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127 Business Meeting

 The next day, all four big families have arrived, so they would hold a party at night. This would allow those from various companies to make connections with others. However, if they wanted a further project, they would need to make a longer contact.

"Boss, this is the list of companies and their owner who came here in the past few days," Neo handed the paper to Kevin. He borrowed a printer to print this out because it was more convenient this way.

Looking towards the long list, Kanae was stunned. They would never be able to make contact with all the companies in the short span of one or two nights. The number of companies was too many to count.

"We're not going to talk with all of them. A few of them are sufficient," Mike explained when he saw the changes in Kanae's expression.

Kanae nodded her head. "I see."

"The first one we should talk with is Jason Wells," Kevin said in a deadpan tone. The other party was his senior in high school, so the business meeting shouldn't be too hard.

Neo grinned. "It's already the time for lunch. Do you want to have a meal with him?"

"Sure, can you arrange it?"

Neo shrugged. He didn't know if he would succeed or not. There would be many other companies trying to snatch the time to talk with Jason during this time. It was plainly obvious, but they needed to be quick if they wanted to talk with him.

He walked out from the door and returned back after several minutes while shaking his head. "Young Master Jason has a different meeting with other people. He didn't have the time for us."

"Then, continue to the others."

In the end, they managed to talk with some company owners that come to the cruise. Kevin purposely avoided those who only sent their representative because he preferred to talk with the owner directly. This resulted in the number of people they needed to talk decreased a lot.

"For the party tonight, do I have to wear a dress?" Kanae didn't bring any dress. Not that she didn't want to, but she didn't have any. Even if she wanted to wear a dress, she needed to have one first.

Neo shook his head. "You can just wear a servant clothes like before. They're very suited for you."

"...They're for male, right?"

"Don't worry, the female version is not that different too, so you won't get any trouble wearing them," Neo answered with a grin.

Kanae sighed as she accepted the clothes from Neo. She went towards the bathroom and changed her clothes over there before returning back.

Kevin looked towards her appearance before pointing to her face. "Use ponytail, it's more suited."


"You can stay at the back if you don't like the party too much."

"I understand."

Neo and Mike were stunned. Did their president bring Kanae here to investigate the Nali Family or to ask for Kanae's help in work? All they saw they do was working with the laptop or enjoyed the meal.

After finishing with the preparation, they walked outside the suite and headed towards the hall. There were a lot of people there and Kanae felt rather awkward. This seemed to be out of the place for her and she was not comfortable to stay in a place like this.

Mike patted the girl's shoulder. "You can wait on the back."

"Ok," Kanae accepted the offer immediately. She didn't want to stay in this place too as there were too many people were looking towards her with weird gaze.

Well, she had to admit that her appearance was not up to par with those beauties. They have spent hours in the salon while she barely did anything to her appearance, so she was not surprised that they didn't accept her appearance that well.

At this time, one man walked to the front with a microphone on his hand.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dawn, this night I'll be giving a few announcements. Some of you might be perplexed of the reason we suddenly host this party, but fear not as I will explain the deal for you all.

The four big families have agreed to participate in building a memorable building. A few months ago, a school was destroyed because of a battle between the groups, and it was also the birth of the new strongest group in this city. In the place where the school previously stands, we will build a new school with the additional building as the research place.

Because this project will be big and therefore needs a lot of money, this party is held today. The four big families will select those who are the most suitable to cooperate in the project. If you think you can offer something to them, feel free to walk over and talk to them during this night. Thank you very much everyone."

After the person finished speaking, almost everyone walked towards the respective family they had some relation with. They have their own companies and it would be a great opportunity if they could participate in this project. Even if it was only a small part, they would be happy to get the chances.

"Neo, you go there and Mike, you follow after me," Kevin instructed calmly.

"Yes, Boss."

They knew that their Boss also aimed for this project. In the very first, the reason they came here was to get the chances to develop their company further. With a big chance presented before them, would they be willing to back down?

The four big families have several people around them, so they could handle the talk. The Young Masters or Mistress only talked to the company owners that have big companies as they were not going to talk with those small fries. Their underlings were enough if it was not a big company.

"Sir, please allow me to represent my company, we can surely help..."

"Excuse me, please let me through, I have a better deal..."

"Young Master, you remember me, right? I can offer a better one from the others, and I won't ask for much..."

The situation was going crazy and Kanae immediately moved to the back. She didn't feel comfortable when looking at these company owners. Many of them were respectable figure but they looked like hyena today. They seemed to be impatience to offer their best deal.

On the other hand, Kevin managed to reach Jason with Mike making the way for him. With Mike's big built, it was quite easy for him to block the other people's advance towards his Boss.

Jason smiled when he saw Kevin. "As I thought, you'll come to find me too."

"Kale Company works in manufacture. I believe I can give you the best offer for the constructions machine and the others," Kevin went directly to the point.

"I know you will ask that to me," Jason took out a paper. "I have prepared something for you since I know you quite well. If you agree with this, I can make sure to only use your company for the construction's tools."

Kevin scanned the paper in front of him. He had known about this young man for quite some time because of his experience in the school. Because of that, he knew that Jason indeed prepared this chance for him. The term on the paper was not that bad and with some negotiation, they would surely be able to reach an agreement.

"There are some parts I want to discuss, are you open for an offer?" Kevin looked back.

Jason nodded. "Find me tomorrow."

"I understand."

With that, Kevin had sealed the deal with Jason. They went their separate ways as the other company owners came flocking to Jason again to reach agreement.

"It's so hot, waitress, I want some drink."

Hearing that order, Kanae was stunned. She did wear the waiter clothes, but she was not really working here. Upon looking towards the one who spoke, she was stunned in her place.

The lady also stood rooted in her place. "Kanae?"