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124 A Trip

 The day for the trip finally arrived. Kanae took her fully loaded backpack with her as she headed to the company. The guards around the house passed her a look, but they didn't bother her. They were already used to see this girl wander around, and they knew that she lived in the back of the mansion, so no one said anything.

Kanae made her way to the company and saw that President and the other two boys were already waiting for her in front of their car.

"You're late," Neo complained.

Kanae was speechless. The sun barely rose when she arrived in the company and they told her that she was late. How early did they want her to come?

Mike shook his head. "Don't listen to him. Come inside the car."

"Alright," Kanae answered cheerfully.

Neo eyed the backpack behind Kanae. "You're only bringing that little? We're going to stay there for a few days."

"Yes, the laptop is from the company, so it should be in the car already, right? As for my personal belongings, this is enough."

Mike and Neo looked towards each other. Why did they feel that their things were more compared with a girl? Although not by much, but wasn't it usually boys who have fewer belongings during a trip?

Kanae got in the car in the back as usual. Kevin was reading the news from his phone while Kanae watched the view from outside the window. She rarely went far away from her house, so she wanted to know the way even if she could only remember a little bit.

She nearly fell asleep when they arrived in the port. Her eyes glued to the large ship before her eyes. It was definitely hundreds of meters long and the height was at least a few dozens. She was not sure how many people could fit into this ship, but it must be a lot.

The color of the ship was white and its name was written in the gold color: Dawn. It was a beautiful name with the rest of the ship decorated in silver color with trace of gold everywhere. This ship truly represented the four biggest and richest families in this city.

"Kanae, what are you doing in front of the ship?" Kevin asked with an indifferent tone.

Kanae immediately snapped back to reality. She grinned sheepishly. "I'm amazed by the size of this cruise. I have only seen it on the television before and this is my first time seeing it directly."

Neo arched his eyebrows. "You can come here directly, right? Part of the ship belongs to Nali Family."

"Neo, you don't understand," Kanae shook her head. "Only those from the direct lineage have the access to all the wealth of Nali Family. Those who come from the branch are treated as dirt."

Kevin's eyes narrowed slightly when he heard that. Even Neo and Mike were rather surprised. They already knew that the branches family members were not treated as well as the main family. However, they never heard about the treatment being this poor. After all, those from the branches would never leak the news out from their mouth.

If any bad news came out, they would be beaten to death with the accusation of sullying the good name of the family. Yet, Kanae was not afraid. As long as they didn't have the proof to what she said, she was not worried. Even if they have, she would just destroy them.

"Your relationship with them seems to be very bad," Mike commented.

Kanae nodded her head. Before she could say anything else, she felt that her head was patted. This gesture nearly sent her to the state of shook. Not that she didn't have any experience of being patted, but the one who patted her has a stoic expression on his face.

"President?" she asked with a weird tone.

Kevin retracted his hand as if nothing happened. "They won't be able to do anything to you."

Hearing his words, Kanae was stunned. Even though she didn't know Kevin very well, she felt somehow reassured from his words. It was a weird feeling, but she knew that it was there and she felt rather warm.

On the other hand, the two boys were stupefied. Did they see things right? It was their Boss. Their Boss had just patted a girl's head, a girl's head for Heaven's sake. From what they knew, their Boss never liked to get close with anyone, so they rarely saw him got close with anyone.

Those were of course excluding emergency situation such as helping other people or fighting. There was no way they could fight without touching except if they were using weapon and not their fist.

"Boss, are you taking the wrong medicine today?" Neo asked warily.

Kevin looked back with a cold gaze and Neo immediately shut his mouth. His Boss has been acting rather friendly lately in the office that he forgot how this man was someone who didn't like to be questioned. Ah, he was clearly digging his grave right now.

"Mike, hand all the luggage's to Neo. He'll bring them to the ship."

"Yes Boss," Mike passed a wry smile to Neo.

Neo felt like he was provoking the devil right now. Even though the one who was being called a devil lately was Mike by the other two, the real devil was surely his boss. With no other choice, he started to move the luggage to the ships with some help from the tools.

On the other hand, Kanae was following after Kevin as her eyes scanned the surrounding with awed. Her eyes were practically sparkling as she enjoyed every view she got into her eyes. They were incredibly beautiful! She could not believe that she would stay in this place for a few days.

"Can I walk around the place?"

"Not if you're alone," Kevin answered.

Kanae blinked her eyes. "What if you're the one accompanying me?"

Well, the ship wouldn't depart anytime soon as they were still waiting for some passengers today, so he didn't have much to do. He was thinking about reviewing his work again, but seeing how excited Kanae was, he decided to accompany the girl for a few minutes.

Kanae walked around without any direction for a few minutes before she headed towards the captain room out of curiosity. She pointed to the door.

"May I see the room?"

"As long as you don't touch anything, it should be alright," Kevin nodded his head.

The two of them came in, and the captain greeted them. "Hello, it's rare to see two teenagers here. What are you two doing?"

Kanae has a bright smile on her face. "We're wandering around and since the ship is not being operated yet, I want to look at how the ship operates."

The captain nodded his head. He had seen numerous curious teenagers, so he went to explaining. "This switch is to control the speed, this one is to control the movement, and then...."

The room was filled with numerous switch and button. It was confusing, yet Kanae only paid attention to a few switches and buttons that the captain mentioned. She asked a few things and felt awed.

The ship didn't need to be operated manually as they only needed to keep the switch on the designated speed they wanted. If there was something ahead from them, they would be notified immediately. The rate for incident around here was small as this place has a broad area filled with only water without any rocks or the likes.

After nearly one hour, they finally finished their explanation as it was also the time for breakfast. Kanae and Kevin headed towards the dining room as Kanae's eyes sparkled again when she saw the foods on the table.

"They look delicious. Shall we eat, President?"

Kevin nodded his head. He watched as Kanae ate the food delightfully. She was always like a child when it came to food. Today was the same as she seemed to be extremely happy to see them at a large number. Without him realizing it, the corner of his lips was raised slightly to form a small smile.