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130 Another Clash

 Jason came to Kevin's place as he had promised. The two of them talked about the deal with Kanae wrote the report on the side. They mainly talked about the benefit that each other would get. After discussing the term for hours, they finally reached the conclusion.

"I'll send the contract to your email," Jason said after they had reached the agreement.

Kevin nodded his head and turned towards Kanae. "Have you finished writing the report?"


"Send it to his email," Kevin recited the email, and Kanae immediately sent the report she had finished.

Jason nodded his head in satisfaction. "It's nice to have a deal with you, Kevin. Your secretary works very efficiently."

"The pleasure is all mine, Jason," Kevin shook Jason's hand.

The two of them talked pleasantries for a couple of minutes before Jason left. This time, he didn't even try to talk with Kanae as they didn't have any wish to make other people realized that they knew each other.

Kevin took out his laptop. "Let's proceed with checking the inventory and make the necessary preparation."


When Neo and Mike returned, they saw these two were already busy in their own world of work. The two of them secretly wondered just how they were able to focus on their work so much. It was already hours ago since the time they started to work.

"They are insane. No wonder Boss wants to have Kanae as the secretary," Neo unconsciously touched his finger. His hand was already hurt just the thought of him having to type from morning to noon.

He did like typing and working in front of the computer, but he didn't like to type what Kevin's said for the entire time. What he liked were programming and coding. He also loved gaming, but his Boss was going to work him to death if he got caught playing a game.

Kevin looked towards the clock. "Bring us some food, Mike."

"We can just ask the servant to come here."

Noticing that Kevin was sending him a cold glare, Mike sighed and got out from the room to pick the food. He knew that Kevin would not allow anyone to get inside the room except if they were people that Kevin's knew.

"There's another party today for the continuation from yesterday. If you don't want to come this time, it's fine."

Neo nearly choked on the air when he heard what Kevin's said. Did his Boss has just changed his decision again? He said that he wanted to see the clash inside the Nali Family. But without Kanae, what did they want to see? The Nali Family clashed with the guest?

Kanae blinked her eyes in confusion. She didn't understand why this man suddenly changed his opinion again, but she shook her head.

"It's fine. I'm not bothered by coming to the party. Besides, it's not like I'll always clash with those people."

Hearing Kanae's answer, Kevin nodded his head and didn't say anything else. He returned his gaze back to the monitor as he started to work again with Kanae followed after him.

They worked until it was the time for dinner as the party also started. Kanae stopped on the deck as she looked towards the sunset with sparkling eyes. They looked extremely beautiful when she saw them above the water.

"The sun stays quite long," Kanae commented.

Neo nodded his head. "Of course, when it's during this time the sun will stay up for longer time because of the earth position..."

"Neo, please stop it," Mike hit the other party's head lightly. "There's no one who wants to hear you flaunting your knowledge."

"I'm not flaunting! Besides, I'm not like you who only get barely passing score."

"At least, I'm far better than you in the sport. Who is it that lost every single time we play the game?"

This was the first time she saw these two quarreled as such. Mike was usually posing as a nice boy, but a little scary during training or working time. As for acting childish, it was usually Neo and Tommy, plus Jay occasionally.

Kanae laughed lightly. "You two should stop. There are a lot of people around here."

Mike and Neo smiled back. They were about to talk again when there was a voice coming not far from them.

"Oh, I the slap from yesterday is not enough to make you behave. Now you're trying to seduce the older men?" Sakura was standing not far from her with Amanda smirking behind her.

Kanae looked back. The bright smile she had on her face was replaced with a cold smile as she gazed towards her cousin.

"Don't you know that they're my seniors in school? Do you think I'm as shameless as you to flirt with other young master?"

Of course Sakura knew that these two were her classmates back in the Nolen School C. She still recognized their appearance as she hated them from not treating her well. She was pretty and talented, which else did they want from her to look towards her favorably?

However, she was not going to look for trouble from them. It was already enough for her to handle her cousin who she felt an eyesore.

Sakura sneered. "What are you talking about? I don't even try to get close with the others like you here."

"Who's talking about here?" Kanae smiled coldly. "Do you forget that we live close enough for me to hear you flirt with those young masters in your house? I can even..."

"Don't spout nonsense!" Sakura immediately cut Kanae's words.

She obviously knew that she had indeed invited some people to the house. Although she only talked with them, if words spread out, she would not have a good ending. After all, during those times, she was alone inside the mansion and there were only a handful of servants that she sent away.

Kanae shrugged. "I believe that there are security cameras in your house. I'm sure that you can see yourself flirt in them."

Sakura's eyes welled with tears. "You're just an orphan! Don't speak nonsense, or I'll personally sends you away from the place!"

Kanae crossed her arm and leaned on the fence. "I'll be waiting to see if you can do that."

She had secured the land behind the mansion as her own personal belonging and not part of the Nali Family. Even if those from the Nali Family wanted it, they have to go through the procedure to get it. If they took it forcefully from her, she didn't mind borrowing the police and her friends' power.

Sakura pointed her finger towards Kanae, but she didn't have anything she could say anymore. With trembling body, she stomped her feet and walked away. She hated how Kanae always seemed to have something to talk back to her.

Amanda looked towards Kanae and said, "You will not have a good end."

After that, she followed after Sakura while Kanae just stood there with a cold expression. If that girl thought that she could do something to her just because they had the backing of Nali Family, she would prove to them that they were wrong.

When she turned her head towards the other two, her expression already turned normal. She smiled towards these two.

"The party is starting, shall we get inside?"

Mike and Neo were stunned to see the quick changes in Kanae's expression, but they nodded their head.