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125 Working is the First Priority

 Kanae was extremely happy to be able to eat as much as she wanted. After the painful three days without appetite, she was already able to eat like before, so she didn't hold back anymore. Kevin also ate a lot beside her as Mike and Neo came over not long after that.

"You two look like children who don't get any food for days," Neo commented when he saw the amount of food these two ate on their plate.

"Working needs energy," Kevin answered simply.

Neo shrugged. If that was Kevin said then he would believe that after working for hours in front of his laptop, his Boss was extremely hungry. By the side, Mike already took a seat and started eating at a large amount.

Seeing how these three ate a large portion of foods everyday, he wondered if he was the one lacking in nutrition among the four of them. No! That won't do, he needed to eat a lot!

With that conviction, he started to take a lot of food and eat them with others.

"My, these children eat a lot."

"They are still in their growing period, so I think it's quite normal."

"Even if they are at their growing period, is there any need to eat a lot of food for breakfast?"

The people around them started to talk about them, but the four of them didn't care. They proceeded to clean up the foods on the table. It was a big table for 10 people, but the foods were finished by only four people. People were shaking their heads at the big appetite these teenagers showed.

"They are delicious," Kanae grinned.

"Are you sure you're eating them properly? You're eating like drinking with that speed," Neo commented.

"Even if I eat fast, I still can feel their taste very well."

"Then can you guess the ingredients?"

"Do you think I'm a chef?"

Kevin frowned when he saw that these two were going to go on debate for a long time. He didn't come here to hear them argued but for a business meeting with the other companies.

"Let's head to the suite."

"Alright Boss."

The four of them headed towards Kevin's suite. Kanae was stunned speechless when she saw the large room with a lot of furniture and decoration. Everything was prepared perfectly. She was sure that this room was at the same size as her classroom.

"This place is really big."

Neo shook his head. "You haven't seen the biggest one yet. Boss is just one of the medium company owners here, those who have the biggest company would have a bigger suite and so on."

When she heard the explanation, she felt that the world was truly big. However, it was hard for her to accept that those rooms were bigger than this place. For her, this was already very big for a room.

"I guess, those who are riches could get what they want very easily."

"You're right," Mike smiled. "Because of that, the others have their own way to deal with the situation even without money while those pampered ones don't know the way without any money."

Kanae giggled when she heard Mike's sarcastic remark. It was the same as saying that those who were born from rich families was relying on their money too much. Without money, they wouldn't be able to do anything.

"Those are truly the best description for those second generation young masters," Kanae smiled.

Mike nodded his head, but he didn't elaborate any further. He took out a bag with the laptop inside to Kanae. "This is for work. Boss will surely ask for your assistance, so be sure to help him, temporary secretary."

"Aye, Guard Mike," Kanae took the laptop and headed towards the table not far from Kevin.

Neo sighed as he plopped down to the sofa. "I'm now hoping those riches boss can come early to this cruise and lower our spending on this place. This is freaking expensive for a trip."

"We don't even pay the room because they are being prepared by the others," Mike reminded. "Stop trying to sound pitiful."

The one who was in charge of the fees were always Neo, so he was pretty sensitive to this topic. This was also the reason he knew that should they pay for the room, they wouldn't be able to work in ease. The price was simply too staggering.

"Let's just focus on the work and enjoying the ship. It was not every day we can spend the time to work in an expensive place like today."

Seeing that Mike also took out his laptop, Neo sighed loudly. He didn't want to work again. That boss already forced him to work until his hand felt like they were going off from his shoulder. It was heavy and it took him hours to make sure that they were able to move, yet at that time their Boss would just give them another batch of work to do.

Now that he had some time here, he wanted to have some rest. He looked towards Mike with expectation filled his eyes. "Can't we walk around for a bit? There are a lot of ladies around here. They're certainly eye candy."

The only girl he saw very often was Kanae and Kanae's appearance was modest at best. Because of that, he wanted to take a stroll around the place to be able to satisfy his eyes. He would not make any move, he just wished to see their alluring body and let his mind wandered a bit.

"If you want Boss to force you for another detention, you're free to go," Mike answered calmly.

Neo's face darkened. If he had to suffer the detention from Kevin, which consisted of him doing another batch of work and training, he would be better off not trying to do anything and did his work patiently. It was better than going through that hell again.

Aside from these two, Kanae was busy typing the words that Kevin instructed to her into the laptop. Her typing speed became much faster as she typed every word that Kevin said.

"Let me see," Kevin said after he finished his talk.

Kanae handed the laptop and Kevin checked the result. He nodded his head lightly when he saw that Kanae didn't have any trouble to type if he was talking the normal human's speed in talking.

"Make another file. Type anything that I say."

"Yes, Boss."

After finishing five different files, she was told by Kevin to arrange the sales from last month. Her eyes were staring at the diagram as she counted internally. There were a lot of diagrams that she needed to compare, but she had all day to work, so it was not a problem.

While thinking about that, Kanae continued her work and Kevin did the same. The luxurious cruise was treated like a mere change of atmosphere by this weird group of teenagers.