesn't have to deal with these fakes.'

Sighing internally, he put a professional smile and started to talk with another businessman. In any case, he was one of the representatives from Wells Family, so he had to put a good show.

"Kanae, don't you want to get inside? What are you doing staying near the door?" Neo asked with a glass of wine in his hand.

"It's too stuffy inside. I'm feeling uncomfortable near them," Kanae shrugged before pointing towards the glass. "Don't drink too much. President still wants us to work tomorrow."

Neo's face darkened. Why did these two always remind him about work? He wanted to have some time to relax his mind. Additionally, the wine he brought was only a small cup. There was no way he would get drunk with this small amount of wine.

"You worry too much, little girl. You should just focus on growing up," Neo's eyes gazed towards Kanae's chest. It was rather flat compared with other girls Kanae's age. But before he could inspect further, he saw that Kanae was holding a glass of juice on her hand.

She was smiling wickedly towards Neo. "Do you believe that I won't do anything if you act improperly?"

"I don't see anything," Neo immediately turned his gaze towards the pillar not far from them. This girl was incredibly vicious. Didn't she know that they were in the middle of the party? If he got caught acting improperly towards a girl, his Boss wouldn't end it with just simply drilling him. He might experience hell for a long time.

Kanae shrugged and put the glass back. She was not interested to drink it as she only took it to scare Neo. But if this boy still dared to make fun of her again, she didn't mind making his head wet. It would be a good show if that truly happened.

Her eyes wandered around the place as she noticed that a lot of people were still busy crowding the four big families' members. Those people didn't want to give up until they could secure at least the chance to speak with them. If they got rejected later on, that would be for later.

She yawned as she started to get bored when she suddenly heard something breaking followed by the sound of gun.

Before one second passed, she had lied on the ground and watched the people around her carefully. Who was shooting in such big hall with a lot of numerous people around?

"Protect the Young Master!"

Several bodyguards appeared as numerous people, who were originally blended in the crowd moving towards the group of big families. Their guards immediately blocked the way and got engaged in the fight.


"Young Master Jason, please stay on the back."

On Jason's hand, he was already holding a gun. He snorted towards his guards' words and immediately aimed at the men charging towards them.


They fell with one shot from Jason as he stayed ready. He didn't help the other young masters as he was focused on the men charging towards him. In any case, each of them has their own martial arts training, so they were not weak.

Of course, not all of them were masters of martial arts.

"Put me down!" the sound of a girl screaming made the others stunned.

"If you don't want her to die, stop your attack."

Jason looked towards the one who got captured, and he sighed internally. From all the people in the hall, why did she have to be so foolish to get captured?