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126 Jason Wells

 Days pass smoothly and Kanae met with a lot of people from different companies. Truth to be told, she didn't know any of them, so her job was to memorize their name when they introduced themselves to Kevin. Seeing their luxurious clothes, Kanae was sure that many of them came from big companies.

Those from smaller companies came to the cruise first and they have to wait for the other bigger companies to come. Kevin was still considered medium, so they didn't have to wait for long until the four biggest families came to the ship.

"The Wells Family has come," Neo reported without moving his eyes from his laptop.

Kevin stopped his work and stood up. "Let's go greet them."

The other three nodded their head and walked towards the upper deck. When they saw the crowd, they knew that it would be impossible for them to break past the sea of human in front of them. They could only wait until those from Wells Family came towards them.

Before long, they saw two young men walked towards them. Their appearance was similar, but everyone knew that they were only cousin, not twins. They have black hair and fair skin. Added with their slender figure, they would not lose against those models.

When Kanae saw them, her brain blanked for a moment. She recognized one of them, and it surprised her very much because she didn't expect to see him in this place.

"Good morning, Young Master Jason," Kevin greeted calmly when one of the men came near him.

Jason Wells, the young master of Wells Family, smiled amiably when he saw Kevin and his group. His eyes showed traces of surprise, but it was quickly masked with his usual friendly and easygoing attitude.

"It's nice to meet you again, President Kevin."

The two of them already met with each other very often because Jason was in the same school as Kevin. He was the class representative of the third year and also the previous Student Council President. At that time, Kevin was the Vice President and they had worked together quite a lot of times.

"Let's talk again later. I still have a lot of works to do," Jason smiled.

Kevin nodded with an indifferent expression as usual. One might think he was being impolite, but Jason already knew about this man usual cold expression, so he didn't think it was weird.

After they walked away, Kane looked towards Kevin in confusion. "President knows him before this?"

"He's the former Student Council President in our school. Right now, he's already a third year."

"Ah..." Kanae finally understood how they knew each other. At the same time, she was stunned when she heard the word Student Council. Did it mean Kevin built his company while he was still busy with the work in the school? This man was truly something.

After that short greeting, they didn't linger in that place any longer or at least, it was their plan. Mike's eyes caught the sight of someone that they knew very well, a girl who wore revealing clothes like there was no end.

"How interesting, she comes again to our door," Mike said with a smile on his face.

Kanae followed his line of sight and stupefied when she saw Sheila standing not far from them. At this time, this girl was trying to flirt with someone else from a different company. Her eyes felt hurt. Did this girl have a hobby of flirting?

"How did she come here?" Kevin glanced towards Neo.

Seeing his cold gaze, Neo immediately opened his laptop and typing at fast speed. He searched for all the information regarding the trading company that Sheila's father had. In mere minutes, he had gathered a lot of information and passed them to Kevin.

"Sheila's father makes a deal with the Nali Family and they manage to save themselves from bankruptcy. In addition, Sheila is arranged for a marriage with one of the Young masters from Nali Family, but only from the branches."

Kevin listened to the explanation before nodding his head. The scandal might influence those small scale companies, but the four big families have their own way to deal with this matter. Even if the company they wanted to make a deal with has some problems, they could bind them and limit them. It was extremely easy for them, so once the four big families made a move, no one dared to interfere.

"Let's finish our work," Kevin turned around. Since one of the four big families have come, the others would surely follow suit. At that time, this place would be filled with their member and the meeting officially started.

Kevin led the other three to work. After spending hours to work, they heard another commotion that another family has come, but this time Kanae was not allowed to come.

"It's the Nali Family. You should just stay here," Kevin ordered.

Kanae nodded her head. She was looking towards Kevin in confusion. Didn't he want her to come so they could observe the situation in the Nali Family with her clashing with them? However, seeing that they have gone out, she didn't try to ask more about it.

On the other hand, Neo and Mike also felt some confusion, but they didn't ask anything to their Boss. If Kevin didn't want to see Kanae clashed on the very first day, they wouldn't bother.

"I'll head to the dining room first, Okay?"


With that, Kanae walked to the dining room and saw that the room was filled with people from different companies. Most of them wore expensive clothes. Compared to her, she looked like a country bumpkin among the crowd.

"Time to eat," Kanae sat down on their usual table when someone bumped her from the back.

"Oh, sorry, I don't see anyone."

The man halfheartedly apologized and used his handkerchief to wipe his hand as if touching Kanae was a big disgrace. Kanae's smile turned colder, but she didn't do anything. Those people from the rich families were used to treat those from the lower family with scorn, so she would not think it was weird.

She calmly nodded her head and stuffed her mouth with the food without care. The man looked towards Kanae with scorn before walking away. People like Kanae was not supposedly been here was his opinion.

"Oh, so you're the new Student Council Vice President?" Jason walked over and sat down in front of Kanae.

Kanae frowned when she saw him as she nodded her head lightly. "Is there anything I can do for you, Young Master Jason?"

Jason picked the apple in front of him and ate it calmly. "I just want to greet an old friend from the same school."

"Don't say that when you never talk to me in the school."

"Do you want me to approach you in the school?"

"Nope," Kanae answered and took the food again. Her nonchalant attitude caused others to feel awed and shock. After all, they all knew who Jason was, but she just talked to him with calm and light tone as if she was facing an ordinary person. Just who this girl was?

Jason shook his head lightly. He munched the apple on his hand slowly. "The Nali Family is going to come. If you clash with them, the result won't be pretty."

"Its fine, I have long waited to meet with them again," Kanae answered calmly.

As the member of the four big families, of course Jason knew very well their attitude towards those from the branch families. This was the reason he knew that Kanae didn't have a good relationship with the Nali main family. That fight in school was quite famous.

"Well, then good luck my fellow junior."

"Thank you," Kanae paused for a moment before continuing, "senior."

Jason Wells nodded his head and walked away. This time, the other people around here were looking at this seemingly poor girl with bewilderment. How did she know the famous Jason Wells? They couldn't connect the dot at all.

Towards these people, Kanae paid no heed as she was busy eating her food.