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128 I Will Take Back What’s Mine

 Kanae looked towards the person in front of her for a few seconds before she nodded her head slightly.

"It's nice to meet you again, Sakura."

The girl in front of her is the daughter of Nali main family, Sakura Nali. She was Kanae's cousin whom she clashed a few times in the past because Sakura hated Kanae very much. As for Kanae, she was just retaliating as she couldn't stand being belittled every single time.

After the incident in high school, Sakura never came to the school again. Kanae thought that her cousin moved to somewhere far, but fate made them met in this party again.

Her eyes moved to the girl behind Sakura. Although the girl was wearing heavy makeup, she could recognize her as Amanda, the girl who had clashed with her very often in the past. It seemed that one way or other these two became an acquaintance and came to this place together.

Seeing Kanae was in this place, Sakura immediately frowned. Those from branch families were not allowed to come without permission. What did she do in this place?

"Why are you here? How do you get permission to come?"

Kanae was startled. What permission? In the next second, she understood that Sakura thought she came as Nali Family representative. How laughable, even in her death, she would never want to be associated with the current Nali Family, much less being their representative.

"I don't come as Nali Family member."

Sakura scanned Kanae's appearance and sneered. "Indeed, a family member of Nali Family will never dress up as a servant like you."

"Nali Family is a big family and there are a lot of branches families. Many of them don't live as well as you, Lady Sakura," Kanae smiled, yet there was no mirth from her eyes.

From the back, Amanda nodded her head as if she was agreeing. "Ah, so because you're just from a branch family, you're living poorly. Your parents must be really bad to allow you living like this."

At this time, Kanae's eyes flashed a glint towards Amanda. She was fine with them scolding her or bullying her, but not her parents. She loved her parents very much that it was hard for her to accept if someone were scolding her parents. They didn't do anything wrong, so she would definitely not allow anyone to badmouth them.

Because Kanae was someone who had been living on the street for months, her glint was also filled with some murderous aura. This made Amanda suddenly felt chills for a second and it terrified her very much. She immediately looked around in fear.

"What are you doing?" Sakura was displeased when she saw that Amanda suddenly acted strangely.

"No, there's nothing Miss," Amanda pushed down the fear she had and looked back to Kanae. What was that feeling she had just now?

Sakura turned her head back towards Kanae. "Since you're a servant today, you should just fill my cup, waitress."

Kanae's eyes held deep rage as she was looking towards the cup in front of her. No matter what she said, she knew that she would invite trouble from the person in front of her. Should she just reject her blatantly and became the enemies of Nali Family?

Before she could do anything, a man walked over to Sakura with a frown on his face. "Sakura, what are you doing here?"

"Daddy," Sakura's face lit up. She smiled sweetly as she pointed towards Kanae. "I'm just asking her to fill up my cup."

Sakura's father, Kanae's uncle, looked towards Kanae. He was startled when he saw Kanae wearing the clothes of a waitress. Those who were members of the Nali Family would never wear something like that as they were family of high above.

"You're truly a disgrace of the Nali Family, Kanae," Kanae's Uncle said with a low tone. He was clearly feeling displeased. No matter how many times he tried to make sure that Kanae didn't live well, he would never allow others to know that he was treating this girl badly. Appearing with that kind of clothes was clearly the same as looking for trouble.

Kanae looked up. Her mouth curved up into a smile. "This is the best clothes I have, Uncle. After you take everything from me, I don't have many clothes that are suitable to come here."

Her voice was not loud, but the people around them could clearly hear what Kanae said very clearly. She was calling the head of Nali Family as uncle and from what she said, they knew that she was not living well. This made them rather curious as not every branch families member were allowed to call the head family as an uncle.

Kanae's Uncle, whose name was Frank, has his face blackened. This little runt dared to speak something like that in public. Did she already have enough life, so she wanted to seek death instantly?

"Good, very good," Frank said while gritting his teeth. "If not for the law of Nali Family to not disown a child orphan, you will never be able to keep your surname!"

The law of their family was quite clear. If a child was disowned by her/his parents, there wouldn't be anyone who objected. However, if an orphan was disowned by the entire family, they would clearly seeking for trouble. It was against the law of protection against children, so they were not allowed to do that until the child grew up.

The age for adults was 17 and Kanae would soon hit 16, so there was only one year remaining for her to stay in this family. Once she hit 17, there was no doubt that her uncle would kick her from the family instantly.

Kanae smiled back, her bright smile made her uncle felt angrier. "Don't worry. I will surely leave the family when I reach 17. There's no need for Uncle to think about a way to kick me out. I'll proudly walk away from the family."

Kanae's words made the people stupefied. Getting into the Nali Family was always a big honor for every people because their status would change drastically. Yet in front of them was someone who detested being in the big family and willing to throw out everything.

They secretly gave a big thumb up for Kanae. Speaking up like that right in front of the Family Head was not easy especially in front of other people.

Seeing that her uncle was angry, Kanae recalled something and added. "But before that, I'll take back my inheritance back."

Her inheritance from her father was not much, but it was precious for her. If not because she was still very powerless back then, she would not allow them to take it from her and her sister. There was still one year. Even if it was an impossible task, she would definitely take back what was hers.

Frank's face turned into purple. He only took the inheritance because he was displeased with this girl. If she thought that she could take them back, she would definitely face a big obstacle.

He raised his hand and swung it towards Kanae. His movement was incredibly slow for Kanae, but she didn't evade it.


Her cheek felt burning, but this pain also the mark that she would not treat them as a family in the future. There would not be even a polite greeting from her anymore.