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129 I’m a Lame Captain

 After slapping Kanae, Frank still felt his anger at his peak. He came here for a business meeting, but his own niece treated him like trash.

"Insolent brat!" Frank hissed.

Kanae turned her head and looked towards her uncle. Her eyes were as cold as ice and there was an unfathomable glint underneath the eyes.

"You never treat me as a family, so with this, I'll never treat you as a family anymore," Kanae said calmly. Her calm voice never showed her real feeling even once.

"It's an elder duty to teach the younger generation. You should be glad that he reminds you of your place," a man from the side interrupted suddenly. Kanae didn't know him, but from his clothes, she knew that he belonged to one of the four big families. As for which one, she didn't know.

"From Young Master's opinion, someone who never cares about me will suddenly care out of the blue? You shouldn't interrupt in a family dispute if you don't understand the situation, Young Master," Kanae said eloquently. She was clearly making a line. "As an uncle, he leaves me on my own for years, why should I care about his opinion?"

The young man's expression turned ugly. "He's your uncle."

"Don't you hear what I say? I'll get out from the family once I reach 17, so he won't be my uncle anymore," Kanae said and then looked back to her uncle. "Even if he's still my uncle on the name, he doesn't deserve it at all."

With that, Kanae turned around without any care. The surrounding people didn't block her as they knew that she was still part of the Nali Family. They didn't understand the content of the conversation, but they knew that there was a hidden dispute in the Nali Family.

Frank's face turned better, but he was still very displeased over the matter. "Thank you for helping me in this matter."

The young man waved his hand. "It's not a big deal. Those from the branch families always think that they are great when they're clearly just trash."

Sakura nodded her head strongly. "Young Master is wise. Those from the branch families will never be able to be compared with us."

"Let's continue the party," the young man smiled towards Sakura.


At the same time, Frank was looking towards the door with a cold glint. He was trying his best to avoid meeting with Kanae as much as possible because he knew that girl would make him looked back. However, towards the threat she said, he would not bother.

With a flick of his hand, he could crush her completely. There was no need to worry so much.

Hearing the dispute between Frank and Kanae, Amanda felt rather satisfied. She was being defeated countless times in the past by Kanae in many events. Now that she heard Kanae clashed with someone else, she hoped from the bottom of her heart that the girl would suffer.

Her eyes glinted with maliciousness as she thought about ways to get back to Kanae and her group through the new backing she had.

On the other side of the room, Kevin was looking towards the situation in front of him with a complicated expression. Somehow, he felt that he wanted to step forward when Frank slapped Kanae, but his rationality held him back. Why did he feel this way?

"Boss, it seems that the Nali Family has a big dispute," Neo commented. "Also, it seems that Kanae is quite close with the main family going from her way of addressing the man."

"I can see that," Kevin answered coldly.

Neo was stunned. Why his boss was in a bad mood? Did he say something wrong? He was only telling the truth of the situation.

Besides then, Jason put the cup on the table. He had talked with a few of them and now he didn't feel like doing it anymore.

"You can talk with my subordinates. I'm going for a walk."

"Yes, Young Master."

The people around were disappointed that they couldn't strike a direct conversation with Jason. Still, they didn't show their emotion on their face as they proceeded to talk with the other subordinates. At the very least, there was hope from the subordinates for the deal.

Kanae didn't walk too far. She only headed towards the dining room. Because the guests were gathered in the hall, this place was empty. She picked up a seat and gazed towards the ocean from the window.

"Why are you following after me, Brother Jason?" she didn't turn back, but she could hear the footsteps behind her.

Jason smiled. "The hall is too hot. I'm searching for fresh air."

That was a complete lie. The hall was filled with air conditioners, so there was no way the place could be hot. It was only an excuse Jason used to make his way out from the hall.

He took a seat beside Kanae and looked towards the side profile of the girl. Her cheek was slightly red from the slap earlier, but her expression was calm without any hint that she was hurt.

"Stop looking. I know that I'm a lame captain," Kanae sighed. "You should return back Brother Jason, right now your current identity is the Young Master of Wells Family and not my right hand."

Jason's eyebrows rose up. "I thought that I'm the left hand?"

"Whatever," Kanae shrugged. It was just the term she used for her subordinates and no one actually cared that they got the right or left hand. After all, they just signified that they were her closest attendant.

"I come here because I think you need some company," Jason smiled. His handsome face became more attractive with that bright smile on his face. Unlike the professional smile he usually used, this one was a genuine smile from the bottom of his heart.

"You're a meddlesome subordinate."

Jason laughed. "If not because my captain is two years younger than me, I will not be this meddlesome."

Kanae shot a glare towards Jason. "Mind you, not every adult are better."

Jason raised his hand signaling that he surrendered. He knew some of Kanae's past because he was already staying with this girl for quite some time on the street. Although they were only part of the same group, it was this girl who changed his life.

"Don't interfere with the Nali Family. I can handle my own problem. You should just focus on your own family matter," Kanae reminded.

"There's no need to be overly serious," Jason raised his hand and rubbed Kanae's head. This girl was already like a little sister for him and he would do anything to protect her.

"You've changed my life, Captain. Whatever you wish is my wish too."

Kanae smiled. "Thank you, Brother Jason."

Jason nodded his head and sat down beside the girl calmly. They just watched the ocean to pass the time.

Near the entrance of the dining room, Kevin was standing calmly. He wanted to find Kanae because he didn't expect the relationship in the Nali Family to be that serious. However, seeing Jason rubbing Kanae's head, he didn't come inside the room. After a few seconds, he left the place.